Decipher The Link Between Breast Cancer And Hormones

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Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

Dr. Jenn Simmons, it is such a pleasure to have you at the Cancer Breakthroughs Summit. You are extremely knowledgeable. One of the biggest topics on all women’s minds is breast cancer. Thank you so much. Do you mind introducing yourself a little bit to the audience? Because you have such a wealth of knowledge?

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Brian Sandle
Brian Sandle
6 months ago

Thanks for that. Coming to mind is the compromise between Bis-GMA and other xenoestrogens eluting from dental composite material vs mercury amalgam. What about glass ionomer cement for dental work?

Jenn warns to be aware of “traditional health care products.” That just might or might not be interpreted by some as including herbs? Milk thistle contains silybinin/silymarin and there is the warning about its possible troublesome effect on hormonal cancers though perhaps benefit for non-hormonal ones.

Pam Jacinto
Pam Jacinto
6 months ago
Reply to  Brian Sandle

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! While individual opinions on such products may vary, it is best to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice. You may also want to join our upcoming live Q&A session, which is a great opportunity to ask similar questions to Dr. Karlfeldt. Please watch out for an email invitation with the session details. See you there!

Brian Sandle
Brian Sandle
6 months ago

As for the antibiotic=>cancer matter, one practitioner advocates the antibiotic doxycycline to interrupt a cancer’s utilisation of glutamine. So we need another means, perhaps.

Piroska Bordas
Piroska Bordas
6 months ago

I am listening to Dr. Jennifer Simmons and I have concerns regarding her recommendation for hormone replacement after menopause. While the sessation of menstruation in menopause is a natural process, it is not natural to start having periods again in menopause forced on with hormone replacement therapy, and I knew someone who was in her 70’s and started having regular monthly periods due to hormone replacement therapy. I certainly do not want to bring back menstruation for the sake of “balancing hormones” and it sounds scary to be menstruating at the age of 65 or 70, and so on. There must be other ways too of protecting bones from osteoporosis. Regarding Alzheimer’s and dementia, it is just as common for men as it is for women. So then should men get on hormone replacement therapy to avoid Alzheimer’s? Most of us need to be educated and coached to address and detox from Xeno-estrogens and be tested for metabolizing/clearing excess hormones. I asked my oncologist to be tested for hormones since I have hormone + and HER-2 + cancer. He replied, we don’t do that! OMG. Then why do you want me to lower Estrogen, I am already in menopause and I don’t want to lower my already low Estrogen levels. This conventional cancer treatment is so crazy, it is mind-boggling.
According to an NMD who also has a PhD in biochemistry, he says that it is imperative to monitor the following hormone ratios to avoid cancer recurrence in the case of hormone positive breast cancer:
Pg/E2 > 100
E3 > E1+E2
(E1+E2) / E3 >1
He is recommending to supplement with Myomin.

Brian Sandle
Brian Sandle
6 months ago
Reply to  Piroska Bordas

Some sublingual vitamin D3 tablets are now compounded with vitamin K2 to get calcum to go to the bones rather than form arterial plaque whch it may do without K2.

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