Uncover The Role Of Your Neck In Trauma Healing

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  • Discover why the neck plays a crucial role in trauma healing
  • Understand the impact of surrounding tissue on vagus nerve function
  • Learn to stimulate the vagus nerve and how essential oils can offer support
Aimie Apigian, MD, MS, MPH

Welcome to this interview. On the Biology of Trauma Summit 3.0, we were talking about the trauma disease connection. Today’s conversation around not just the vagus nerve, but the whole ecosystem of the vagus nerve. This is going to be a fascinating talk. And what stands out to me that you need to know going into this talk is around the vagus nerve and which state of the autonomic nervous system are we talking about. So let’s back that up, because the autonomic nervous system is where the trauma patterns get stored. They don’t just get stored in our brain.  The trauma becomes our biology, not just our psychology. So understanding how that actually happens is very much a part of this conversation today with the vagus nerve. There are actually two states of the vagus nerve. Many people are familiar with the parasympathetic or what we call the ventral vagal state, which is very much the social engagement hoping that’s where you are right now. 

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