Expose Unexpected Origins Of Your Gut Condition

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  • Understand how mold exposure can lead to long-term gut dysfunction
  • Learn about the systemic effects of mold on digestion, hormones, and the immune system
  • Discover simple steps to address mold exposure and promote gut health
  • This video is part of the Reversing Chronic Gut Conditions Summit
Sinclair Kennally, CNHP, CNC

Welcome to day five. We’re talking about the gut, body, and hormones today. So we are diving right into the next layer of Reversing Chronic Gut Conditions. And I’m your host, Sinclair Kennally. Today I brought together these experts because I really wanted them to underscore for you the relationship between different really common health issues and how they originate in the gut or how they drive further gut distress. There’s such a relationship between each of these, and I thought they each deserve their due so that you really know what’s driving the issues in your body and what you can do about them. So we have Jack Wolfson, who’s talking about Cardiovascular health issues, as well as Joel Kahn, who’s unpacking the heart from a different angle, the heart-gut connection. Sharon Stills, who’s talking about reproductive health and how intricately intertwined that is with digestive health at every stage of life. Kelly Halderman is talking about the thyroid and gut health and how the thyroid can drive gut problems in the gut can drive thyroid problems. Jessica Drummond is talking about gut health from a female health perspective, endometriosis, and how it relates to your gut health. Very interesting deep dive. And Kevin Ellis is talking about the intersection of your gut and bone health and he’s doing a great job of unpacking for us what’s overlooked often about osteoporosis, this, and osteopenia, and why that can actually start in the gut and what you can do about it. And Dr. Elena Villanueva is discovering the root causes of chronic conditions. She is such a phenomenal force when it comes to understanding how all this fits together. 

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