The Neuropsychology Of Feminine Leadership

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  • Are there differences between the female and the male brain? Heck yes! Learn about the 4 different women in each of us and how empowered we can become when we know what each phase means
  • We also touch on why burnout occurs more for women when we subscribe to a more masculine pattern of living
Mental Health, Mind, Mindset
Jana Danielson

Everyone, we are back for another episode of the medicine of mindset summit. So whether you have been here for part of the week or have really gifted yourself the ability to be with us each and every day, I know that you are learning so much and your, your cup might be you know running over and you know what they say, you need to get a bigger cup at that time and I’m so excited to have Kayla Osterhoff here with me, she is my next speaker. This woman is no joke, all right, if you, you know you can read her official bio, you know, on the summit page, but I want to tell you how Kayla and I came our paths crossed and in this work that we do very often you’ll be talking to someone and they’ll say, oh you know who you need to connect with or you know who I’m gonna connect you with and that’s exactly what happened in this case. 

We have a common colleague and friend and you know, and sister Kristi Holt and she’s like you guys need to connect and so we did and it was one of those moments where you’re like, oh my gosh, like this everything she does in her, not just her professional career, but in her personal career is absolutely amazing and who she is and how she’s, I’m going to show up today is very unique in this summit. We have nobody like her and she is a neuroscientist, first of all, so she’s one smart cookie yet she has landed in this area of expertise all around the female brain, the female body, our operating system and so what I’ve already learned from Kayla in maybe six months that we’ve known each other has drastically impacted my life and I believe that when you have information and the way she presents it is in such like bite sized pieces that you can consume and today and start to impact your life. And so it is my pleasure. We’re going to be chatting today about the neuropsychology of feminine leadership and I know that this is going to be one of those like drop the mic, mind blown conversations. So Kayla, thank you so much for joining us here on the medicine of mindset summit.

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