The Coming Wave of Longevity Medicine

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  • Why aging should be managed like any other health condition
  • What’s being used in the top private clinics
  • The next big health scare that even healthy people have to prepare for
Kashif Khan

All right, everyone, welcome back. We’re joined today by somebody who I was excited to speak to because I actually ran into him a few years back when I was very early stage in learning about this world of anti-aging medicine, genetics, microbiome, and all these things I had never heard of before. And from all people I had seen at this massive conference where there was 6,000 people in Las Vegas, Dr. Joseph Raffaele stood out to me. I was like, one day I gotta talk to this guy and work with him somehow because he knows what he’s doing. You know, fast forward a few years later, we just spoke a couple weeks ago on the topic of telomere and it reminded me of the brilliance I heard when I sort of walked by him at that conference a couple years ago. But first of all, welcome. Thank you for joining us.


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