When Calcium Kills: What You Must Know About Heart Calcium And CT Scoring

Matthew Jay Budoff, MD, FACC, FAHA


  • It has been known for centuries that arteries becoming sick with atherosclerosis have abnormal calcium deposits that can be seen on standard and CT images
  • Calcium is a convenient marker of the presence and degree of coronary artery disease and the Heart Calcium CT Scoring scan is low radiation, simple, widely available, an inexpensive
  • Aged odorless Kyolic garlic has been proven in 6 randomized studies to positively impact heart artery anatomy
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Well, everybody buckle up don’t move. We really, really, really have what I already has praised Dr. Matthew Budoff as a big kahuna Dr. Budoff is probably the best known expert in the world on imaging the heart, early heart disease detection. You can’t really reverse heart disease if you don’t know you have it so we’re gonna talk about early heart disease detection of which he is a esteemed professor in endowed professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine in UCLA Harbor in Los Angeles, he’s a native New Yorker, but spent most of his life on the West Coast. He is published more than 1000 research articles it’s just an amazing academic output and I read them and I actually learn from them and many book chapters in many books and really this is an exciting, exciting enterprise. You might not see much on Instagram he’s probably writing the next guidelines for a societies when you know every award out there. But, so thank you so much for joining us Doc Budoff really, really appreciate it.

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