Root Canals Are Red Flags: The Complex Relationship Between Oral Heatlh And Heart Disease

Douglas G. Thompson, DDS


  • Periodontal disease is associated with heart disease, erectile dysfunction, and dozens of other medical conditions
  • Periodontal disease can be tested in the dental office and with simple oral DNA saliva testing and then can be treated to lower inflammation, oxidative stress, and improve heart health
  • Sleep apnea can be assessed, tested, and treated in the dental office
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Everybody. This is a great topic. So glad you’re here back with another episode of Reverse Heart Disease Naturally. Summit And I bring to you from southeastern Michigan, one of the most famous dentists across the United States, an educator, a clinician at com addition but most importantly is my dentist too. So I put my teeth and go and tongue and oral care in his and his staff’s hand and I’m very picky about who I picked. So introducing Dr. Douglas Thompson but just to give him the accolades that he certainly deserves. He’s a graduate of the University of Michigan school of dentistry and we shared that legacy. He went on to do advanced training at the V. A. Residency program and joined private practice in 1997 in suburban Detroit. So we practice a couple of miles apart. But beyond that he went on to do continuing education at a major dental center in Seattle called the Coy’s Center. 

And he’s moved up to become a member of the advisory board and clinical faculty. And he spends lots of time in Seattle educating all those other dentists about advanced techniques and periodontal disease and the genetics of oral DNA. We’re going to talk about and really exciting. He set up something called the wellness dentistry network of Dennis around the country dedicated to continuing education. Really centered on cardiovascular disease and how can a dentist introduce systemic health systemic well now while the patient is visiting a dental office sort of a radical idea. But Doug isn’t out of the box guy we have overlap besides in dental care, both in anti aging training where we were in the same modules and also in the bail Donen course. And of course everybody has had a chance to meet Amy Donen, Dr. Donen. And so we just share multiple paths of curious doctors. Dr. Doug Thompson is a curious doctor. He’s not satisfied being average. So thank you. Doug so much for coming and joining today.

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