A Deep Dive Into Gut Health and The Microbiome

Kiran Krishnan


  • Why is disease rooted in the gut
  • Is the current technology on microbiome testing reliable
  • The leading science on supplementing for gut health
Kashif Khan

Hey guys. Welcome back. We are speaking to a pro today, a pro of the gut microbiome labs, which I’m sure a lot of you already have in your pantry and your shelf. You’ve been taking it, but let’s talk to the guy that actually made it for you. So one of the founders of microbiome labs who started this company some time ago and made sure now that every functional medicine doctor across the world is now selling it, making you healthy, we gonna dive deep into why, what’s going on. Why were these things formulated and why is this so important to maintain starting at the gut. So, first of all, welcome.


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