Debunk Blanket Myths With Neuroscience

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  • Learn about weight distribution in weighted therapy
  • Explore the crucial role of nerve activation
  • Challenge common misconceptions about weighted therapy
Aimie Apigian, MD, MS, MPH

Welcome to this interview on the Biology of Trauma Summit. I am your host, Dr. Aimie. We’re talking about the trauma disease connection. And this interview is going to give you a very practical tool. So many times we can get discouraged because we’re learning all this information about how trauma becomes stored in the body, how it then becomes our biology, how it then becomes our conditions and diagnoses. And we need solutions. And that’s what this interview is. Now, in this interview, you will hear me talk about how I use it, but the importance is that it really helps the foundational principles of neuroscience around safety and support. And so in this interview, you’re going to hear about a specific way that we can provide a felt sense of safety and support for our nervous systems that allow us to move into expansion. When we don’t have that foundation of safety and support or what we call regulation, we’re not going to be able to open up and feel safe to open up. It can feel scary. We can still force ourselves to open up, but then we get the self-sabotage or we get the flare up of our conditions because we did it in such a way that we did not feel safe. So when we talk about stored trauma in the body, stored trauma needs a felt sense of safety to come out of that pattern. I talk about this in my essential sequence guide. 

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