The Science of Energy Healing

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  • For millennia before we had modern medicine, consciousness, energy and natural methods were the primary tools for healing.
  • Today advanced scientific tools like gene chips and MRIs enable us to measure the effects of energy healing.
  • Quantification of their healing effects now demonstrates that advanced energy methods are orders of magnitude more effective than conventional therapies.
  • Energy healing is becoming mainstream as it is adopted by institutions, organizations and governments.
Tom McCarthy

I am thrilled to have our next guest on board today at the Global Energy Healing Summit. He’s somebody that I had the privilege of meeting through a group that we’re both part of called the Transformational Leadership Council. And whenever I see him, he always has this big smile, and just a huge heart. He’s just an amazing human being, and he’s probably one of the most brilliant people walking the planet too. He really is someone very special. And today, what we’re gonna discuss with Dr. Dawson Church is the science of energy healing. Now, Dawson has researched energy and healing for many, many years. 

He has three best-selling books. His book “Genie in Your Genes” was phenomenal, and showed how epigenetics really worked, and demonstrate that emotions drive what happens in our genes. We don’t just have like genes that we’re stuck with. So thank you for writing that book. I know that was so helpful to so many people, Dawson. And then, a book I’m rereading, “Mind to Matter” where it shows how what happens in the brain creates a lot of our reality, right? It actually does come to fruition. And again, just an awesome book filled with research, not just theory, but real research, which I want to dig into today. And then, your most recent book was called, “The Bliss Brain”. Is that correct, Dawson?

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The Science of Energy Healing

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