Transforming Veterinary Medicine – An Integrative Approach

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  • Stop creating the dis-ease through lifestyle factors, provide all essential nutrients, heal leaky gut
  • Detox the 6 organs of elimination, repair and restore mitochondrial function
  • Release the trapped emotions associated with the dis-ease. It would be great to take people through understanding why cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases has skyrocketed and what they as pet parents can do to prevent or restore their pets health.
Tom McCarthy

I am so excited to introduce our next guest and if you’re an animal lover like me you will you will love what we’re gonna talk about. Our next guest is Dr. Marlene Siegel and I’ve gotten to know her recently through an association that we’re both part of and the only thing I wish is I wish she lived out closer to me because she’s a veterinarian, she’s been a veterinarian for 40 years and she is amazing at the ways that she looks at taking care of these animals that we love. And I love also Marlene how you call people that have pets pet parents, I love that, it’s not just having a pet, you are a parent. I’ve always felt that way you know we’ve had so many animals in our life. My wife is a huge animal lover, my kids are too and they become part of our family like our dog Yogi right now is such a character but even with the kids I say all right take care of your little brother, Yogis, their little brother right? 

And they love them and my son lives up in west Hollywood. So we’re down in San Diego lives up in west Hollywood but his favorite thing is to come down and kidnap our dog and and take him take him up with him for like a week or two and we were so lonely when he’s gone. So your passion for animals I know is something that a lot of people feel and I’m just so happy to have you on because there’s not you know there’s some it’s for healing humans and you know, there’s lots and lots of those, but we don’t get the opportunity to have someone like you a master at, at really looking at tough, tough things to heal where you’ve gone so outside of the mainstream to find answers. And so I’m excited to have you on.

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Transforming Veterinary Medicine – An Integrative Approach

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