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  • This is a MUST SEE! Spend time with one of the top thought leaders and appreciate how important having a balanced internal energy system is in order to heal and sustain optimal health.
Chronic Illness
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey everybody, welcome back to another really super exciting interview. And today we have Dr. Jerry Tennant from The Tenant Institute with us, and this guy’s truly amazing. Besides me following him and his company Senergy for so many years, we bought his equipment, I’ve been using it myself, personally, me and my wife. The results from the development of the equipment, and the applications that he’s done are truly, truly amazing and revolutionary. Dr. Tennant is a teacher, he’s an inventor, he’s a healer, he’s a scholar. He’s really the full package, and I’m so, so honored to have him with us, and to join us on the healing from Lyme Summit Naturally. So, Dr. Tennant, how are you? Thank you for joining us today.


Dr. Jerry Tennant

Thank you for having me, happy to be here.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Oh yeah, happy, healthy, we all need a little more of that. Before we start, and I know that you’ve developed a really unique presentation for all of us to enjoy, I was hoping that you just spent a few minutes and give us a little bit of backdrop. Your medical background is in a, really from the didactic point of view was a little different, and somehow there was a switch, or you had something that came into your life that changed your direction to the, to what, to kind of what you’re doing today, in today’s applications. Can you talk to us a little bit about sort of your background, and walk us forward to the things that you’re doing today that you’re really passionate about?


Dr. Jerry Tennant

Sure. Thank you very much. I would just start by mentioning that when one of my sons was 16 he came home from school, and said “Dad, I have a really bad headache, “and I’m going up to bed.” And so he did. And then in a little while I got a phone call, and he said “Dad, I need help.” And I went up, and his eyes were disassociated, going in all different directions like this. And he was obviously in great distress, and so I carried him down the stairs and took him to the hospital. It turned out he had Lyme encephalitis. And so that was my first really personal exposure to Lyme. So, and that was somewhere in the, probably the 1980s. So I’ve been thinking about, and familiar Lyme disease for a very long time. And so, but at that time I was still an ophthalmologist. 

So I’m trained as an ophthalmologist, did mostly cataract surgery for about 30 years, loved it. But I did a variety of other things in ophthalmology. One of them was to develop outpatient eye surgery. And then I did the majority of the research for the laser that used in LASIK surgery for the company called VISX. Had a lot of fun doing that, but what we didn’t know at the time was that the laser wouldn’t destroy viruses. So I was using the laser to carve a scar off of a fellow from India that had a scar on the front of his cornea, and the laser would just layer by layer peel that off. And I did that. 

What we didn’t know at the time was the laser wouldn’t kill the viruses, they just released them. And so from his cornea they came up, went through my mask, through my nose, into my brain, and I developed encephalitis. So I got to where I could see a patient, know what was wrong with them, but I couldn’t remember how to write a prescription. Also, I developed spastic movements, so I’d be sitting there and do something like this, which doesn’t work really well if you’re operating inside somebody’s eyeball. 

And then I had overwhelming fatigue. And so at the end of 1995 I had to, to quit work. And so I slept 16 hours a day, had two or three hours a day in which I could understand a newspaper, and like a light switch it’d go off and I couldn’t understand it anymore. So I went to the best doctors I could find in, in Boston, in New York, saw the head of the NIH Infectious Disease, et cetera, et cetera, and they all just said “Well, you have three viruses in your brain, “you would like, “don’t call us, we’ll call you.” So during that two or three hours a day that I could think I had a choice to make, do I just lay down and die like they suggested, or did I try to figure out how to get myself well? So I chose the latter. 

And so one of the things that came to mind was that all the cells in the body look the same, I mean look different, but they actually have all the same parts. And so I thought if I could figure out how to make one cell work I could make ’em all work. So I started studying cellular biology, which I hadn’t done for about 30 years. And I bought ten cellular biology books, and noted that something jumped out at me was that in each of the books there would be anything from a sentence to perhaps a page about that all cells required to be run at a pH of 7.35 to 7.45. Well, I didn’t really remember much about pH except it had to do with acid based balance, and so I started reading about that, and to my amazement I discovered that pH is simply the measurement of voltage in a liquid, voltage in a liquid. And so I said “Hmm, cells are 90% water, “and pH is a measurement of voltage in the water, “or a liquid, “and cells have to run at a pH of 7.35 to 7.45, “so if you look at the transition table,” and by the way, you can buy a sophisticated voltmeter called a pH meter. It has a switch on it, you move the switch, and it’ll either measure in pH units or in millivolts. 

I said “Oh, they’re synonyms.” And so I discovered that a pH of 7.35 is -20 millivolts, and 7.45 is -25 millivolts. So I said “Oh, cells have to run between -20 and -25 millivolts, isn’t that interesting? And then I discovered that a chap named Naktani was the first to use electronics to major acupuncture gradients, so I bought his rather rudimentary equipment, and discovered that where my brain should be running at -25 millivolts, it was running around two to four millivolts, so now I knew why it didn’t work. So the next step was to figure out what to do about it. And I ran across some work that was done by the Russians, where a Russian fellow had lost all of his family to illness, and he started working and figured out the waveform that would transfer energy from an electronic device to cell membranes. 

And so, of course, not speaking Russian, I was delighted to find that there was a Russian pediatrician who had moved to London, and was teaching how to use this Russian device. So I called her, and she said “Oh, I’m giving my first course “in San Francisco next week.” I said “Sign me up, I’ll be there.” And that really is how I began my journey of beginning to understand the role of voltage in human physiology and health of disease. And so I’ve spent the last 25 years mapping the body’s battery packs, the body’s wiring system, the cellular use of voltage and how that works, and have come to understand that basically all chronic disease is characterized by loss of voltage in the power supply to whatever organ’s functioning. 

Let me say that one more time, ’cause it’s really important. All chronic disease is characterized by loss of voltage or power to the organ that’s malfunctioning. Well, that kind of changes the whole paradigm, certainly not what I was taught in medical school. And so I began to go down that road, and over a period of several weeks my brain began to function again, despite what my children say, and so the that’s been my journey, and that’s part of what I wanna share with you is to understand that you cannot have active Lyme disease if the voltage is normal in your system. 

So if that’s kind of who I am and where I came from, and why I, how I got to be doing the kind of work that I’m doing. My hematologist/oncologist said I would die at the end of 1995, and here I am a few years later at age 81, and still vertical. So something worked for me, and that’s what I wanna share with you. So if we could switch over to my slides, I’d like to share with you part of what this journey’s been about, with a focus on Lyme disease itself. All right, so my office is here in the Dallas Fort Worth area, in a suburb of Dallas called Irving. And this presentation is intended to talk to you about the plague of Lyme disease. So this is our medical staff, and all of them approach chronic disease from the voltage perspective. So what you will see in these, in these images is something very interesting. That is if you take a drop of blood from essentially any of you who hear my voice, and you put it on a cover slip, and then put it on a slide, and then put it under a phase contrast microscope, that you will begin to find that if you first heat the, let’s see if these are running, there we go. If you first, oops, sorry, let me back up to this. 

If you first, either just let the slide sit there for awhile, until it consumes the oxygen that’s available, or you put it under an infrared light to heat it for just three or four minutes, you will see spirochetes beginning to crawl out of your red blood cells. So when I say that all of you have Lyme disease how do I know that? It’s because I’ve examined so many people with this phased contrast microscope and done this test that, and I’ve seen the spirochetes come crawling out. So what you find then is essentially everybody has Lyme disease, and one of the things that has been proven, but is, or somehow isn’t widely known, is that Lyme disease is actually spread as an airborne illness, just like colds and flu. You don’t have to be bitten by a tick or anything else, although you can get it that way. 

You can even get it from mosquito bites and other things, but it’s actually, if you had a magic wand, and waved it over you, and there was no lime left in your body, the next time you go to the mall and somebody in the next aisle sneezes, then you have Lyme bugs back in your system again. So the reality is that all of you, and all of us carry the Lyme bacteria all the time. So what’s the difference between those of us who carry it, and those of us who have illness from it? Well, it to do with what’s going on with the voltage and oxygen in your system. So how did Lyme really begin, and how did it spread in this country? 

Well, this is a very fascinating book called “Lab 257.” What it discusses in this book is that after World War II, America brought many of the German research scientists to America to start working for the U.S., and one was the German bioweapon expert, and they put him on an island off the coast of Connecticut called Plum Island, and what appears to have happened, according to this book, was that he was developing Borrelia as a bioweapon, and that it got loose on the island, and the, the animal, various animals on the island were infected with it, and then there would be a drought or whatever, so the deer in Lyme, Connecticut, which was just short distance across the ocean from Plum Island, would actually swim over to the island and get infected with the Lyme bug, carry it back to Lyme Connecticut, where the children there got infected with the Lyme bacteria. And that’s of course how it got its name, from Lyme, Connecticut. 

And then eventually the infectious agent was identified as Borrelia, and that’s because it came from dear ticks. For many years many physicians and others still believe you have to be bitten by deer tick in order to get it. But that’s not really what happened apparently, according to this book and other research. The geese that would fly south from Connecticut in the wintertime would carry the Lyme bug down into the Southern states, and then eventually infect people who then carried it to other people, and it spread across the country since it’s spread as an airborne disease. The next thing that’s kind of interesting is Lida Mattman’s book. Dr. Mattman was at the University of Chicago, and wrote this amazing book many, many years ago, called “Cell Wall Deficient Organisms.” And in it Dr. Mattman took the, the German work from early 1900’s, which showed that many microorganisms, including the spirochetes, when they were in an air, in an environment which was acidic, that they, they would shed their cell membranes and move inside of cells. And so she, this of course, original work was done, as I mentioned, in the early 1900’s in Germany, and then was basically scoffed at and ignored because to see them you had to use not a bright light microscope, but you had to use a phase contrast or dark field microscope, and then you could actually see them. 

And so this is a subject we could spend the next hour talking about, and that’s cell efficient organisms, but there are a couple of important things to know about them. One of them is that antibiotics don’t work against them because most antibiotics work against cell membranes, and as these bugs, including the Lyme bug, sheds its cell membrane, the antibiotics no longer have an effect on them. 

Quite the contrary, antibiotics actually make them grow better. So if you have cell deficient organisms and you give antibiotics it actually increases the infection and the pathogenicity of these bugs. The other thing Mattman showed is that when the Lyme bug sheds its cell membrane it curls, it goes inside of cells, curls up like a little bear in a cave, and lives in the cell, off the cell nutrients, till the cell dies, which kicks it back out into the extracellular space. It reassembles its cell membrane, reproduces itself, and then loses its cell membrane, goes back inside the cells. So this is the reason that antibiotics don’t cure Lyme disease, they actually make it worse. And so what you see with Lyme disease, and many of you have experienced this, is you get diagnosed with Lyme disease, they say “Well 90 days of doxycycline and you’ll be well.” So you take the doxycycline, you feel a bit better, then all of a sudden you start feeling worse, and then you feel worse and worse and worse, so then you take another 90 days of antibiotics, you feel a little better, and than you feel worse. And the stair steps you keep feeling worse every day. 

Every time you do treatment that way because you’re actually increasing the pathogenicity, and you cannot kill the bugs that are inside the cells this way. One of the things that Mattman did was develop a fluorescein antibody test for the Borrelia. When I was in medical school in the 1960’s, we still had syphilis in this country, which of course is a cousin of Lyme disease, and the golden standard test was called a fluorescein antibody test. So you would take and attach an antibody with fluorescein dye that was an antibody against Lyme disease, and you’d mix it with the blood, and then you’d look in the microscope with the UV light, and you could see the bugs actually glowing the yellow color of the fluorescein. And this was how we diagnosed syphilis back in the day. 

Well Dr. Mattman developed this test for Lyme disease, and it was eventually put into use by a family practice doc in Florida who personally had Lyme disease. And so I started sending blood tests to her, and 100% of them she would send me back actual photographs of the Borrelia inside of cells glowing with the fluorescein dye. Unfortunately the FDA banned this test, and to my knowledge it’s never been allowed to be done since then in this country, even though it’s the most sensitive test for knowing and showing that you have Lyme. But what it did also was to help prove to me that essentially everybody with chronic illness, and eventually I figured essentially everybody has Lyme bugs inside of your cells. So the issue then becomes what’s the difference between people who are Lyme carriers, and people who are actually ill from Lyme disease? Well it turns out it has to be, it’s controlled by whether or not the voltage and oxygen levels in your body are normal. 

So let’s switch gears a minute, and start talking about that subject. So this diagram of the voltage and wiring system was done by Dr. Jarrah Al-Tubaikh in Kuwait and sent to me, which I appreciated. Basically, what you see is the major batteries in the body are our muscles. And as I’ll show you in a moment are muscles are rechargeable batteries, and they’re stacked one on top of each other to form a power pack for every organ. The power from the muscles go through very specific teeth on their way to the cell membranes. And our cell membranes are actually capacitors. 

So what’s a capacitor? A capacitor’s like a small battery except that when you discharge a capacitor it discharges completely, whereas a battery can discharge slowly over time. But basically our cell membranes are small batteries. And just underneath the cell membrane we have a layer of special water, which was given the name easy water by the doctor at the University of Washington who first described it. But it’s an electron donor form of water, so it all sort of serves as another battery, and it’s just underneath the cell membrane. By the way, it was Dr. Pollack at the University of Washington that described this in great detail in his wonderful book “The Fourth Phase of Water.” Well you keep going, and you go, eventually you find that the, we have the mitochondria, which are the little small power packs inside the cells. 

And then, because the inside of the cells, we have a rechargeable battery system. When the battery’s charged up, it’s called ATP, and when it’s discharged it’s called ADP. But because it’s a rechargeable battery, guess what we need inside the cells? We have to have a battery charger in there, and that battery charger is called the krebs cycle, and citric gas cycle. And so when you put fatty acids into that system it changes it into electrons, and charges ADP back into being ATP, so that it’s capable of providing power for the cell to work. And by the way, this process of making electrons in the krebs cycle is very dependent upon oxygen, which we’ll talk about more in just a moment. 

If you have oxygen available, then for every unit of fatty acid you put into ATP kreb cycle, or into the krebs cycle it develops, it creates enough electrons to charge up 38 of those ATP batteries. For every unit of fat you put into it without oxygen available, you can only create enough to charge up four of those batteries. So it’s like a car that would go from 38 miles to the gallon to four miles a gallon. So, again, oxygen is critical. And, again, I’ll bring that subject up in a little bit later. Basically this is the body’s electronic wiring system and battery system. Now, as I mentioned, cells require 25 millivolts of energy to run, but when the cells wear out you have to have 50 millivolts to make new cells. And our cells are constantly wearing out, or getting injured. So you make new cells in the macula of your eye every 48 hours. The lining your gut’s replaced every three days. 

The liver’s replaced every six week, every eigh, yeah, every six weeks. The skin of a similar number, and your nervous system about every eight months. So you’re constantly having to have 50 millivolts in your power supply in order to keep yourself healthy, and if you don’t have 50 millivolts in your muscle battery packs, then cells wear out but don’t get replaced, and gradually as the cells lose their ability to repair themselves, they begin to malfunction, and, of course, without 25 millivolts they don’t even work correctly. So when I show this slide people will say “Didn’t anybody ever teach you “not to put so many numbers on one slide?” Well, I did it on purpose, because I wanted you to be able to see the difference. But if you look in the second column from the left, you’ll see minus 20 millivolts is equivalent to a pH of 7.35 and a minus 25 millivolts is 7.45. Now, when you put a minus sign in front of the voltage, it means it’s an electron donor. 

A liquid has the ability to be electron donor or electron stealer. And if it’s an electron stealer you put a plus sign in front of it. Well notice that as you drop from minus 25 millivolts and you go down toward the plus you go through zero, and eventually you end up down at plus 30 millivolts, and plus 30 millivolts is where cancer occurs. So you cannot get cancer unless you flip the polarity and drop your voltage in the power supply to plus 30 millivolts, gut that’s another story. 

The point I wanna make at the moment is, again, polarity is the critical issue about whether or not your battery packs can hold a charge. So to kind of get a better idea of what I’m talking about, if you think about my thumb here, it’s a perfectly good thumb, and it’s running into minus 25 millivolts, now let’s assume I hit it with a hammer, and I destroy a bunch of cells in my thumb. Well the thumb’s gonna automatically jump to minus 50 millivolts ’cause it has to make new cells to repair those that were destroyed with a hammer. Well, when you, when your tissue goes to minus 50 millivolts, one of the things it does is it dilates the arterials, and the reason it does that is it allows the body to dump out all of the raw materials it takes to make a new cell, and it gives you the 50 millivolts it takes to assemble those nutrients into new cells. So my thumb gets busy, makes new cells, repairs those I smashed with a hammer, and then my thumb goes back to minus 25 millivolts, and I’m a happy camper ’cause it healed. 

Now on the other hand, if the power supply in my thumb is inadequate because that battery pack doesn’t hold the charge, then my thumb doesn’t get to minus 50 millivolts, so it can’t make new cells, and so it just sits there, and oftentimes it doesn’t have the minus 25 millivolts to run either, and so now I’m stuck in chronic disease and it hurts. So chronic pain, chronic pain is the result of inadequate voltage. Let me say that again. 

Chronic pain that hurts all the time pain results when the voltage drops and oxygen drops in your tissue, and that’s what makes it hurt, and it can’t heal. On the other hand, when I first smash my thumb and it goes to minus 50 millivolts, I have a different kind of pain, it’s a throbbing, pulsing kind of pain. So, again, remember that pain is a symptom of what’s going on with voltage and oxygen in your tissue. So when you realize that all of us are carrying the Lyme bug, but some of us are very sick from it, you wanna ask the question “Well, what’s the difference? “How come somebody can carry it, “and you can see it in their blood “if you look with a phase contrast microscope, “but they’re, “but they seem perfectly well, “and then the next person you look at, “and they have the same bugs, “but they’re so sick they can’t get outta bed? “What’s the difference?” Well, the difference is simply the voltage. So it’s well known in battery technology that if you take a rechargeable battery and you drain it to zero it flips its polarity upside down. 

So, again, if you look at this graphic on the left side, you see that, that the plus is on the top of the battery and the minus is on the bottom, and if you flip a polarity it flips that just the opposite direction. So if you take a battery that has, and you put it upside down in the battery charger, it won’t take a charge, will it? So that’s exactly what happens in the human body in all cases of chronic disease, you flipped your polarity. So you can tell if a polarity’s flipped by actually holding something that reacts to magnetic fields and the field of the battery. So if you hold it at the top of the battery that’s charged it will spend clockwise because things that have a electron donor charge have a magnetic field that always spins clockwise. On the other hand, if it’s an electron stealer it will spin counterclockwise, the magnetic field. So our muscles are piezoelectric, so what’s that funny word mean? If you take a piece of quarts, and you squeeze it with a pair of pliers, electrons. So anytime you distort something and it admits electrons, that’s called piezoelectricity. 

Well our muscles are piezoelectric, and so they’re also rechargeable batteries. So when I move my muscles, I’m not only, the exercise that I’m doing not only moves my lymphatics, but it recharges my muscles. And remember that our muscles are our primary battery pack. So the human body is a portable electronic device, and thus requires portable batteries. So our muscles are stacked one on top of each other in a very specific order, and surrounded by a sheath of what’s called fascia, which is that shiny stuff you see around the Turkey when you carve it, which serves as the body’s wiring system. 

So, again, a stack of muscle batteries surrounded by a sheath of fascia is what’s been called an acupuncture Meridian, an acupuncture meridian. Now this particular meridian called a spleen meridian starts under the big toe, goes up the inside of the leg, special branch goes to the female genitalia, goes around the back where goes to the adrenal glands, the spleen and the pancreas, goes up into the neck and makes a loop, and hooks into what’s called a stomach circuit. Now spleen and stomach are the same circuit, except the one that goes up is named spleen, the one that comes back down has the name stomach. 

And just as it makes that loop it goes to the macula of the eye. So anyone with macular degeneration has lost power in the stomach circuit, so if the cells wear out every 48 hours, they don’t get replaced, and eventually you lose enough cells in your macula that you don’t see very well, and it’s all because you lost power in your stomach circuit. So the, here you can also see the stomach circuit gets to the thinking part of the brain, gets to the thyroid, the breast, the big muscle that goes down your stomach, the male genitalia, and back down to the big toe. 

So we have six of these loops of muscle batteries to provide the 25 millivolts for everything to work, and the 50 millivolts to keep things repaired when they wear out. So we become sick when one or more of these battery packs won’t hold a charge because it’s flipped its polarity upside down. So that leads us to the question “Well why won’t the battery pack hold a charge?” We’ve identified these five different reasons that battery packs lose their charge. So essentially all chronic disease you will find some combination of these five things that cause the battery pack to lose its charge, and therefore you don’t have the power for the cells to work, and you don’t have the powers to repair it. And, of course, when you lose the voltage, as I’ll talk to you about in a moment, you also lose oxygen, and that allows the bugs like the Lyme disease and other infections to show up and to have their way with you. 

Well, thyroid is important thing. The thyroid hormone T3 controls the voltage of every cell membrane in the body. It also controls the total number of mitochondria, those little power supplies in every cell. So having the normal amount of T3 is extremely important for your health. Unfortunately, we doctors are trained to look at what’s called TSH or free, or T4. And as you can see in this diagram one can have a normal TSH and a normal T4, but if you can’t convert the T4 to the active form of T3, you can be 80% deficient at your cell membrane, and your doctor will tell you “Well, your blood tests are normal, “your thyroid’s working fine.” Which is incorrect. 

So you really have to test the blood test called free T3, and you want it between three and four. If it’s below that one needs to take a bioidentical hormone for thyroid to make up the difference between what you need and what your thyroid’s able to do. Next we look at scars and tattoos. As I mentioned to you, our body’s wiring system has the fascia, that shiny stuff around muscles when you carve a turkey, and it’s supposed to be linear, but if you put a scar across it it jumbles up the, the, basically the wires and the fascia. 

And once those are scrambled, then the wiring system will not conduct the electricity that’s from the battery inside it. And so scars simply block the circuit. And tattoos can do the same thing. Tattoos are generally carbon particles, and if those go deep enough to touch the fascia they short it out in exactly the same way a scar does. So scars can be very problematic in blocking your circuits. And it’s common to see, for example, in the circuit we’re looking about, scars on the knee, on the breast, C-sections, appendectomies, and, of course, tats tend to short out this circuit we’ve been looking at, but they can short out any circuit it happens to touch. 

We can correct that fairly simply by using scaler energy, which we probably won’t have time to talk about scaler in this particular lecture, but scaler is different from electromagnetic, and has the ability to reassemble the electrons so that, and the scars, so that they will allow the, the voltage to go through. Now sometimes one needs to use what’s called neuro therapy, which was developed by these two German doctors, but basically you use a German anesthetic called Procaine, which when it metabolizes releases 286 millivolts of energy. So by injecting some little tiny amounts of this into a scar it will do the same thing, the scaler energy, and realign the molecules so they’ll allow the electrons to go through. So in really terrible scars we sometimes have to result in neuro therapy, but certainly the majority of scars we can fix with the biotransducer that we developed that puts out scaler energy. 

So we look for thyroid problems, we look for scars, and we look for dental infections. Now the embryo starts in the brain, and then sends circuits from the brain down into the rest of the body, and as it does so these circuits go through very specific teeth. So if you have a problem in a tooth, it’s very much like sticking a screwdriver in your wall socket, it’s gonna blow the circuit. You can go out to your garage and keep turning the circuit breaker back on, but as long as the screwdriver’s still in the wall circuit, it means flipping it back on. And so if you have just decay in a tooth that will just lower the voltage a little bit, because it acts like a resistor, but if you get, if the infection in the, in the tooth goes into the bone around the tooth, then it actually flips the circuit, and you very suddenly gets sick from the problem. And one of the biggest problems is root canals.



Step by step look at a modern root canal procedure. Here is a healthy tooth. Inside the tooth, under the white enamel, is a hard tissue called dentin. Inside the dentin is a soft tissue called pulp. The pulp contains the tooth’s nerves and blood vessels. It extends from the crown of the tooth into the roots of your teeth. If the pulp becomes inflamed or infected your endodontist will remove it, relieving your pain or discomfort. Here’s how root canal treatment works. First, your endodontist will numb the tooth so that you won’t feel anything during the procedure. 

A small shield isolates the tooth, keeping it dry and clean. An opening is made through the crown of the tooth and into the pulp chamber. Fluid is put in the canals to kill any bacteria, and help rinse out debris. Then the pulp is removed. Using small instruments the endodontist carefully cleans and shapes the canals, After the space is cleaned and shaped, the endodontist fills and seals the root canals. In most cases, a temporary filling is placed to close the opening until you see your dentist. After your endodontist is finished, you must return to your dentist to have your tooth properly restored with a filling or crown.


Dr. Jerry Tennant

So the dentists are the only physicians that think you can get away with leaving dead tissue in the body. As you notice, they ripped out the artery, nerve, vein and killed the tooth. Well, you know, if your big toe dies and you leave it there, guess what happens? You die from gangrene. Your appendix dies and you leave it there you die from peritonitis. If your tooth dies ad you leave it there, it will kill you just as certainly, it just takes a bit longer because it doesn’t really get you into the trouble that an infected toe does until the infection in the tooth moves from inside the tooth into the bone around it. 

So Boyd Haley at the University of Kentucky has shown that one root canal shuts down 63% of your immune system. So the other problem is that teeth are held into the bone by a ligament. As you can see the little orange ligament around the tooth, when a tooth is pulled, the dentist, some dentists just wiggled the tooth loose from the ligament, put in a stitch and quit, and leave the ligament behind. Well, with the ligament in the way it’s hard for the bone to heal, and so you can get an abscess in the bone, and it can be there for 30 or 40 years and not cause pain, but sends out toxins and shorts out the circuit. So that’s, these are called capitations. And many people get sick because of a capitation, particularly in a wisdom to tooth that they had pulled years ago. And so the, what you can see in this diagram is that once you get infection in the bone it can fairly easily move through the bone and take out the tooth next to it. And the tooth next to it on the upper si, on your upper teeth is the circuit we’ve been looking at, the spleen, stomach circuit. And recall the spleen, stomach circuit provides voltages for your entire reproductive system, your entire endocrine system, a thinking part of your brain, and the macula of your eye. 

So when it takes a, when a, when you get infection in that, and you lose that circuit, then your whole body’s control mechanisms, your hormones, et. Cetera, just don’t work anymore. And so many, many people get sick just because of this problem. So standard dental x-ray won’t show these. 

A standard dental x-ray has a resolution of a millimeter so you miss a lot. There’s an x-ray called a cone beam scan, which has a resolution of a 10th of a millimeter, so you can actually see these abscesses in the bone, where a tooth was pulled, or around a, the root of a tooth, or around a root canal. Excuse me, here’s another example of the, how clearly you can see with cone beam scan. Now here’s a, an image of fixing a capitation, or just where an abscess, where a tooth was pulled. So what they’ve done is just made a little slit in the gum, and you can see that hole where it should be solid bone, and it’s not, it’s where the tooth was pulled, and they can reach in and just pull out the old rotten ligament and the rotten bone. 

There you can see how that would short out the circuit and cause problems. And then the next thing that the dentist needs to do here, can you see, by the way, the black infected bone where root canal was pulled, here’s what bone looks like so there are a lot of places for bugs to hide. So what the dentist needs to do is put some ozone gas into a syringe, and put the little tip down into that hole and blast the bone full of ozone. Ozone being a gas will go back through all those nooks and crannies, and ozone will kill any bugs. Next they need to draw some blood out of your arm, and spin it in a centrifuge, which makes this thing called fibrin. And this fibrin contains all of the chemicals, it tells the bone to heal, so they cut a little chunk of that off, stuff it down in the hole, heels like magic. 

Well they don’t teach this in dental school, so you have to find a dentist who’s taking the postgraduate education who knows how to do this. So if you have a tooth pulled, or if you get your root canal pulled, then you need to ask the dentist does he use ozone and platelet-rich fibrin? If they say yes, they will likely do a good job for you. If they say, no, you should find another dentist. So, again, we’re going through the list of things that causes you to lose voltage in the circuit. Thyroid, not enough thyroid, the scars across the circuit, dental infections. 

Next, we look at emotions. Now, our emotions are stored in the body as magnetic fields, very much like a DVD writer has a magnetic needle writing pictures on a platter. So what can we do about it? Well, first of all, you need to realize that every circuit in the body run on a different frequency, like different radio stations, and that every different emotion has a different frequency, and they resonate with each other. So anger always gets stored in the liver/gallbladder circuit, fear gets stored in the kidney/bladder circuit, worry in the spleen/stomach circuit and so forth. So, again, depending on which emotion that you experienced it gets stored in a specific circuit because it’s of a similar frequency. Now, when I use the word emotion, I’m talking about a stressful emotion, not a happy emotion, so what to do about it? Well, it turns out that the human body is an electromagnet, and all electromagnets are surrounded by a magnetic field, and all of the information from your electromagnet get stored out in that field.

And in the human it goes out about five feet. So at the edge of your field is when you were born, and up against you is today. So as you experience more things that information gets pushed out into that field, and it gets compacted a bit. But if you’re walking within five feet of somebody, you’re walking through their memories and their emotions, but you don’t have a receiver for the memories, so you don’t know what those are.

I want to also have you remember that the difference between memories and emotions is that memories are stored in the body with frequencies that are in tune with the body, whereas emotions are frequencies that are out of tune. So think about an orchestra. If all of the instruments are in tune it’s beautiful music, but one of the violins is out of tune, what you hear is the screeching violin in front of all of the other music. And so when you have an emotion screeching at you, your body doesn’t wanna hear it, so it builds a wall around it so you don’t have to listen to it, but that wall blocks the circuit, drops the voltage, and that’s the way emotions make us sick. So if you’re walking within five feet of somebody, and you’re paying attention, you will bump into a little resistance, so it’s a little bit like you’re out walking and all of a sudden there’s a little tiny gust of wind that hits you in the face. 

Well, as you’re walking close to somebody, that little resistance represents an emotion. So because emotions are frequencies that are out of tune with the body, and they are indeed frequencies, if you use scaler energy, which is the bio transducer, or a tuning fork, then if you apply that up against that frequency it will tune it into a frequency that is compatible with the body. So basically what you’ve done is you’ve tuned in emotion into being just a memory. So if you’re driving around a curve, you have a car wreck, next time you go around that curve, because of the emotion of the wreck, your pulse will speed up, your pupils will dilate, et. cetera. But if we tune the emotion of the wreck into being just a memory of the wreck, now when you drive around the curve you say “Huh, this is where I had my wreck,” but nothing happens because now it’s just a memory. 

So this is an amazingly powerful tool that we have to deal with, one of the significant reasons that people lose voltage in their power supplies. So, next, we look at toxins. All toxins are electron stealers. So because they’re electron stealers they drop their voltage. And so if you look at atoms, every different atom has the different specific frequency, and if you use this gadget called a spectrophotometer and measure light coming from the moon, you can say “Oh, there’s calcium on the moon, “I see it’s frequency.” If you put a bunch of frequencies together to form a molecule, then every molecule has its specific pattern of frequencies, and you can detect that on the mass spectrometer, and that’s how CSI can say oh, this person was poisoned with, fill in the blanks, because they can see its pattern. 

So if you put a frequency in, you put it in again it increases its power. But if you put a frequency in, you put the same one in out of phase, then the two collapse each other, and poof, that thing is gone. And in physics that’s called destructive interference. So if you go out to Reno or Las Vegas, and go in where the slots are, they don’t want you to use your cell phone, so the hotels know the frequencies that all the phone companies use, and they put it in out of phase so if you try to use your cell phone it simply cancels your signal and your phone won’t work. 

So we use that basic technology based on the work of Dr. Cowden, which we’ve modified slightly using our scaler devices. So we can scan you, and find frequencies that are in your body that don’t belong there, put ’em in a little bottle, shine the scaler energy through it into your body, and poof, the toxins are gone. And so that’s one of the things that Dr. Faldmo does here in our clinic as well. So, in summary, you start with a battery pack that’s charged, then not enough thyroid, having scars, dental infections, emotions and toxins, eventually your battery is drained, it flips upside down, and then nothing you do works. So you see that all the time, people have gone here, they’ve gone there, they’ve gone everywhere, they’ve tried this technology, that technology, and it just, maybe it makes ’em better for a little while, but it just doesn’t keep them well, it’s because your battery’s upside down, and so you don’t have the ongoing power that you need to run that organ, and it certainly don’t have it to heal it. 

Well, scaler energy such as from the biotransducer will flip that battery up right again, but it’s still discharged, so we have to use electromagnetic energy to charge it, which comes out of our device called the BioModulator, and so we can charge it back up. So what we do here in the clinic is we look at all of these different reasons that people have flipped their polarities, and certainly the elephants in the room are always dental infections and emotions, but the others have an effect as well. Now I wanna take a moment to talk about oxygen, and then we’ll finish by putting, hopefully, all these pieces together. 

So many of you aware of what’s called a pulse oximeter, this gadget you put on your finger, and it tells you what the oxygen saturation is, and you think that’s what has, is going on in your body, but that’s not true. This only tells you what’s going on in your lungs. So the pulse oximeter tells you how much oxygen is attached to the hemoglobin. So Moore’s law is something that we all were taught in freshman medical school, but most of us physicians forgot all about it somewhere along the way, but it’s extremely important, particularly with what’s going on with all of the COVID stuff now. 

So to attach, first of all, let me just say that the lungs acupuncture circuit goes to the larynx, the trachea, the bronchials, but the actual business part of the lungs, the alveoli’s power supply is the same as the heart circuit. So to attach oxygen to hemoglobin you must have 34 millivolt in your heart power, I mean, yeah, your heart circuit power supply to attach the oxygen. Now that oxygen then gets attached to the blood, and it goes out into the periphery, but it won’t come loose unless the voltage drops to 11 millivolts. So here you can see how that normally works. So when you get out to tissue, the tissue has metabolized and made carbon dioxide, but inside of your red blood cells you have a thing called the carbonic anhydrase buffer system. 

So CO2 then, through this buffering system, using bicarbonate is able to convert CO2 into hydrogen. Hydrogen then can drop the voltage, as you see in this previous slide, to the 11 millivolts, and now the oxygen comes loose and it’s available for your cells. So the problem you see is if you don’t have 34 millivolts in the heart circuit, you can’t attach oxygen to your hemoglobin. We see this all the time now in COVID. So people go into the hospital, and they got COVID, and they put this pulse oximeter gadget on your finger, and they say “Oh, you’re running at 90%, “and then the next day you’re running at 80%, “and then maybe 70%,” and they say “Oh, we gotta put you in ICU, “and we’re going to ventilate you.” So they start blowing oxygen into the, into the lungs because the pulse oximeter has dropped, but they miss thinking about Bohr’s law because the oxygen won’t attach to the hemoglobin unless you have 34 millivolts, and the oxygen wouldn’t have dropped unless, if you had 30 millivolts, which means that you’ve lost the voltage in your heart circuit. 

So it won’t attach, and just blowing oxygen in there won’t help, because, again, you don’t have the 34 millivolts to attach to the hemoglobin. Well, just a perfect example. One of my friends in Utah called me, and he was in the hospital with COVID, and he had been there for a while, and they kept saying “Well, you know, we’ll put you over in this room “until you die.” Well that didn’t work. So they said “Well, you’re gonna go home, “and you’ll be on oxygen the rest of your life.” He called me, and I said “Oh, well just take a patch, “a couple of patches and put it on the heart circuit “on your wrist, “and put the voltage in there.” And 48 hours later his pulse oximetry was up in the 90’s, and they sent him home. 

Again, if we hadn’t put the voltage in, he would’ve either died, or be, or still be home on oxygen. So, again, it’s oxygen that controls the availability of, I mean, it’s voltage that controls the availability of oxygen in your system, and you have to have bicarbonate in your red blood cells in order for the oxygen to come loose. Well, the kidneys make the bicarbonate, and most people past the age of 40 can’t make enough bicarbonate for this to work effectively, so most all of us have ended up not having as much oxygen as we need, which is part of the aging process. 

So this diagram basically says what I just told you, but what I, if you wanna read more about it, there’s a great book by Dr. Sircus called “Sodium Bicarbonate.” So basically taking a half a teaspoon of baking soda every morning helps solve this problem if you’re past the age of 40. And you want to get baking soda that doesn’t have aluminum in it, and these are a couple of brands that are suitable. So, in summary, then how can I maintain my voltage, and how can I deal with the, with just being well, and how can I deal with getting rid of Lyme disease because I have to fix my voltage, which, and my oxygen if I’m gonna get rid of Lyme disease and make it stay gone. 

Well, you can put the scaler energy on top of your head or between your legs to run it up and down the spine, which flips the polarity of all your circuits back to normal. When you shine the, the scaler energy into your old fetal wiring system, it will go around and flip a lot of circuit breakers that have been flipped, and I know that doesn’t make much sense at the moment, but I’m running out of time, but this is part of this process that you do. Use BioModulator with handlebars and foot plates to recharge your battery packs, and then you must take the nutrients that it takes to make new cells because you get well by making new cells, so add in both the voltage and the parts to make ’em, and I developed a system that has everything that I can find that cells need. And so one of the things that’s an issue, you can either spend seven bucks a day and be healthy, or you can spend seven bucks a day on your Starbucks coffee. So it should be an easy choice of which one you do. And then finally, I want to mention one of the things that’s very effective in people who have Lyme disease and other chronic infections, and that is using ultraviolet light. 

Now ultraviolet radiation of the blood has been around for many years, but it has some deficiencies. This is an image of one of the most common units used for that. So what you do is you draw 50 or 60 milliliters of blood out of the bod, of a person, and you put a little heparin in so it won’t clot, and then you run it back through this light, back into the same person, and you’re radiating the blood. 

The problem with this system, as it, as most people use it, and as it was developed, is that because the inside of this cylinder where the blood runs through is stainless steel, where the ultraviolet light is, and of course the blood’s running through a quartz sterile tubing, but nevertheless the stainless absorbs almost half of the ultraviolet energy. Secondly, it’s been shown that only about 16% of the red blood cells get radiated in this system. And so that’s not terribly effective. So we’ve modified this system, and we found it much more affective by doing the following things.

First of all, by lining the chamber with a, with a material that does not absorb the ultraviolet, but rather reflects it we now are able to have essentially all of the energy, instead of just half of it, Secondly, by mixing the blood into a saline or D5W solution, it moves the red blood part cells apart so that now when they go back through essentially all of them get radiated instead of just 16% of them. In addition, we have added scaler energy inside of the device, and, again, scaler energy is actually what’s in control of all living things. So that is another part of it. And we also have control of the temperature. 

So what we find is that when we use this in people with Lyme disease, the majority of people with one treatment stay well even seven years after being treated, whereas a few people need two or three treatments, depending on what else is going on. But, again, the critical thing is to make this work this well, and to be as long term effective as you want to have all of your battery packs have the correct polarity, have the things fixed so it’ll stay correct polarity, and have them recharged, and with all of the things that we’ve gone through, and now when you treat the blood it will kill the, the Lyme bug and all the other bugs that are, that hang out inside your cells. 

And then those dead bugs activate the immune system, and the immune system then goes out and takes care of the rest of ’em in the rest of your body. Plus, when you fix the voltage in oxygen throughout your body, you create an environment that suppresses any infection, because essentially all of the infections that affect the human body, whether it’s Lyme disease, tuberculosis, staph, strep or whatever cannot do their, have their way with you if your voltage and oxygen levels are normal. 

So here, again, what’s happened to me. I was perfectly healthy, and then all of a sudden over a few years I just faded away, and eventually was spending most of my life in bed and not able to think, and so I really don’t want that to happen to you, and that’s why I’m taking the time to share all this with you. I love this quote from Tony Robbins. “What’s the most important factor “to create an extraordinary quality of life? “The answer is energy.” So thank you for your attention. I will be happy to entertain any questions.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

The only word that comes to mind, Dr. Tennant, now is wow. That kind of says it all. That was really an amazing presentation, and you answered so many questions that people have like why me? Why now? You know, the differentiate, why certain people get, can be exposed to the co-infections, and/or even the Lyme, and as you pointed out earlier, from what you’ve seen in clinic, and talked within your network, basically all of of us have a form of Lyme, or maybe the co-infections, just like most of us have a little pneumonia, a little Epstein bar, a little streptococcus, a little cancer. 

We all have all of that in us that makes up a lot of what our microbiome and our internal chemistry. It’s the harmony or disharmony of these organisms that creates the system, or systematic or maybe even a toxic event that creates the symptoms that you’ve been so gracious to eliminate throughout your presentation. I was taking some notes, and there was some amazing things that you said. First off, I loved your, the way you draw attention to emotions. Many times, again, we’ve all heard about the mind body emotional connection, but mostly in the Western approach, or traditional Western medicine, they can kind of deal with the body, and they like to compartmentalize, but they don’t spend a whole lot of time on the emotional component. 

There is a body of work that I followed for many years by Louise Hayes. She passed, but her foundation is well established, and she correlated many of your symptoms with the emotional piece that’s tied to that, and how an emotion can emote a, ultimately have a physical response. You’ve taken that body of work, and you’ve transposed it into electron stealers and electron donors, and the imbalance of the body battery, body electric in, in your presentation, and it’s marvelous, but it really does answer the question, or a big part of the question, which is how emotions can affect your immune system or suppress your immune system as another stressor that allows the imbalance to occur that allows the coinfections, or even Lyme to kind of cause havoc on the body, which creates that negative spiral down of ill health, or disease, or the chronic scenario that we, that many of the people listening are, are tuned into. 

You described the biofield in many different ways, which is really extraordinary. In the 60’s they used to call that an aura, and what I’ve seen in my own research is that children have an extensive biofield, it may go out close to seven, seven, I think it’s something like 70 feet. But as we get older, that field starts to collapse, and as an adult we’re lucky if the field extends past our fingertips, which is like three feet. And I think that’s the effect of the environment, it’s the aging process, and it has a lot to do with the, the body electric, the body’s ability to hold onto electrons, and the various different, as you do, and I read through your book, you have many books that you’ve written, and in one you just talk about how you segmented the zones of the body, and how each one will interplay with the other. 

So is one zone is deficient, then the other one will borrow, but what happens when they’ve all become deficient, and you describe that, and that really leads us to disease, and many of the conditions that, that all chronic diseases express. I learned from another practitioner, a nutritionist, Dr. Bob Marshall, who has a company that is called Premier Research Labs, and he and his wife, Dr. Forbes, talked about interference fields. And you went into that a little bit when you were talking about effect of scars, and the Eastern approach to medicine, which are these different energy meridians. And as your whole body of work talks about, the healthy transfer of energy from cell to cell, from organ to organ, from tissue to tissue, these interference fields were, happened from simply a scar. 

In Western medicine, you go have a surgery for whatever reason, your tissue mens, the muscle mends, you have a little scar tissue that may feel lumpy underneath, but what about the energy field, does that ever really heal? According to Western medicine, we don’t spend a lot of time doing that, but your approach truly expresses why it’s important to heal that energy field so that those, those electrons, that energy does transfer, and so that the body and the tissues and the organs are all not just getting the information from the brain, but through the neurological system, but getting the energy flow to the actual cell so that these organs thrive, and they work on an optimal, optimal basis. 

Wow. Then you start talking about oxygen. And I absolutely love that part, because the, many of these organisms and microorganisms, they’re anaerobic in nature, and so if you’re depleted in oxygen because your body voltage isn’t right, then it folds towards or enhances these microorganisms that thrive on low oxygen environments like parasites, like Lyme, like the co-infections. And so if we fix the voltage, and we fix the oxygen piece, then we’re actually creating a really healthy primal platform for longevity and healing from all disease, not just from the topics of today, Lyme and chronic illness. 

So, and then you bring up Dr. Cowden, who is also presenting on this summit, which he’s a dear friend of mine, I’m part of his academy, and his work and like yourself it’s monumental. You also talk about the importance of dentistry, and I had the opportunity of being so close to you, but didn’t have the opportunity in my schedule to come over, but I was at Dr. Nunnally’s office having my own extraction of what I thought was one root canal that turned out to be four teeth extracted because of just what you described, how the infection had passed over to another area of my mouth, and what you talked about today, and it’s come up in other topics because some of the most influential people in my life, practitioners, that work with cancer, work with on GI tract, gastrointestinal imbalances, they really won’t treat the patient if they’ve got a dental profile that has root canals and so forth, you have to take care of the dental profile first. 

And you’ve gone into, into great detail why that’s so important, because the meridians energy fields that these teeth sit on from birth are the same channels that feed all this energy to various different organs and systems for them to function properly. I’m starving for questions to ask you, but your presentation was so complete, Dr. Tennant. The only thing I wanna, I wanna spend a few minutes on right now with your, with your permission, the, your topic is so important and so comprehensive it’s a little overwhelming for the average Lyme patient. 

You know, if someone’s on their back, and they’re not feeling well, or even if they’re highly functional, and they are feeling well and wanna maintain that strength, could you offer a couple of tips or suggestions of things that I might be able to do tomorrow if I were your patient? Of course, we wan, I wanna talk before we finish today about if people can come to you virtually for advice, if they need to come to you locally. I already said in the very beginning that I bought and own your equipment, and I’ve been using it every single day, and I’ve seen a marked difference in my stamina, in my mental acuity, my focus at work, my ability to rebound from working out. 

I’m a biker, so I get on my, I ride about 10 miles every morning, and I noticed that ever since I’ve been using your equipment that my ability to recover from my training is, is night and day. That’s really how great it is. And I’m not quite as old as you are, but I still, I have a little bit more rubber on my tires, but I’m getting up there. And when I see that my recovery is like the way I was when I was in my 20’s just by using your technology it truly makes a difference. So what would you recommend to people listening now that they might be able to utilize as soon as tomorrow to kind of get them, their lives on track, or to understand more about the body electric, the body battery, the very essence of your body at work?


Dr. Jerry Tennant

Great question. And, you know, one of the things that, obviously we could spend the hour on as well is talking about scaler energy, because scale is what will flip the polarity back to normal so that you can charge up your circuits. So the, there are a lot of things you can do that make you feel better. You can go get a vitamin C IV, and it’ll make you feel better. You can get a Myers cocktail IV, and it’ll make you feel better. You can eat a big chocolate bar and it makes you feel better, but that is not going to fix the problem to where you want to be healthy until you get the polarity flipped. 

So how do you, how do you do that? Well, I think you divided people into different categories. Somebody that’s flat on their back in the bed, obviously, can’t really manage themselves, they need someone helping them, and probably the best solution for that is to have someone who’s caring for them to, to first of all, if they have the equipment that we just discussed, they can be taught even over the phone how to start this four step procedure that we talk about. So basically all you have to do is you turn the gadget on, lay it on the bed between their legs, and let it run for a few minutes. Then take it and put it on their belly button, and let it run for a few minutes, and then hold onto the handle bars and foot plates. So what you’ve done with the scaler energy from the transducer is you’ve made it where the batteries will take a charge, and then you charge them up. 

So once they start getting some voltage, now their body’s gonna start the process of getting some strength, and getting better, et cetera. The other thing that’s obvious they can do is they can start the nutrition, and start the simple thing with the baking soda to fix their oxygen levels. Now, if you take somebody who is up and around, but just not having a lot of energy, the ideal situation for them, I think, would be to come to our training. We spend a weekend teaching people how to treat themselves at home. You know, my goal as a physician is to get you well enough you don’t ever need to see me again, as opposed to physicians that like to keep you sick and keep you coming back. 

That’s not who we are and what we do. We want to teach you how to keep you and your family well, but to do that you need to come and spend the weekend with us in our training course. But just to get you started you can do some of the things I just suggested. You know, if you have the equipment, we can, it comes with a brochure that says do this step, do this step, do this step, and it’s so easy that you can teach a six year old how to do it. And then finally there are obvious things that we can, because of the talents that we have in our office, you know it’s hard, for example, to treat your own emotions, but it’s amazingly powerful thing to get rid of that baggage. And nobody gets through life without emotions, right? You know anybody that got through life emotion free? I doubt it. If so, they’re probably, their nose is getting longer. Well, we have Dr. Marshall on our staff who is amazingly skilled at finding these things, and eliminating them, and basically a stress free thing. 

You know, it’s, first of all, I don’t believe that talk therapy works. You can’t talk away a magnetic field. You need to use scaler energy to make it resolve. You don’t know how, you don’t have all the tools to, let’s say you have a specific toxin in your system that you picked up, you don’t have the tools to identify that toxin and then make the antidote for it, so that in a matter of minutes we can make that go away. So there are tools in our clinic that, that are not available to you unless you take the time to specifically learn how to do that. And those two particular things, the emotions and toxins, are something that you can’t learn in an hour, but I think anybody can start getting better by simply, we have a lot of videos online, we have all of my staff do telemedicine. 

I don’t personally do that anymore, but I have amazing staff that have been with me for years and years, that can, many of them have talents and understandings that I don’t have, and so I’ve got an amazing staff that can help you through those things. So I think that’s the best that I can give you. You know, having been myself for about seven years in a situation where I could only think two hours a day, I understand what happens to people when they have Lyme disease, that they are incapable of getting themselves well without someone taking, that has the mental clarity to learn these few basic things and then start helping them. Does that help? Did that answer your question?


Robby Besner PSc.D.

No, that’s perfect. And I just have to tell you, in terms of your equipment, and I’m just a neophyte, I’m just starting, and I can’t wait till your next class. I’ve been actually calling once a week to your, on your hotline number, to find out when that next course is gonna be given, because I really wanna dive deep. But your equipment is relatively affordable, and it’s incredibly easy to use. And I know, again, I’m just, I’m at the surface level, so I can’t really wait to dive in much deeper. I had a couple more things I wanted to ask you, and you kind of touched on this a little bit, but you know in today’s world everything is wireless, it’s Bluetooth this and that. 

We’ve got these electric cars now that have batteries that have big charges, and throw off enormous amounts of electromagnetic fields, that affects our bodies. We have Bluetooth wireless everything. The committees that manage the actual frequencies, and the intensity of the frequencies are the FTC, the trade commission and the FCC, the communication commission, and there’s no health-minded people that actually sit on those committees that make these decisions, and so basically all these devices that are out there that certainly make our lives more comfortable, they also kind of cause havoc with these fields, this body energy, the body’s ability to maintain the integrity of these fields, the electron transferring and so forth. And so I’ve always seen EMF, and people talk about electromagnetic fields as being another stressor, but today, and your presentation, really dialed in for me why it is that it’s such a disruptor, and how it affects our immune system, creating the, the platform in a sense for many of these microorganisms to continue to thrive in, in disfavor to your, the healthy side of your body. 

And so I think that if anything, today, and I learned so much, I believe everybody, this was a monumental presentation that you put on, but I think EMF really is something that we’ve always known not to be the greatest for us. Right now we’re on 5g, and they haven’t completely integrated and flipped that switch, but the government and the military are using, on the same micro towers that we have three, four and 5g they also have seven and 10G frequencies that are being transmitted, and so it really has a big influence on all of us. And do you wanna spend a minute, and just talk about that, or have you pretty much covered it in everything else that you presented?


Dr. Jerry Tennant

No, that’s a very important topic. First of all, when I first started doing this work, I recognized that every different organ in the body runs in a different frequency. So if you go on the internet, you’ll find 10 to 20 published frequencies for every organ, but they don’t tell you how they figured those out. And what I’ve come to conclude is that almost all of those are wrong. So when you, when one of the things that happens with illness is that an organ moves slightly off frequency, and so it’s not running, so it’s a little bit like you’re listening to a radio station and then you detune it a bit, there’s all the static. And so that’s what happens to our organ. There’s the static that interferes with the way the body talks to itself. And the other thing that, that, you know, many physicists say there’s no such thing as scaler energy, ’cause it’s invisible, even though it’s been described since the beginning of recorded history. 

And so my latest book is all about scaler energy, but one of the things that was shown the German physicist, Dr. Mayel, Constantine Mayel, is that scaler energy is the power supply to the DNA. It reads the DNA. It talks to other cells, from cell to cell, through scaler energy, and when you make a new cell it’s what copies the DNA from one cell into the new cell, and when you lose scalar energy you’re no longer with us. 

So scaler energy is actually the essence of life. So this is a bigger subject than just electromagnetic frequencies when we talk about things like cell phones, although cell phones are very disruptive, but, nevertheless, to get the whole picture you have include in your knowledge base something about scaler. Secondly, when we use the devices, then this has the tendency to tune organs back to their operating frequency. And so that is very helpful rather than harmful. But when we use other frequencies they help detune us, and so we have to have the balance. 

Now, they’ll wanna tell you more than you wanna know before the time we have, but in modern times the research into this whole area was done by the Jesuits in Paris in the early 1900’s. And one of them who was studying was looking at how the negative part of, there is a harmful part of scaler as well, and he was researching that, and he built a device that would amplify it, and his colleagues came in one morning and found him mummified because he turned on this machine, and the negative part of it had actually mummified him, which stopped their research in its tracks. 

So it laid dormant for some time, until there was a, there is a, a fellow in Cairo whose father was an Egyptologist, and he took his son Abraham around with him, so Abraham grew up understanding a lot about Egypt and , et. cetera. He became an architect, and he had a job in Paris, and he was out walking one evening, saw a museum and walked in, and thought he’d kill a little time, and when he walked in the clerk said “Are you Egyptian?” He said “Yes, why?” She said “We’ve been waiting for you.” She goes down to the basement, gets all of the original Jesuit research, and gives it to him. And so he has become probably the most knowledgeable person on the planet about how all of this invisible energy works, and how it converts from invisible to visible, et. cetera. And he’s developed what he calls BioGeometry. 

Now the only person that’s licensed to teach BioGeometry in the United States is Robert Gilbert in Asheville, North Carolina. So when you talk about how do I protect my environment from these harmful things, I don’t know anyone who can teach you that better than Dr. Gilbert. And so it is, it takes a while to learn how to do that, but he knows how, Abraham taught him how et. cetera. So if you really wanna create a safe environment for yourself, go to biogeometry.org, and start doing some studying with, he has online courses, he has, when COVID will allow he has in-person courses. And that’s in my opinion the best way to learn how to protect the environment around you.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

It’s super important, like the safe house. And actually there’s another whole little area that’s developing now that’s called building biology where people take courses, and they understand how to remediate their homes and create a healthy, safe place, which is super important for people in, on the chronic side. It’s really important for all of us, but certainly when you’re in a chronic state then you’ve got hypersensitivity to many things, chemicals, electric fields, and so forth. So this is all, all great. So Dr. Tennant, I know you just flashed a simple slide at the end of your presentation humbly, but can you articulate how do people get to you, get to your clinic, your website, you have a few websites, so which ones can, how can we direct people to you to give your, your body of work, your staff, your organization, a lot more love and energy?


Dr. Jerry Tennant

So my clinic’s website is tenantinstitute.com, and it’s T-E-N-N-A-N-T institute.com. And we’re, again, here in the Dallas Fort Worth area, in a suburb called Irving. Our cell phone is 972-580-1156. It’s 972-580-1156. The devices that I’ve developed are sold by a medical device company called Senergy Medical Group. And that’s S-E-N-E-R-G-Y, S-E-N-E-R-G-Y. Synergy.us. And their number is 972-580-0545. And so on their site, and on the clinic site we have a lot of videos. 

Now I mentioned that I got tired years ago of taking 20 pills every morning that were expensive and didn’t do much, and so one holiday season I went through my physiology books and wrote down everything I could find that cells need. I went to a biochemist and said I wanna put all this in one bucket so I don’t have to take so many pills, but the rules are no preservative, no fillers, no GMO, no soy, everything methylated that can be, everything the purest on the planet. So I developed this nutritional system that basically if you take it it gives you everything that we can find that cells need to make cells and be healthy, and whatever else you eat that day is just for fuel. And so that company is called tenantproducts.com, tenantproducts.com. And so those are the, basically three separate divisions of our, our efforts to help people get well.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Amazing. Well, I can’t thank you enough for the time that you’ve carved out to be with us today, and to impart this invaluable information, it’s truly amazing and spectacular. So thank you for joining us, and being part of the Lyme, Healing From Lyme Naturally Summit.


Dr. Jerry Tennant

I’m honored to be with you, and it’s a big problem, as you know better than I perhaps that so many people have Lyme disease because they’ve lost their voltage in oxygen, but it’s an easy fix.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey everybody, it’s Robby Besner, thanks so much for joining us today. Please share this content with anyone that you think might benefit from it. And we’re looking forward to having you with us tomorrow for another great interview.


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