Peptides Can Counter EMF Toxicity

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Peptides can combat the effects of EMF toxicity

A healthy, balanced immune system is an essential component to maintain health. At the core of health and wellness is the gut-brain axis. However, EMF exposure can contribute to a wide range of illnesses and immune dysfunctions, which can cause a vicious cycle of multi-system diseases.

At the same time, improper function or deficiency of a particular peptide (or class of peptides) can be detrimental to the ability to heal from toxic exposures. This is why peptides, which control multiple aspects of the body, are essential to combatting the effects of EMF Toxicity.

EMFS and Technology

Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are everywhere in our increasingly wired world. Emitted by cellphones, WIFI, bluetooth and wireless towers, EMF toxicity is showing up in studies of both animals and humans alike. EMF exposure can contribute to a wide range of illnesses and immune dysfunctions, which are a key component to multi-system diseases.

“The more you dig into the medical literature, the more you can’t believe the massive amount of literature and data that’s showing that EMFs at supposedly safe levels are very toxic,” says Kent Holtorf, MD, medical director of Integrative Peptides.

Calling EMFs a “silent killer,” Holtorf says, “If EMFs were a drug, they would never get approved. They’d be immediately recalled.”

Key to combating EMFs toxicity are peptides, which are short strings of amino acids, which control multiple aspects of the body and can help combat the effects of EMF toxicity.

Mitigating your risks of EMFs toxicity

While it’s impossible to get rid of EMFs in our wired world, you can minimize your exposure. For example, Dr. Holtorf describes a 37-year-old female patient with multisystem issues, including: severe fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, cognitive dysfunction, night sweats, POTS, heart palpitations, interstitial cystitis, swollen legs, livedo reticularis, urinary incontinence, hair loss, irregular periods, multiple food and other allergies, as well as other multi-system symptoms.

She was mostly house and bed-bound and had been sick for over nine years, with multiple diagnoses.

Holtorf says, “We got the patient feeling much better with T3SR, biest, progesterone, 6-8 peptides, ozone, exosomes, a short course of antibiotics, NAD+, Poly MVA, PC. This resulted in dramatic improvement in most of her symptoms. But she continued to suffer from anxiety and insomnia, and we could not get NK cell function above 5 LU (nl >30).”

Next Holtorf asked about potential EMF sources. She had no major power lines or cell tower near her home, but she did have a WiFi router in her bedroom, slept with her iPhone, a TV in her room, a house alarm and smart thermostat.

“We recommended that she turn off her WIFI at night, flip the breaker to the bedroom at night, turn the phone WIFI and bluetooth off, and keep the phone outside of the bedroom at night,” says Holtorf.
“The patient returned several months later, noting significant improvement in insomnia, her anxiety was better, and she felt overall much healthier.”

Three months after that, the patient returned saying her anxiety was dramatically better after no longer driving in her husband’s Tesla.

What are EMFs?

Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible areas of energy, often called radiation, that come naturally from the sun or from electrical power. They’re typically grouped by frequency:
Non-ionizing: low-level radiation, which is generally perceived as harmless to humans
Ionizing: high-level radiation, which has the potential for cellular and DNA damage

The key differentiation between man-made EMFs and naturally produced EMFs is polarization. All types of man-made EMFs are polarized (single direction and usually vertical), while naturally produced EMFs are non-polarized and dispersed in all directions.

Much of the safety attention historically has been placed on ionizing radiation, which is powerful enough to cause DNA damage, while non-ionizing EMFs have been considered harmless except in the case of thermal heating.

However, Holtorf says, “​​Even short-term, low level exposure to non-ionizing radiation, well within standard safety limits, has been clearly shown to be able to cause DNA damage and subsequent increases in senescent cells, apoptosis and cancer through different mechanisms, including the formation of ROS, DNA repair enzyme suppression, epigenetic mechanism, as well as immune and mitochondrial dysfunction.”

Free radicals and interaction with transitional (iron, for example) and heavy metals have also been implicated to play a role in the genotoxic effects observed after exposure to these fields.

How natural vs. man-made EMFs work

Manmade, polarized EMFs from multiple sources undergo constructive and destructive interference that amplify their intensities at many points. Natural EMFs produced from the sun and light bulbs that are non-polarized, with EMF waves sent in an infinite number of directions and along all planes. Natural EMFs are produced by large numbers of molecular, atomic, or nuclear transitions of random orientation and random phase differences between them. This means they always undergo destructive interference with the sum of the waves equaling zero. There’s no force on charged or polar molecules in the body other than a general increase in heat if the source of natural EMFs is large enough.

Because all human-made EMFs are polarized, which undergo constructive interference, several sources can result in force multiplication of EMF energies at multiple points that vary in location and strength depending on the source and frequency. Holtorf says, “This results in static ‘hot spots’ of energy.”

Living organisms on earth have been exposed to non-polarized EMFs from the dawn of time, but polarized EMFs created from modern human technology are new. We are exposed to 1018 more EMFs than we experienced just since 1917, says Holtorf.

Unlike natural EMFs, the polarized reinforced wave forms from alternating currents can force all charged or polar molecules to oscillate on parallel planes and in phase with the applied EMF field. This can cause a cascade of cellular effects for cell membrane electrochemical sensors and gated ion channels, which include those for Ca+, K+, Na+, etc.

Large non-polarized EMF exposure can cause increased random oscillations due to increased thermal energy, which has no biologic effects. But a coherent polarized oscillation at even millions of times smaller energy than the average thermal molecular energy EMFs can cause significant biological effects.

EMF toxicity controversy, bias and safety

Polarized EMF radiation of just 1 W emitted by a cell phone can damage DNA and cause adverse health effects. Safety guidelines have historically used a formula for non-polarized EMFs to consider the average amount of exposure over time, not peak. However, bioactivity of EMFs correlates with peak pulses, not average. This is simply how modern WiFi, cell towers and other modern-day electronics work.

The use of the average EMF dose over time grossly underestimates the potential biological effects of pulsed EMFs. Safety guidelines also only consider the potential for thermal heating and direct thermal damage to tissues as the safety benchmark, making them, by some estimates, about a million times too high, says Holtorf.

Studies have shown and support the fact that very low intensity, polarized, pulsed, non-thermally acting EMFs can result in abnormal activation of voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCC) at levels that are 7.2 million times lower than what is considered safe exposure.

EMF toxicity on health and how it relates to multi-system dysfunction seen with other chronic illnesses, toxic exposure, aging and lifestyle

Over the last 20 years, a robust body of independent science has emerged showing significant negative biological impacts from exposure from electromagnetic radiation. This includes “clear evidence” of the following:
Developmental delay
Neurological and cognitive dysfunction
Neurodegenerative diseases
Heart abnormalities
Thyroid and other hormone deficiencies
Reproductive effects
Accelerated aging
And much more

EMFs are shown to cause increased reactive oxygen species (ROS) and inflammation, immune dysfunction, mitochondrial dysfunction, epigenetic disruption, abnormal activation of voltage-gated ion channels, leaky gut and blood-brain barrier (BBB) issues, among other serious health problems.

This was well recognized very early in the 1970s by Dr. Robert O. Becker (twice nominated for the Nobel Prize) who said, “I have no doubt in my mind that, at the present time, the greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).”

Toxic effects of EMFs on the cardiovascular system

Older man getting his pulse checked by a male doctor

Studies show that radiation from wireless technology affects the blood, heart and the autonomic nervous system.

Exposure to electrosmog generated by electric, electronic and wireless technology is accelerating to the point that a portion of the population is experiencing adverse reactions when they are exposed.

The symptoms of electrohypersensitivity (EHS), best described as rapid aging syndrome experienced by adults and children, resemble symptoms experienced by radar operators in the 1940s to the 1960s and are well described in the literature.

An increasingly common response to EMFs exposure includes clumping (rouleau formation) of the red blood cells, heart palpitations, pain or pressure in the chest accompanied by anxiety, and an upregulation of the sympathetic nervous system coincident with a downregulation of the parasympathetic nervous system typical of the “fight-or-flight” response.

Provocation studies presented in this article demonstrate that the response to electrosmog is physiologic and not psychosomatic. Those who experience prolonged and severe EHS may develop psychological problems because of their inability to work, their limited ability to travel in our highly technological environment, and the social stigma that their symptoms are imagined rather than real.

EMFs links to developmental delay, chronic illness and rapid aging

Prenatal exposure to EMFs has adverse effects as well. Exposure to 900 Mhz of EMFs resulted in a dysfunctional thymus and spleen, as well as mitochondrial and immune dysfunction (thymic dysfunction with Th1/Treg-Th2/Th17 shift).

EMFs exposure cause subsequent decreased glutathione and superoxide dismutase (SOD), reduced NK cell function and number, gut dysbiosis and permeability, increased BBB permeability, cardiac dysfunction, CVD, arrhythmias, chest pain, HTN, insomnia, fatigue, depression, anxiety, cognitive dysfunction, headaches, memory loss, infertility, GI disorders, low libido, abnormal activation of voltage-gated CA+ channels, developmental delay and potentially autism, ADD, OCD, infertility and fetal loss, tinnitus, osteoporosis, neurodegenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer’s, ALS, Parkinson’s), hormone imbalances, weight gain, mast cell activation, allergies, autoimmunity, diabetes, as well as increased lipid peroxidation and ROS protection, cancer, rapid aging, MCS, behavioral changes, electrohypersensitivity, and much more.

Distance from cell towers can impact severity of symptoms caused by EMFs

EMF sensitivity patients sound very much like CFS, FM, CIRS, Lyme, and diseases of aging. They share the same immunological phenotype: Th1/Treg to Th2/Th17 shift, mitochondrial dysfunction and other underlying causes. Dysfunctional CA+ gated channels and flux are a core component of the Cell Danger Response (CDR), abnormal cell signaling, pathological mitochondrial metabolism and cell toxicity and death. Holtorf says, “It’s occurring in everyone, but it’s a matter of degree.”

Symptoms by those who live within 300m of a cell tower often mirror those who experience occupational exposure to EMF.

These include:
Headaches and visual disruptions
Dizziness and fatigue
Depression and irritability
Memory loss
Difficulty concentrating
Loss of appetite
Skin problems
And more

Workers chronically exposed to long-term “safe” levels of EMFs were found to have increased levels of the key inflammatory cytokine IL6 in direct correlation to their level of exposure.
Exposed workers were shown to also have significantly increased IL1B, WBCs, RBCs, MCV, lymphocytes, and HCT compared to their non-exposed counterparts in a dose response manner.

EMFs accelerate thymic dysfunction

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 80 percent of aged individuals are afflicted with at least one chronic disease as a result of a declination of thymic-related immune function.

Many factors have negative effects on thymus involution and pineal dysfunction and subsequent immunity, including: age, genetics, inflammation, lifestyle, obesity, EMFs, diet, exercise, stress, pregnancy, toxins, hypothyroidism, low growth hormone, chronic infections and zinc deficiency.

However, EMFs are shown to dramatically speed up thymic and pineal dysfunction and involution, resulting in rapid multi-system aging and increased risk for multisystem diseases and degeneration previous felt to be diseases of the old.

Thymus involution is influenced by age. A sharp decline starts around 15 years of age with a nadir around 40- 45, which is when the “diseases of aging” start occurring.
Progressive thymic dysfunction and immunosenescence naturally occur with aging and results in the following:
Increased susceptibility to infections
Inadequate immune response to vaccinations
Increased propensity for autoimmune diseases
Increased cancer risk
Increased cardiovascular disease
Increased degenerative diseases

​​EMFs increase GI and BBB permeability and alter gut flora

The mammalian brain is protected by the blood-brain barrier (BBB), which prevents harmful substances from reaching brain tissue. Numerous animal studies have, however, shown that even a short exposure to the small EMF from a cellphone in rats result in immediate disruption of this protection, allowing large molecules, such as albumin to permeate from the brain into the body and from the body into the brain.

One study of rats showed an increase in BBB permeability that lasted for 14 days after a single two-hour exposure. Significant brain damage was found 28 days and 50 days in the exposed rats but not in unexposed rats.

The toxic effects of EMFs were compounded in those who already had compromised health or pre-existing increased permeability. Anti-glutamate and antioxidant therapies were able to partially prevent the subsequent permanent brain damage.

The GI functioning and the environment in the brain are closely linked. The proteins secreted by the gut microbiome affect the neurologic system and almost every system in the body, as well as overall health status. Leaky gut means leaky BBB.

And radio frequencies similar to those emitted by mobile devices or WiFi typically cause pathogenic bacteria, such as pathogenic E. coli and Listeria, to grow faster and become more resistant to antibiotics.

Long-term exposure to wireless signals can lead to memory loss

Numerous studies show significant impacts on memory, learning, and anxiety with EMF exposures well within the so-called safe levels. Studies also show structural and physiologic changes in various parts of the brain, especially the BBB, the hippocampus, the cerebellum, the amygdala and the cerebral cortex. Studies show EMFs exposure causes the activation of glial cells throughout the brain, with subsequent brain inflammation and associated changes in neurotransmitter levels.

Possible causes and contributing effects of brain dysfunction caused by EMF exposure include:
Increased ROS
Increased permeability of gut and BBB
Activation of apoptotic pathways
Effects on DNA (direct damage and epigenetic)
Calcium influx across membranes

Aldad et al. exposed pregnant mice in utero to a mobile phone on active call mode throughout gestation. The offspring were shown to have memory impairment and hyperactive behavior compared to unexposed mice.

Tang et al. chronically exposed rats to 28 days of mobile phone EMFs. The exposed group showed a statistically significant neurobehavioral alteration, impaired spatial memory and damaged BBB permeability by activating the mkp1/ERK pathways. The rats experienced impaired special learning and reference memory. Morphologic changes were found in the rat’s hippocampus.

Saikhedkar et al. exposed rats to cell phone radiation for four hours per day for 15 days, which induced deficits in learning and memory. They also found hippocampal neuronal degeneration.

One study found that pregnant rats exposed to cell phone RF-EMR throughout gestation drastically affected learning acquisition and memory retention, and another study also showed hippocampal morphological changes.

Numerous studies have shown that rats exposed to cellular phone RF-EMR for various periods of time results in increased long-standing subsequent anxiety, with one study finding reduced GAGA and aspartic acid in the cortex and hippocampus.

EMFs increase the risk of Alzheimer’s, ALS and decreased memory performance

Older man holding his temples in pain

Numerous studies of workers with likely exposure to electromagnetic fields show an elevated risk of Alzheimer’s disease. In a study published in Neurology, the authors wrote, “These results are consistent with previous findings regarding the hypothesis that electromagnetic field exposure is etiologically associated with the occurrence of AD (Alzheimer’s disease).”

A study of 439 adolescents showed a change in memory performance over one year that was negatively associated with cumulative duration of wireless phone use and more strongly with radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) dose. This may indicate that RF-EMF exposure affects memory performance.

Protection against EMF toxicities

As cellular, WIFI and bluetooth use increases, so too does the risk of negative health effects from EMF toxicities. The good news, says Holtorf, is that peptide combinations can mitigate and prevent a significant amount of EMF toxicity. Researchers are increasingly studying ways to reduce the damage of manmade EMFs.

How peptides can help with EMF toxicity

Peptides are the body’s natural regulators. They’re naturally occurring (or analogs) short chains of amino acids. If <50 AA in length, it’s considered a peptide. If longer, it’s considered a protein.

Peptides are generally cell surface signaling molecules that indirectly affect cellular activity via a cascade of secondary messengers. They regulate most every known process and system of the body in a tissue and cellular specific manner (another, more precise layer of bioregulation). Peptide therapies generally have tissue-specific effects while hormones are less precise with broad effects.

Holtorf says oral and systemic administration of peptides has been shown to be extremely safe (some at 100-fold or 1000-fold typical effective doses). Increasing numbers of peptides are becoming clinically available that can safely improve, optimize or normalize specific functions of the body.

How BPC-157 peptides can counter EMFs toxicity

Body Protection Compound (BPC 157) is a pentadecapeptide (composed of 15 amino acids), which was discovered in and isolated from human gastric juice. It’s highly stable and resistant to hydrolysis or enzyme digestion, even in the gastric juice. BPC-157 is shown to have a wide range of healing mechanisms, including:
The up-regulation of growth factors and genes involved with healing
Proangiogenic effects
Modulation of nitric oxide (NO) synthesis
Modulation of the serotonergic and dopaminergic systems
Significant beneficial effects on leaky gut, the gut-brain axis and the microbiome

Oral and systemic administration of BPC-157 significantly improves varied cardiovascular issues by blocking many of the toxic effects from EMFs (including immune dysfunction, mitochondrial dysfunction, excessive ROS) and by inhibiting the abnormal activation of voltage-gated calcium channels.

Oral BPC-157 is shown to be effective in the treatment of central and peripheral nervous system pathologies that are associated with EMF exposure, including:
Traumatic brain injury
Multiple sclerosis
Alzheimer’s disease
Parkinson’s disease
Peripheral nerve damage
Mood disorders
Exaggerated stress response and anxiety

Numerous studies including this study on Pentadecapeptide BPC 157 and this study on Thymosin β4 are showing the importance of healing leaky gut, the brain-gut axis, and the microbiome in chronic illness. These studies can be applied to cases where EMFs are a cause of the permeation. Holtorf says BPC-157, KPV, and TB4 Active Frag are probably the best treatments for EMF induced leaky-gut, leaky brain and dysfunctional gut-brain axis.

TB4 Active Frag are shown to directly repair EMF induced tight junctions dysfunction while BPC-157 and KPV help maintain, protect and repair GI mucosal and BBB integrity. This combination has a synergistic effect when used together.

Researchers found an increase in mean and maximum lifespan in animals consistently seen with both thymic and pineal gland peptides. Both had direct correlation to increased cellular immunity with the subsequent reliable reduction in cancer in both animals and humans. In another study, bioidentical thymic protein that was injected into mice starting at the age of 3.5 months prolonged the mean life span by 28 percent and decreased the rate of cancer 2.8 fold.

Peptides of pineal gland and thymus prolong human life

Synergistic peptide therapy may be the best weapon against accelerated aging from EMF toxicity. In one study, the geroprotective effects of thymic (thymulin) and pineal peptides (Epitalon) were investigated over a 6-8 years period in 266 elderly patients after being treated for the first two to three years of the study.

Results showed the ability of the bioregulators to normalize the basic functions of the human organism, including improving the indices of the following systems:

The authors wrote, “Homeostasis restoration was accompanied by a 2.0-2.4-fold decrease in acute respiratory disease incidence, reduced incidence of the clinical manifestations of ischemic heart disease, hypertension disease, deforming osteoarthrosis and osteoporosis as compared to the control.”

“Such a significant improvement in the health state of the peptide-treated patients correlated with decreased mortality rate during observation: 2.0-2.1-fold in the Thymulin-treated group; 1.6-1.8-fold in the Epitalon-treated group and a 2.5- fold in the patients treated with Thymulin plus Epitalon as compared to the control.”

A separate group of patients was treated with the peptides annually for six years, and their mortality rate decreased 4.1 times as compared to the controls.

Dr. Kent Holtorf, MD is Medical Director/CEO of Holtorf Medical Group, Medical Director/CEO of National Academy of Hypothyroidism, and Medical Director of Integrative Peptides.

Disclaimer: Holtorf is the Chief Medical Officer of Integrative Peptides. The opinions expressed are his and do not necessarily reflect those of Integrative Peptides. None of the information and claims contained within this blog or The Peptide Summit have been endorsed by Integrative Peptides and have not been reviewed by the FDA. Products from Integrative Peptides are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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