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Banish Your Migraines for Good

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  • Understand the connection between gut health and migraines and how dysbiosis can lead to neuroinflammation
  • Learn the impact of the GC1 gene on glutathione function in the gut and its role in detoxifying toxins
  • Discover the importance of personalized diet modifications and gut support in resolving migraine issues
Kashif Khan

Hello, everyone. Welcome back to another case study. We are going to show you how another person was able to figure out their root cause and solve it. If you did not watch the first two, I am just going to repeat that in order to protect a patient’s confidentiality and data I am using my own report as a screen share to show you. We found people that had the same profile as me in different areas and we used those case studies. This is an actual patient who is allowing us to talk about their problems we were just not using their report or their data which will show you their name, in order to do that we are using mine. I am going to share my screen for a second and show you what we did here. This particular person was concerned with migraines. Their issue was that they actually would leave work, and I, by the way, had the same problem myself which I was able to resolve. They were not able to function during the day because of their migraine issue. We were going into the system summary for inflammation, detox, inflammation, and cellular health. We do not actually look for a migraine gene, we do not look for a brain gene, for example, we are looking for the system failure that would lead to that neuroinflammation, that would lead to this person’s problem. And what did we see here? Big glaring red flag, this gene right here, GSTM1.

It is possible to have what is called a copy number variation which means you do not even have the gene as opposed to a snip or a spelling mistake as we often see in genes, what variant or what version? It is more like you do not even have this gene, it is missing from your genetic code. And if that gene is instructing a biological function you can imagine the impact. FUT2 was highly implicit here also. This was the profile of this person. They are missing this gene and they are the GG version of FUT2 which we consider the suboptimal version. And now let me tell you what happened. GSTM1 is highly protective of the gut. It is the gene that directs glutathione function in the gut and helps you bind, clear, and remove toxins as they enter through your food, the processing chemicals, natural flavors, drying agents, and things that come along with your food that were never meant to be in your body. If you do not have the gene like myself and like this particular person and you are eating regular foods, even if you eat a bag of let us say organic cookies but it is in a bag of potentially, plastics seeping into your food it was still processed on heavy machinery for which the heavy metals may be in the food and the chemicals used to clean that machinery may be in your food, for certain people no problem. If you do not have the GSTM1 gene that is a major problem. We know that the gut and the brain are directly connected. And when you have that dysbiosis that is going to lead to neuroinflammation, there is actually the vagus nerve that connects the two directly together. And what was happening with this person was their gut was in such a dysbiotic state because of their inability to detoxify the toxic burden of food and they were not very careful with what they were eating that it was leading to neural inflammation. 

First of all, when you have leaky gut dysbiosis to the gut wall, this permeability, these micro little holes because the toxins keep causing damage and chipping away at the gut wall, toxic substrates that are meant to go through your digestive tract and be processed directly enter the bloodstream through the gut wall. And those toxic substrates can pass the blood-brain barrier. The blood-brain barrier was not designed to block these things. There is the assumption that they have been digested and broken down and metabolized. These toxic substrates can directly enter the brain and cause neural inflammation, that is what almost happening to this person. Now, on top of that, there is a FUT2 gene that was the GG version which means that they did not produce the enzymes required to break down the main protein sources of a vegan diet. Beans, lentils, legumes, and chickpeas, are all what a vegan relies on to get their protein which is such an important macronutrient and this is what the person chose in terms of their diet, they were vegan. They had this gut that was in a dysbiotic state. They were eating foods that were causing. Because of the toxic burden, they did not even realize things like preservatives, and chemicals associated with what they thought was clean food leading to leaky gut, leaky brain, and neural inflammation. And on top of that, they were eating a diet that did not produce the enzymes for this vegan diet which is good for some people but for this particular person was a very bad choice leading to a further burden on the gut exaggerating this problem. And you have a double-edged sword causing gut dysbiosis which again leads to this direct connection to the brain which then ends up leading to things like anxiety and mood issues and depression because again, there is a direct access connecting these two major systems. 

By resolving what was on the end of their fork there was definitely some intervention in terms of detox protocol and gut support. We use microbiome labs making us a more awesome product, some prebiotics, and probiotics, we got the gut healed, we changed what they eat, we got them cognizant and understanding what was actually going on in food supply and we got them on a detox regimen so that if they were out traveling or at a restaurant or whatever that they were able to support their inability to detoxify what was coming out of their food. And all of a sudden, these migraine issues that were a burden for them to the point where they could not work no longer existed then this person has been fine now for about a year and a half since we have met them. Again, in case of understanding the root cause as opposed to asking the symptom you do not need a pill to maintain and manage migraines. You need to find out why they are happening and eliminate them and that is what this person was able to do.


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