The 9 Pillars Of Resillience: How To Train A Healthy Heart

Dr. Stephen Sideroff


  • Psychosocial status and stress are as important factors in heart health as smoking and high blood pressure
  • Resilience, or the ability to bounce back, can be measured and improved upon
  • There are 9 pillars of resilience to learn and practice
  • A daily practice beginning with self love can rewire the nervous system to a healthier heart state
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Well. Hello everybody. Welcome to really one of the most exciting episodes, interviews conversations of all of the dozens of conversations we’re having at the reverse your heart disease naturally summit. I handpicked the world expert on stress and resilience to discuss his research, his clinical practice, his books, his website tools that you listeners can grab onto. But I just want to preface it because you might say resilience and I’m gonna let Dr. Sideroff in a minute explain what that is. And I do want to point out just from a pure cardiology standpoint. You know, we’re really grounding this summit as much science as possible. That 20 years ago there was a massive study in 52 countries involving 25,000 subjects have had a heart attack, half were age matched gender match controls. Why do people have heart attacks? 

And you know, it’s smoking? You know, it’s diabetes. The second most powerful factor were psychosocial factors. A little four questionnaire. Are you depressed? You have financial stress, you have work stress, you have home stress. People that answered yes. Yes yes. Yes. And particularly the women that answered yes did very poorly and they had this high rate of heart attacks. So Dr. Sideroff is going to talk about something right in the bullseye of avoiding heart disease and dealing with it successfully if you have heart disease. So without further ado based on so much science, Dr. Stephen Sideroff beaming in from the general area, Los Angeles because you’re a professor at U. C. L. A. Why don’t you just give us a brief bio, your fascinating background but introduce yourself and don’t be humble. You are the world’s leading expert on resilience, a very hot topic.

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