Banish Your Migraines for Good

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  • Understand the connection between gut health and migraines and how dysbiosis can lead to neuroinflammation
  • Learn the impact of the GC1 gene on glutathione function in the gut and its role in detoxifying toxins
  • Discover the importance of personalized diet modifications and gut support in resolving migraine issues
Kashif Khan

Hello, everyone. Welcome back to another case study. We are going to show you how another person was able to figure out their root cause and solve it. If you did not watch the first two, I am just going to repeat that in order to protect a patient’s confidentiality and data I am using my own report as a screen share to show you. We found people that had the same profile as me in different areas and we used those case studies. This is an actual patient who is allowing us to talk about their problems we were just not using their report or their data which will show you their name, in order to do that we are using mine. I am going to share my screen for a second and show you what we did here. This particular person was concerned with migraines. Their issue was that they actually would leave work, and I, by the way, had the same problem myself which I was able to resolve. They were not able to function during the day because of their migraine issue. We were going into the system summary for inflammation, detox, inflammation, and cellular health. We do not actually look for a migraine gene, we do not look for a brain gene, for example, we are looking for the system failure that would lead to that neuroinflammation, that would lead to this person’s problem. And what did we see here? Big glaring red flag, this gene right here, GSTM1.

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