Young At Heart: Why Hormone Replacement Therapy Is Important For Heart Heath In Menopause And Beyond

Pamela Smith, MD, MPH, MS


  • In women, hormone’s can get out of balance before and after menopause and result in increased risk of heart disease as well as poor sleep, weight gain, and a rise in cholesterol
  • Saliva testing of hormones by a hormone expert ( is the most accurate way to assess hormonal balance and follow therapy
  • With very few exceptions like hormonally driven breast and prostate cancer, most men and women are candidates for hormone therapy using compounded hormones reassessed every 3-6 months. Pellets are not advised
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Everybody welcome back to Reverse Heart Disease Naturally. Summit Joel Kahn medical doctor, your host today. I’ve really exciting guest. I really worked hard to get onto her schedule because this is a professor and an educator and a clinician and a world traveler. But we’ve got Dr. Pamela Smith MD. And you probably know where you’ve seen her on public television, you’ve seen her books of which there are 11 best selling books we’re going to be talking about today, particularly the new second edition. I’m holding the book right here. What you must know about women’s hormones second edition but Dr. Pam Smith. MD, MPH, MS. I mean on a football jersey you wouldn’t be able to fit it all in, spend 20 years in Detroit is a very accomplished emergency room physician. And then to solve her own female hormone issues. She dug deep to the science and became a world expert, maybe the world expert on hormones in the anti aging functional medicine sphere. She has educated herself and she has educated me and she has educated the public with books and TVs and really she’s educated, I don’t know humbly if it’s hundreds or thousands of doctors through educational format. So I’m excited. Don’t leave. We’ve got so much information. I think my goal Dr. Smith is this is the clearest, most concise resource somebody can go to and say okay now I get it and I’ll go speak to my gynecologist, my hormone expert, my primary care doctor. Thank you so much.

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