Cultivating the mind of a NAVY SEAL

Mark Divine


  • Where the body leads the mind follows.
  • Train the mind to focus attention.
  • Become mindful of energy in motionBalancing effort and recovery for optimal performance and peace of min.
Tom McCarthy

I am excited to introduce all of you to our next guest, and he’s someone that we were just talking earlier. He’s someone I’ve known for a long time, but we couldn’t figure out exactly when we met. We’ve pegged it towards the mid to late 1990s. So we’re not exactly sure, but he is an amazing guy and I was always, I’ve always been impressed with him and I consider him a friend, and I’m glad you’re going to get a chance to meet him. His name is Mark Divine, and he had a very interesting career. He came out of a really good university, Colgate University, and became an accountant, and wasn’t satisfied with that. And so he heard about this unit called the Navy SEALs and tough guys and he decided he wanted to do that. And that was very hard to go from being an accountant to even get accepted into the qualification program, but this guy did it. And not only did he get accepted in the qualification program, but out of all the Navy SEALs in his class, he was the Honor Man. So he was the one chosen as the leader of that group, and then he went from becoming a Navy SEAL and a lot of success in that as a commander into becoming a coach and a leadership expert and a New York Times bestselling author and somebody who’s helping so many people all over the planet, and today’s here to help you. So Mark, welcome to the Global Energy Healing Summit.


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