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Enemas: Your Guide To At-Home Therapy

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Sinclair Kennally, CNHP, CNC

Welcome to Day seven of “Reversing Chronic Gut Conditions.” I am your host, Sinclair Kennally, and I can’t believe we’ve made it this far. This is so fun. So we have a basket of solutions for you today from a wide range of experts and some people are going to talk to you about their favorite labs to get started on and how to find solutions from that angle. Some experts are going to talk to you about their favorite pieces of equipment or their favorite supplements or you know, how to think about the next steps for you. And I actually want to start out with a very humble tool that I’ll reveal in just a minute. So one thing I want you to remember as you’re considering solutions for yourself is that for somebody with chronic gut conditions or any chronic condition, it can feel very complicated, right? Because there are many chapters to our health history. And I remember feeling like this in my own health journey that I must be so complicated because I haven’t figured this out yet or someone hasn’t figured it out for me. And I’m still searching for answers. And while your health picture may be complex, it’s not necessarily mysterious. I really want to emphasize this. Your health picture may be complex, but it’s not necessarily mysterious, not for the right root cause practitioner. And that’s our whole approach, right? That’s what we’ve been unpacking this whole event for you. 

And your healing tools don’t have to be complex, even if your health picture has been complicated. So you might hear stories about people flying down to Mexico for stem cells or, you know, booking themselves into really intense clinics and doing a whole IV thing. And it’s, you know, you’re there, staying there and it’s for weeks at a time and it sounds very expensive and very overwhelming. You’re healing tools don’t have to include those things. They may be right for you, but they’re not necessary just because you’ve been suffering for years. Some tools are very humble, they’re very accessible, and they do a lot of healing work for you along the way. Now, can one tool solve a whole chronic condition picture for you all by itself? Probably not. What you really looking for and what I hope you get really smart about during the process of this summit, is looking for the right combination of tools together for you. What’s going to be the right package for you? What is your protocol stack? And one thing that I really want you to consider as a part of your healing stack is the very humble coffee enema. This is a coffee enema bucket or an enema bucket. I’ll show you how to use it in a minute and this also goes with a guide that we have gifted you here in the summit from me. Yours truly, your coffee enema guide. And it shows you formulas for how to brew coffee correctly for an enema and how to do that as a batch or as a single use. What not to do and all the getting started tips that you would ever need. Let’s talk about why this would be so helpful for you, though, because I know I’m a huge wuss by nature. And when this was described to me as something that I should do, absolutely not. And that is not something that sounds good to me. And I needed some convincing. And so you might be like that, too. So I want to make sure you understand the benefits to you. Yes. Any hydrotherapy is going to have some mechanical cleanup benefits like a colonic, like a water enema, like a coffee enema. All of these can support you to empty out the colon, which, if you’ve struggled with constipation for years, even if it was prior to this and you’re no longer struggling with constipation, you may still have a lot of caked feces in there that are really impacting your gut microbiomes, ability to process things appropriately and to right itself. So, and if you’re actively dealing with constipation, then, yeah, this could be a wonderful support for you just from the mechanical cleanup side of things. This doesn’t have to take long. We’re talking about a period of 30 minutes from start to finish. Once you actually learn how to do this and you’re doing it for the full-time, it’s going to be shorter than that. 

As you get started and that’s the whole focus today, how to get started. And I know I, I thought this was really weird and I’m, you know, known as the Liver Lady, of course, in many circles now, and the Root Cause Lady. And if I had to have one TEDx talk, it would probably be about how to do a coffee enema. Because this is such a good tool for you. It’s so accessible and dollar for dollar, minute for minute. The time you spend on coffee enemas is going to really move your health picture forward if you also have the other right things in place at the same time. Great supplements for you, the right foods, the right therapies, you know, but this is a great piece to add in. So do you have to do them daily? No. Do you want to do them on an ongoing basis to get the most benefit? Yeah, absolutely. So a great frequency would be once a week, twice a week, even three times a week. You can get substantial benefits. When Michael challenged me to do them in the beginning, he was working on a parasite protocol and he was doing coffee enemas daily as a way to help him excrete parasites. 

And that is what we teach today in rapid gut reset. We use coffee enemas as a way to help people get the energy in their bodies to release larger parasites. Because it does take your body a lot of energy to do that, and you want to get those intact out as intact as possible because you don’t want them breaking down in your body and creating a wee toxification event. Because as we talked about earlier in the summit on my day one talk, we have our parasites doing a job for us. They’re storing toxins for you. They’re strong malt chemicals, heavy metals, retroviruses like Epstein-Barr, you know, viruses, the whole shebang. So it’s great to get them out intact. And coffee enemas can help with that. They’re also great for supporting the liver and helping to break up liver stagnation over time. So that’s the second bucket, so to speak. The benefits from coffee enemas are that you actually get and I’ll share the screen with you so you can have a visual because I don’t know about you, but I am very visual. It just helps me to understand. So in your freebie, this host gift that we shared with you for the summit, you’ll actually see a little overview. This is a little message from Michael and me, and here’s a great visual for you. So if the coffee enemas or the coffee from an enema coming into the rectum, those palmitic acid crystals in coffee are actually coming up and they are getting taken in by this mesenteric vein right here that has little hookups all the way along the colon, and it actually has a shortcut all the way up to the liver. So whatever you put into an enema can be considered information dumping into the bloodstream and also information dumping directly into the liver. And when you think about oral supplements and how they have to go through the stomach acid, which is a pretty hostile environment, and how that can change formulas and make them less effective and then get absorbed by the small intestine, then out into the bloodstream, then picked up by the liver. It sure does help to have this nice shortcut, especially for those of us who are on a digestive healing journey. Right. So for me, I had a really hard time taking in things and absorbing them correctly, and I had for decades. And that might be true for you too. So this can be a superior delivery mechanism for things that you want to get in, like those palmitic acid crystals in properly prepared coffee. So you always want mold-free, so mycotoxins-free organic coffee. Ideally the lightest roast you can find Café Mam is a great one for they call it a therapeutic roast specifically for coffee enemas. It keeps that palmitic acid crystal content intact for you and that is going to go right up to the liver and encourage the liver to go into glutathione. 

Production will boost glutathione production by up to 700% for several hours after your enema. This is one of many reasons why coffee enemas end up being super anti-inflammatory body-wide. That and any time you distend the colon here with a lot of liquid, you are encouraging a body-wide parasympathetic response. It’s almost like you turn on the vagus nerve and go, “Hey, do you want to shift into relaxation, rest, digest, repair mode?” I think you do. And so people learn to rely on coffee and it is not to get addicted to them. But if people ever say to you like, I just can’t live without my coffee and this is what they’re talking about, that guaranteed full body-wide anti-inflammatory response as well as the mechanical clean out of your colon as well as liver support. Right. As well as nervous support and nervous system support. So that, those are some of the many benefits and why coffee enemas end up being such a big deal. And here’s another piece I want to emphasize for you. If you are backed up and you’re trying to heal your gut, you are living in an upstream battle, my friend, because stuff is coming upstream that should only be going downstream. We need a moving stream to run clean. 

That’s returning to health. Returning to health means returning to a state of flow, which is why drainage is so critical throughout the body. Right. But if your colon is not effectively letting go because your liver and gallbladder are stagnated or because you have a bunch of fermenting stuff and dysbiosis in your gut, or because of all of the above, all the different reasons I’ve talked about many, many times each morning with you. Hopefully, you’re becoming an expert by now,  of why you might not be healing, even if you’re, quote-unquote, doing all the right things. And I just want to remind you that if you haven’t done coffee enemas yet, there’s a whole frontier for you to explore something at home. And this doesn’t have to take long. It’s not that difficult. It really isn’t. Yeah, it’s a little awkward. So you’re going to get this bucket on Amazon stainless steel. This is silicone because you want materials to be inert because you’re going to heat up your liquid to be body temperature. Notice how small the tip is. Do you see my finger? I really have narrow fingers and this is actually really tiny. It’s not scary at all and stuff that’s bigger than what comes out of your rectum every day. So or hopefully every day you need to be pooping every day. So just remember that and it’s not a big deal. So you will fill this up and you will let the fluid come down the tube. Isn’t this funny that I’m doing this one weird thing to do and you’re going to make sure that your clip is closed. So some go spouting everywhere. I highly recommend doing coffee enemas in the bathroom, especially to start lay down a bathtub if you have one or in a shower, if you have a big enough for just on the bathroom floor so that you’re close to the toilet because your body wants to empower it to do something like, Hey, here’s some support, would you like to let go your body as they say? Yeah, yeah, I want to let go. Let’s do that. So all you’re doing in the beginning is practicing. You’re taking in a little fluid of body temperature. You can start with water and see if it’s comfortable to hold it. Coffee enemas should or any enema should never be uncomfortable. You might need to grow comfortable with the tool as your body gets used to taking stuff in from that end. But this tip should slide in very easily, so you need to just find the right angle, right? You don’t want to be jamming this into soft tissue. You need to insert it nicely and gently coated in some organic oil, like organic coconut oil is great because remember this, that skin surface is very delicate and it’s also very absorptive. So what you use matters. 

So you’re going to allow that to come in. You can reach behind you and clip this at any time. If you’re like, Oh, it’s going too fast, or I need to take a break. I need to get used to the sensation, and then when you feel ready, you can get up and release. So one thing that’s important to remember about an enema is that you may need a little longer on the toilet to release than you’re used to because this isn’t just about movement. This is a fluid that has entered into the colon and your body is going to try to use that opportunity to let go of old stuff. So you want to be hydrated, so it’s easy for your body to release this if you’re completely dehydrated, you’re not going to be able to release all that because your body is going to go great liquid I can use. Thank you. I appreciate that. I will not be letting all of this go right now. So if you want to release something out, make sure you’re drinking clean, pure water. Lots of opinions about that. But that’s for another time. How to get really healing water. 

And then you’re going to take the send and you’re going to release it. As soon as you feel the urge to you over the next few enemas, you’re going to grow comfort with holding that for longer and longer, taking it in. Remember to clip. Don’t skip the clipping part because you do not want to spray your walls with coffee-colored liquid. It’s just not pretty. It looks like it’s gone through a bizarre bathroom person. Trust me, I’ve done it. My students have done it. I know that if I can teach hundreds of people to do this at a time and rapid gut reset and rapid liver reset, you can totally do this because we get messages all the time with success stories in our forums and our courses. People are so proud of themselves that they did this. And you know, sounded weird to start. They were a little nervous. They got the equipment. Maybe it sat there and they stared at it for a while or they hid it from their family before they finally decided to do it. But truthfully, this is inexpensive. This is easy to do. It’s just the first few times what you’re doing is growing comfort with the tool. And what I strongly recommend that you do is to start with that water enema or water enemas. For the first few times, you could do a water enema and then you can take in the coffee and decide to hold that. You’ll see in the Enema Formula book that is free in the summit you have a standard strength with a certain amount of coffee, concentrate in it. That’s three tablespoons of coffee grounds per enema is generally considered full strength. You could start with just a teaspoon or even half a teaspoon of coffee grounds. The idea is to support the liver and invite it to let go of old bile to produce more glutathione. When you get excited about returning to efficiency again, as well as supporting the colon to let go. So that’s the benefits and you get to work your way up to it. You get to take your time, you get to decide how often you do this. You may work up to overtime holding it in for 10 or 15 minutes after that, not really an additional benefit. So don’t put any pressure on your body. You will learn after that first initial urge to release. But if you wait just another minute, your body goes, Oh, actually I can hold this just time. And I think I will because I can tell that this is goosing up my liver to get going. Okay, I’ll just for three more minutes. All this for three more minutes. Okay. Yeah. And you’ll work your way up. So there are advanced tips in the coffee and a guide, to what to do next. And what I know for sure is if I can do this, you can do this. 

And I also know for sure that I would not have healed as fast if I had not done coffee enemas on a regular basis. It’s just too much to ask the body to let go when drainage has been compromised. And for so many of us, letting go is a huge part of healing because we’ve been overloaded with toxins and things that we never meant to hold on to infection, industrial chemicals, weird fake food, you know, from maybe decades ago, these weird particles of stuff that we’re not thinking of, you know, weird personal care stuff that maybe was from back in the day. And you’ve even overhauled everything now and you’re so smart now. But there’s still old junk left deep in the tissues. Your body needs some support. Letting go and catching up in order to resolve your long-standing digestion issues. It’s not fair to expect the body to be able to play a clean game in the gut. If you have a backlog of the stagnant stuff toxins, infections, parasites. So this is a great way to support your body literally from the bottom up and to do this on an ongoing basis and you have total control over when you do it, how fast you go, and where this fits into your protocol. So I hope this encourages you today and you can find more details in the guide. And of course, we’re happy to support you in customizing your next steps, but this is a really great one to learn and to master for you. So good luck and enjoy all of the healing experts today talking about a very wide range of solutions and because I’m sure that there are clinical gems hiding in there for you.

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