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  • Start intermittent fasting gradually by pushing back breakfast gradually, allowing your body to adjust to the fasting lifestyle
  • Drink your way into ketosis by consuming beverages like water, coffee, tea, and drinks with MCT oil to support the fat-burning process
  • Boost oxytocin levels through activities such as hugging loved ones, expressing gratitude, or self-soothing to help manage cortisol and make fasting easier
Mindy Pelz, DC

So I’ve got three key strategies that I recommend to make intermittent fasting easier. So let’s break these down first. If you’re new to fasting, don’t pull the bandaid off quickly. I really believe that if you’ve been living in the sugar burner energy system your whole life, the hardest way to start fasting is just to jump in and do it. Now I have found men can do it a little, that style a little bit easier than women because we’re more hormone-hormonally sensitive. So if you have a friend and he’s a man and he just started intermittent fasting, he lost 20 pounds. He’s probably more hormonally simple. Another way to say that then all women were much more complex when it comes to our hormones. So I like this approach. When you start intermittent fasting, make sure you’re backing your way into this. And what that looks like is you just start to push your breakfast back an hour, and get a little uncomfortable there. Once it gets easy, then push it back another hour. And then once that’s easy, push it back another hour. Before you know it, you’ll be 13 to 15 hours. It may take you three weeks, four weeks to do that. Totally fine. There were no awards won for the fastest person to implement a fasting lifestyle. So being slow and methodical about it and your body will respond very, in a very positive way. So make sure that you’re pushing that breakfast back and you’re slowly stepping in. 

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