Why PEMF and NanoVi Work so Well Together

Hans Eng


  • PEMF and NanoVi influence cellular activities in ways that are similar.
  • Proteins do all the work in the cell and must fold before they can function.
  • Unfolded proteins rely on the water that surrounds them to support the folding process and NanoVi influences this water.
  • Using PEMF to stimulate activity and NanoVi to create a better cellular environment is a great combination.
William Pawluk, M.D., MSc

Hi, this is Dr. Pawluk. This is a another episode of the PEMF Healing Summit. And today we have a special expert, a lot of our experts are special. But some experts are more special than others and this expert is special to me because this is a new technology that I learned about really in the last three months or so that I think has a tremendous advantage for people. I’m gonna introduce, first of all, before we get into that and we’ll get into the advantage of this new technology. With me today is Hans Eng, E-N-G, you could see that on the background, eng3, his company’s called Eng3 Corp. and Hans is the founder and CEO of Eng3, he comes from Germany. You can tell from his accent that he’s got a German background and he has 25 years of experience at least with advanced medical technologies including medical implants. He has extensive experience in research and development, production and quality assurance for medical devices of all kinds. And his degree and background are in material sciences and proteomics and he’ll explain what proteomics is in a second, okay, which allowed him to develop the proprietary technology that’s the basis of this call today which is about NanoVi, N-A-N-O-capital V-small I. And this is a really exciting technology for me and obviously he’s using this technology for health and athletic performance, but it does so many other things. So rather than me saying more about this, I’ll let Hans say, anything else he wants to say about his background and how he got to this point.

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