Therapeutic Use Of Bioregulators​

Jean-Francois Tremblay, MD, CM, FRCPC, FAACS


  • Description of bioregulators.
  • Use of bioregulators.
  • How can they be used therapeutically.
Matthew Cook, M.D.

Hello, and welcome to the “Peptide Summit.” Today is probably one of my most exciting, actually, the most exciting “Peptide Summit” that we’ve got for this sequence is with my good friend, Jean Francois, and we were introduced by our great mutual friend, Charles Poliquin, who introduced us. And he told me, and I just remember, just hours of laughing and being with him, and he was just such a wonderful, incredible person, and all of the things that he did. And he told me, “I have a friend, and you need to meet him, and he’s gonna be a great friend, and you need to know more about peptides,” and that was four years ago. And so then he introduced us. And honestly, that was probably the greatest introduction that anyone ever gave me, because I’ve learned so much from Jean Francois. It’s basically been one of the highlights of my medical practice, and he’s an incredible source of information. I talk to him all the time, and we’re coming together and we’ve founded The International Peptide Academy. And so if you want more of the two of us, you can come see us in Florida in June. So we’ll get all the information on that to you, but welcome to the summit, Jean Francois. I’m delight to have you.

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Therapeutic Use Of Bioregulators​

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