Synergistic Effects Of Supplements And Peptides For Male Sexual Health And Wellness

Nick Delgado



Did you know that nearly a third of women and 40% of men are sexually dissatisfied with their lives? Author, trainer, coach, and sexpert Dr. Nick Delgado brings us a colorful discussion about peak sexual health and performance at any age. Join us to cover topics such as physical health, biochemistry, sexual attitudes, and how to help revive and keep your sex life active and lasting for years!

Although there’s a struggle in some states and we won’t go into detail that the reality is when people realize how powerful and effective these kinds of combined programs particularly, using the quality supplements with peptides, and understanding that interaction and how essentially you can get better results. Dr. Nick has not only been researching what herbs and nutrients work but also the amount, dose, and timing.

Mastering Love, Sex and Intimacy

Women fake their orgasm during intercourse. Alfred Kinsey literally also disputed and hired four gynecologists to examine, it was four gynecologists to examine 400 women. And they did a probe inside the vagina, and they put the probe in different areas in each of the women, and zero pleasure nerve endings.

Zero, all the nerve endings are in 13 spots, particularly in the external area of the genitalia, obviously the clitoris itself, and the G-spot which is the curve of the inside, which the penis doesn’t reach, the G-spot, unless you’re an Acrobat and you’d flip her over, her heels over her ears, and even then you’re not gonna hit it very well.

The reality is the only way to reach the G-spot is to have a woman lay back, imagine if she’s laying back, and if 12 o’clock noon is straight in, you put your finger in, and you rub about one o’clock, kind of a deep soothing rub. And eventually, they feel this deep orgasmic, long-lasting orgasm, much longer than a normal clitoral orgasm. But the point is that men have been under the mistaken belief which was the premise of the book, “Mastering Love, Sex Intimacy,” was that women are not stimulated by intercourse. And another guy Kernan, Ian Kernan came out with a book and he said, she cums first and he said the exact same thing. He said, “Women have to fake their orgasm during intercourse.” And all of porn has done us a disservice because we’re all led to believe. She’s got all excited that Sally met Sin. Right?

And she’s faking this orgasm and it’s not real. And so she points out that most women are disappointed in the bedroom. 75% of women say that men are lousy lovers, but men 85% of men associated with these women say they’re great lovers. So men believe egotistically, and they get really upset if they’re not big enough, if they don’t last long enough. So it really sets the stage for a lot of misinformation in the sexual field. So for me, I wanted to come out with the truth, and some women will completely agree in an audience. I watched the live audience and all the heads are nodding their head. They’re agreeing with what I’m saying, and the men are They’re in disbelief or completely disagreeing, sitting next to the woman that’s nodding her head, that what I’m saying is correct. Even Scientific American came out with a incredible video, and it was a woman and she was talking about the science going back to Freud days, and how male influenced caused us all to believe that, intercourse was the only appropriate sexual engagement, and that clitoral foreplay, was immature sex. And if you did anything less than mature sex, you weren’t a man or a woman. So that really set the stage for a lot of pathology and misinformation and need for psychological evaluation. Some women still think they’re broken, they make love and they go, “Doctor, I don’t feel anything.”

The only vaginal orgasm is essentially reached at the cervix level, and the cervix, even the largest male is not gonna reach the cervix. You literally can do what the Germans described in a book called “Fisting.” Where you put on a heavy degree of lubricant, you slip the hand in with your willing partner relaxing, ’cause it takes a lot of mental focus to relax, and you reach up to the cervix. And when you push the cervix up there’s an incredible orgasm. It blows your mind. It’s deeper than a clitoral orgasm, much deeper than a G-spot orgasm, and it’s lasting. And some of them squirt, you hear about this classic squirt, a lot of times with the G-spot they’ll squirt, not all the time ’cause sometimes they’re too inhibited. They don’t realize they’re not peeing. They’re releasing almost like ejaculate, and there’s a little pea mixed in it. But the reality is they are releasing at a very deep level.

Erectile Dysfunction

The people who have the biggest problem with erectile dysfunction are diabetics and obese. And they got the man boobs, none of the ones that if you take regular testosterone and their endocrinologist gives them testosterone cream, which up-regulates aromatase and the skin, and they’re just basically giving themselves estrogen. And they’re just gaining weight, getting man boobs, and they’ve lost their erectile function. And they wonder why, it’s crazy.

What is PT 141 ?

PT 141, which is a known stimulant of the brain, the fantasy area and you’re just about having an erection within four hours. But if you take it too soon, and you’re anticipating that date with your wife or girlfriend and it’s like, “Oh wow! I missed the window.” And then four hours later, she’s gone. And you’re like sitting there standing there with, “What happened?” But if you know these things and you know what herbs can move that timing up, and then stack it in such a way.

PT 141 works for erectile dysfunction and increases blood flow.

PT 141 Side Effects

The biggest side effect of PT 141 is nausea.

Supplements and Peptides: The Synergistic Effect

I looked at herbs and supplements and I outlined so the companies that we like, we can say, “Hey, I like that fenugreek.” That helps with free testosterone, at least there’s a study on it. And then you can verify that, right? Because we’re doctors and we can test before and after levels. And then we can see how dim works, which I’m a huge fan of dim. I’ve used it for years. Edward Lee, the endocrinologist in Florida says, “I used him like pouring water for my patients.” It’s like that important. Right? So it really plays a role and I’m excited to say, that when the supplement world of quality meets, the scientific world of peptides and bio-identical hormones ’cause we know this stuff works.

The biggest complaint doctors have is look, “I use supplements, they don’t seem to work, but I use peptides and bio-identical hormones I get a result.” Well, of course, you get a result. You’re either injecting it, right? Sub Q, or your intermuscular, or a pellet you’re inserting, and you’re getting right to the tissues because the body when you take things orally, has these filters that reduce its efficacy. So we’ve learned delivery systems with supplements, novel delivery systems absolutely work, and so it can really not take the place. Let me be clear, not take the place of bad hormones and peptides but work synergistically together. And then you get an outcome that’s unlike anything you’ll ever it’s mind-blowing how good, your orgasms are for the men if you rate your orgasm 1 to 10. And we do, we were guys, we figure these things out. And women, the same thing

1 to 10, was it a 10? Oh yeah, and you can tell. And by the way, Masters and Johnson gave away the one clue that knew if a woman was faking or not. Do you know what that was?

There a lot of women will spend the night and they’ll fake it ’cause they’re used to guys that can’t bring them to orgasm. It was that you cannot duplicate this. It’s an automatic response. The anal sphincter starts contracting very rapidly at the peak of their orgasm. So if you subtly ’cause when they’re in the throes of orgasm, they won’t notice, if you subtly just put your little finger on their anus, and you will feel it contracting like crazy.

Women do it for the male ego. No, the truth is guys are so insecure.

Train yourself by stacking…

Just don’t even, learn and train yourself. But the only way you can train yourself is by stacking, these supplements and peptides and herbs and hormones, because then when you’re ready, an hour after pleasing her and it takes 30 minutes to an hour, the bell curve, research by Kinsey and by Masters and Johnson, it takes the average woman an hour, to mostly physically reach an orgasm. Although some women can cum in five minutes with a good vibrator.

Maybe, the average guy cums within two to three minutes. So we’re far below the average of being able to help a woman, because once the guy cums, the worst is not that he can’t enter again, ’cause she’s never gonna orgasm, in most cases to intercourse it’s that he rolls over and goes to sleep. Right? So you definitely wanna have that testosterone, not just for sexual function. libido but for energy, you have that vitality, that energy, and less inflammation. You have almost no inflammation in an optimized testosterone level body.

A study just came out on COVID, that testosterone is a major risk factor. Low testosterone, morbidity mortality in COVID, and it makes sense.


It’s an estrogen-dominant society. It’s loaded in the pesticides, in the food supply. And it concentrates in the animals a hundred times to a million times more, by the time it reaches your body fat and your body, if you’re eating the fat of animals. So you really have a lot working against you in today’s society but the good news is, we can detoxify these chemicals, not just with sauna and exercise which you and I know is great and right for detoxification. But there are certain herbs that actually detoxify these heavy Laden chemicals. And the best thing is just don’t let them enter your body.

The more you can really use supplements to detoxify and get these chemicals out, the classic experiment was high fiber diets, high fiber supplements that they soak up in the bile on the digestive tract. They soak up the bile which is made up principally of cholesterol but also the pesticides and chemicals they drag it right out. So you want the proper unfermented and fermented, soluble and insoluble fiber. There are multiple classifications, but one of the greatest things is biodiversity getting a big variety ’cause you and I know the gut is critical, to sexual function, the immune health to longevity. And so we’re really not just saying, we’re gonna take supplements which we believe in and we’re gonna take hormones. We’re gonna really look at the seven pillars of health, and then onto that I’m so excited to talk about, the use of PT 141 in the correct dosages for each guy. You get a little tan, you get that look you’ve been outdoors in the sun because it was a derivative of melanin tannin too, right? And it gives you a little bit of tan, but that’s good. It protects you from the sun. There’s the only thing you mentioned is if you use this too much, you get some nausea. But I like to use it with a product that’s our number one word of mouth solid, doctor’s calls from all over the country call it the Moray, and we don’t sell it online but they have to call us so they get a special link from us ’cause we gotta know who we’re dealing with ’cause, big pharma wants to compete with us and they’re upset with anything that works as good or better. So, we had that conversation about growth hormones, releasing peptides, and things.

And the reality is that when you stack these supplements properly with the right peptides, and measure the levels, really get in there and measure periodically, because if you’re performing well it’s a good time to do a blood test and a urine test. ‘Cause you wanna know, your hormonal levels for urine. What did get you that result that you’re performing so well, or on the contrary, when you’re not performing well, get your levels compared to now you have contrast, I do this on all my patients, because that way my clients know, here’s what I gotta get up to. That’s that gold standard, that bar level that I wanna be performing like a 22-year-old not like a 62-year-old, or an 82-year-old. Right? And that’s where I track most of these guys and girls because they wanna remain youthful as long as they possibly can, because I truly believe, extending the quality of sexual relationships, lengthens life. We know this, the longest-lived cultures have better love lives, they have connection and love and it was the only thing measured in the world that contributed to longevity, which was love and connection. All right? So we’re talking about a lifesaver here, not just having great sex and having a lot of pleasure because that releases hundreds of hormones. It triggers the brain into all these incredible hormones and things and so these things are important. And I think about the use of oxytocin, right?

The use of PEA, Phenylethylamine, love it for sight hormone, but most people enter into a relationship and then it all fizzles within three months. And it’s lucky if it lasts six months, they’re still together. There are sexless marriages everywhere because, A, the man hasn’t learned to please the woman. B, their hormone levels declined terribly. They have too many toxins in their body. They’re overweight, they’re out of shape.

They’re using chemicals and coffee and alcohol, and they’re just whacked out.

Is it PEA that drops significantly after three months and oxytocin?

Yeah. Terribly. And there are ways to reinvent that, reinvigorate that, and it’s not just by changing men and women, which happens, right. Which happens too frequently in today’s society. But there are bonding hormones, vasopressor, it’s interesting when you look at voles, voles are little rodents, and you can see the vols with high vasopressor bond, and they don’t cheat on others, but the ones with low vasopressor are constantly changing mates.

But the reality is in human reality, when you please your mate every night and your goal is to have love intimacy for at least 30 minutes a night. If you don’t have the hour, 30 minutes, and you follow the protocols, I describe in my book, “Mastering Love, Sex and Intimacy.” Your relationship will improve so well. And it’s been proven that when men bond with a woman for 30 days of sex nonstop, and let’s say you miss a night or two, or let’s say your love night is four nights a week. And you put the kids away, you get done with the work early, four nights a week will dramatically reinvigorate your relationship provided you bring a vibrator into the bedroom, you’re not intimidated about it. You learn how to please your mate, and then you two will blow up in your relationship.

And I got news for men, there are no nerve endings no matter how big or how little you are. Sure, the woman will notice it more, it’s kind of soothing. But I gave an example to a woman and she was very doubting to me, and I’m friends with her so she allowed me to do this. I dropped my shorts, and I said, “What if I were to take and you grab onto my scrotum sack, and you start tugging on it. Now let’s say you tug on it for a full hour. Will I cum?” And she goes, “No.” And I go, “Well then, if I have intercourse with you for a full hour and you don’t cum it’s the same thing.” You have no nerve endings in that vagina, you have to stimulate the clitoris first with a vibrator, with oral sex, or with if you want clean sex, I take one of those little water jets in the tub, and a lot of women love it ’cause it hits the exact specificity to bring them to orgasm.

How many relationships go bad because of bad sex?

I would put it as high as 70%. And what’s the divorce rate, 75%? And financial would be the second. All right? ‘Cause there’s a lot of stress about finance, particularly in this stressful world in these days. But the reality is a lot of women will take in a guy or a guy will take in a girl, even if they’re financially destitute, if lovemaking is great and if they appreciate them, they’re complimentary. They don’t deter them from their goals. See, you can have a mate that at least supports you in your personal development and growth and vice versa. But when you’re a guy and you’re trying to control her because you’re nervous that her pussy’s so powerful that she’s gonna go with other guys if she’s an 8 or a 10, well then lose it guy because you know what? She might. But if you encourage her to and you have no issue with it and you learn NLP and timeline therapy, then you can let go off that jealousy and then love her for who she is instead of trying to control her.

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