Uncover Your Hidden Triggers of Anxiety

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  • Understanding the neurochemical imbalances and genetic factors associated with anxiety can help uncover the root causes of anxiety symptoms
  • Dysregulated serotonin and a deleted portion of the noradrenaline response can contribute to heightened anxiety and emotional recall
  • Rather than seeing anxiety as a burden, it can be reframed as a superpower, allowing individuals to empathize deeply, perceive details, and excel in roles that require emotional sensitivity
Kashif Khan

Hello, everyone. We’re going to show you a series of actual case studies where people have been able to resolve their issues of the root cause. They come in concerned about something and then we realize there’s something actually very different going on at the system level that’s causing the symptom they’re feeling. It’s going to be fun. We’re going to show you a few of these. Now, in the interest of confidentiality and protecting customer data. I’m going to use my report. I don’t want to expose or interfere with the confidentiality of our patients. We went and found profiles. There are many things within the genome. We found people that had the exact same profile as me in certain areas. Then I interviewed them for what their problems were and how they were resolved. Again, I use my data to show you how we worked on this for each individual person. Now in the first one we’re going to look at is around anxiety. This particular person’s we’re going into the portal now. You guys can see me logging into my personal report. We go to the mood and behavior section and what this person found was at a certain neurochemicals that they were dysregulated for. So here are the gene results they got. They complained that they were consciously anxious, anxiety was burdensome to them. 

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