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How Nutrition is Essential to Take Care of you First!

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  • Make Peace with Lyme.
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  • How emotions play a role in recovery.
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hi everybody is Robbie Besner, and I’m back with an amazing guest on the Healthy Hotline and it part of our Lyme series. And today one of my favorites, Dr. Simone Laubscher, she’s a nutritionist, she’s a philanthropist, she’s born in Australia, lived in UK. Now she’s in Dubai global reach with her, her touch and her nutrition. It’s truly amazing. That the amount of formulations that you have come up with in the short time on earth campus, I call it my favorite stuff of all time. Her company is Rejuv you can find her @rejuv.co.uk, that she has the most beautiful website and her formulations are none to be.

 I have you here today for a few reasons, one because of our friendship and secondly, because of your professional approach to the world, but nutrition is such an important part of everybody’s health and wellbeing, but in particular, the Lyme community, everybody watching, you’ve got a parasite, you’d have an imbalance of organism organisms and your microbiome then, and the nature of these organisms designed by nature is to sort of gobble up your waste products and do all these other things. 

And that’s when they’re in sort of sync or in somewhat of a balance. But when you get imbalanced, that’s when you become symptomatic. And that’s also when many of these organisms start using your life resources, they leave you nutritionally depleted. And so what Dr. Simone has to offer today are some helpful hints as to the way to sort of grab that lifeline and work our way back to good health. So Dr. Simone, welcome to the Healthy Hotline, welcome to this series, thank you for your time and contribution to the world. And certainly to our, to our campaign. Give us a little background about Dr. Simone Laubscher, like where how did you come to today? Just a few minutes there and then let’s just dive right in.


Simoné Laubscher, PhD

Sure, thank you as always dear friend for the great introductions. So yes, born in Australia, my dad’s half English, half German, so kind of European background and went off to uni, finished school very young about the 18 months younger than I should have. My mom, my brother is a year and a week younger than me. So my mom, I think was a bit overwhelmed by sister was already at school. And so she pushed me off to school and I never repeated at school. So I finished school earlier than the average person. And so I went went off to university, the Sydney University. And then I switched majors about five times. 

I did everything from science, Marine biology, civil engineering, and I was jumping, jumping, jumping. And my dad was like, whoa, whoa, whoa, if you don’t know what you wanna do, take a gap year and then think about it. So that’s what I did. And then in that gap year and I decided ’cause I had unfortunately suffered from eating disorders. So then I thought, right you know what I wanna get well, and I really want to sort myself out and then go on to help heal others. So that’s why I did a science degree as a base, my first bachelor in science and nutrition. And then I was kind of going along with that, did a master’s in that. And then my mom years later got cancer and I’m like, oh my gosh, I’ve just spent three years bachelor, two years masters. And I didn’t know anything about cancer. So I went back into some more post-grad study on cancer. So my life has been kind of organic like that. My whole career has just kind of moved like that versus being kind of like when you hit 17, you know what to do with your life. So I think good advice. 

If anyone’s out there still studying any field or it doesn’t matter what age you are, but there’s no hurry, sit with it and then you will hear and find your wow as to why you are on the planet. So that’s who I am. So after my studies moved to London, I felt my roots calling me there and whichever ones that I was mad leaving Australia to gray, cold London. And then I lived there for, so I went there in my mid 20s and stayed there for 20 years. Met my husband there, had my three babies there. So it’s kind of feels more like home than anywhere else. 

It’s where I’ve lived my adult life and then now in the UAE. And so, yeah, I’m the founder with my hubby, Dirk of Rejuv Wellness. So we’re just one it makes it so easy to get out of bed like you in the mornings because we just love setting people free of disease and poor health. I mean, it’s just, there is no other greater gift for me. It’s totally worth being born. So that’s kind of what I do. I’m just here to claim to cure anything. we make the patients so healthy, their body cures themselves, whatever they need to, which was the inherent design of humans to actually be well not to be sick. So we’re kind of like the catalyst to transform people’s lives, to support their natural healing ability.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

And people can get to you that you have an Instagram site. That’s so cool the information that you put out, you have a blog, you have a newsletter. You really, everybody out there needs to check out your website because it’s full of such important information. And it’s sort of like when I go through it, when I went through it really organized my thinking. ‘Cause you kind of take us through a journey of how all of these parts fit together to create a full, robust, healthy platform. And that’s really kind of where I wanna start today because you have a step 1, 2, 3 sort of process to go through all this and tell us what that means a little bit. How you get to that. Like where, where, where are you centered? Who’s the most important thing? Is it getting the Lyme out of your body or taking care of your body first? Which way do you go?


Simoné Laubscher, PhD

We have to focus on the patient first. It doesn’t matter about cancer, Lyme, different firuit same root. It’s an imbalance it’s deceased. The bodies aren’t balanced. So if we originally, when I first started treating patients, Lyme’s patients over 20 years ago, I was chasing after the Lyme and there was a war online and everyone was like chasing after this ghost And then I kind of had an epiphany going, oh my gosh. Like with my cancer patients, we have to treat the patient first. If the patient gets strong, we open up those detox pathways. 

We remove the other biofilms. The other little partners in crime Lyme will use to bring the patient down. And then we get their head in the game and get them to kind of balance that out and live. So they’re asymptomatic all my Lymes patients live. As I said, if they call us, if they go on to bend the rule, they don’t sleep enough or they run themselves out. Of course, things can bubble up, but if we keep it life in balance, not living perfect. But if we kind of keep their weeks clean, have a little fun on weekends, then normally you can get that flow and you can live nicely together. 

And that’s why, when we look at a patient, I, we stepped number one, remove the three R triple our principle as we remove anything which could be triggering. So if it’s environmental toxin, whether it’s your diet, whether it’s toxic thinking, and then we rebuild like a home improvement. Like if you come in and you buy a new home, then you just slap a bit of paint and you paint over the mold and don’t really go into the foundations and restore those foundations. Your house will make you sick, totally. So same thing with the body. We can’t just scratch the surface. We need to go and have a look at the foundations. 

And then after we rebuild, we restore and find that balance. And we look at a patient from seven angles. So our seven pillars, so nutrition, their sleep and nutrition obviously water is really important. It’s why we love your H2O. It’s so important that nanotechnology to hydrate so on nutrition, getting good sleep, making sure their environment isn’t making them sick, maintenance matter how much green juice you drink if you’re in a toxic environment, you’re mindfulness, same thing. It doesn’t matter how, you might as well eat a burger if you’re gonna have the toxic thinking if you have to get your head in the game. As well as body balance, a lot of people forget about the structure of the skeleton of just making sure there’s enough space for the organs and everything to function correctly. 

The house is kind of know we’re all sitting there my husband calls it. I treat so many young kids now for text neck, texting neck, everyone’s kyphotic. And like there’s a squirrel, So opening up getting the body back into balance. Movement of course I love our mutual friend, Elle McPherson, who’s my business partner with Welco. She was instrumental. I was so sick of exercise. And I used to run on the treadmill and I was so disconnected. I would put my device, whatever it was and I would work. And I would run the treadmill and I’d be running it like 14 kilometers an hour. So pretty fast, but I would just be working. And I was such, I was like, Elle calls it like a lab rat. I was just, the body was moving, but there was no connection. So movement doing something you love and intuitively.

 If like today we all, as a family went to the gym, but I haven’t been since last week because we’d been, horse riding and swimming and doing all those things. So give yourself permission to find the balance. We look at you and supplementation is key because the world is a farming and our diet is not as good. So we’ll look at you from the seven pillars and we take you through those three steps. And every, I love that phrase we’re all identically different because your journey bespoke to you, but there’s still 11 systems, 50 trillion cells, seven pillars, three steps to remove, rebuild and restore. So I think you’d like any topic when you’ve been, I’ve been doing this for 23 years, it was so overwhelming and so complex at the beginning of my career. And then after treating so many patients, you start to find these protocols to simplify what you’re doing.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Wow, that’s fundamental and foundational and treating the patient like even on the, just taking nutrition, just breaking that part out. If you don’t have your detox pathways set up then, and you’re not pooping and you’re not doing all that stuff, then you’re not quite getting all the nutritional upload from all the money that you’re putting into such great supplements, like your lines, for instance. So you really kind of have to understand the order to do the things in like and you do it step-by-step. And then like you say, we’re all the same, but all different. And everybody out there in Lyme land, even their way, their bodies interpret their symptoms per se is different. 

So it’s super important to understand that, to identify that, even though we’re different and we’re expressing differently, there are certain housekeeping things that we all are the same about that we have to have fundamentally in place in order for us to really be able to really be the best version of ourselves, right? So we’ve got Lyme patients that are, that potentially could be herxing and they’re in bed and they’re depressed. And then we’ve got Lyme patients that kind of figured part of it out. And every so often they get have an episode here and there and I love the way you put it because it let’s say we get to the point where we kind of figured it out. We have the nutrition thing now, we have the movement thing down and all that. And then we just have a cheap day. And then because of that, you pay, like we all do all of us do it doesn’t matter whether you have Lyme or not. And so the thing about that’s a little different that I find with the chronic Lyme patients is that, they, in the middle of their day where they have a whole day planed all of a sudden they’ll have an onset of an episode and they didn’t plan on it. 

So their day is somewhat kind of spent because they have to give in to the way that they feel, which I think is probably the appropriate behavior. And so really it goes back to if you have a strong foundation and it’s kind of like I asked many of my friends, how are you doing today? Well I’m having a good day, well, are you having more good days than bad days? And so when you’re chronic, you have more bad days than good days, but the way that you can use or what you can use as a barometer is when that shift occurs, right? There’s a tipping point where all of a sudden I’m having more good days than bad days. 

Then I don’t remember when I had a bad day and that’s really the ultimate goal. And we have to all give ourselves time to get there. And so that’s part of it when you’re chronic, you get impatient ’cause you’re sick of being sick. And really that’s why you’re so important to all of us in our to have a little bit of Dr. Simone in our lives, because I do that every year by the way, every year I get stuck on some earth last year, it was chlorella. And I said, gee, I love this herb. And it really resonates for me. And I just need more chlorella in my life.

 So today I want everybody to have a little bit more Dr. Simone in their lives. So let’s keep going with our story here, because I love the idea of making peace with Lyme. ‘Cause that’s really what it is. And we have, a multiplex of organisms that live in sync, in our bodies and we need them. And Lyme like Streptococcus, like pneumonia. Like Epstein-Barr like all these little viruses and bacterias, they all run around. And the key is if our immune system is strong, it stays in check and there isn’t created the imbalances. And so let’s keep going. What’s the heartbeat, where is the heartbeat of this discussion? So we have, we have your Lyme. Yeah, Let’s go. Let’s dive in a little more.


Simoné Laubscher, PhD

Yeah, I think that it’s like even now in the UAE, everyone’s fasting. I mean, I do a fast twice a year a seasonal cleanse This time of year just happens to coordinate with Ramadan over here. And so many people are fasting and I just find it extraordinary that people would live a life a year fast, but not think about the detox pathway and supporting their body and then stay up all night eating until the sun rises, meaning everything junk. So I think it’s the same thing that if you’re going to cleanse and nourish and heal the body, you have to think about that detox pathway pathway one, number two, particularly of the liver phase one phase two, because otherwise it’s like getting a dusty rug, shaking it, but all the windows are sealed. 

Like it’s spring cleaning and it’s like, okay, that’s sprinkling the house and you checked this rag and then everything just settles, all around the house again. Just doesn’t make any sense. So what I find is that if you’ve got two patients, both get Lyme and one goes down like a ton of bricks and the other one has kind of the general symptoms of fatigue and maybe a rash and feeling overwhelmed, maybe feeling like brain falls, mind body depression. And so I was always like, okay, what is the difference? And I think the first port of call is those detox pathways because the body is already suppressed. And then you throw something like Lyme on top. It’s the last straw that breaks the camel’s back. I don’t think it’s like the Lyme, which is like totally taken that person out. I think it’s been a slow fade and then a Lyme on top of everything else has pushed them over the edge. 

I mean, there’s always cases, which doesn’t come in line with that. But majority of what I’ve seen is normally Lyme is an opportunity and jumps on the back and can have ’cause it’s is an anaerobic guy. It loves the oxygenated dark, mucus, acidic environments talk in hide out it’s perfect little cave. So if you’re kind of eating off of meat and dairy, if you’re having lots of sugar, lots of junk, lots of alcohol, lots of coffee, and all those things are fine if you have it once a week for fun. It’s just, if you’re having a lot of it every day, then the whole system is inflamed and the parkways are blocked. So you add Lyme to that and then you’re in a real pickle. 

I know that a lot of people are diagnosed incorrectly with the fibromyalgia people and so many other issues in the background and why Lyme is often not picked up. But I do feel that if we start with removing the toxins, which would be blocking the pathways and we start to open up those rivers ’cause those pathways they’re like rivers of life. It’s the same thing if you go on a hike. You’re walking along and then you see this lovely flowing river with fresh running water off the Glassio announcing them it’s magical. And then you come to another part of stagnation and then the water can’t get through and got flies and kind of a film of scum on top of the bit of water, same thing with the human body. 

Either we have stagnation or in flow. And I think that is normally where I start with the Lymes patient and then same thing with going into a Herxheimer. We don’t just go, oh, detox, like crazy. I mean, you could have a really, you could take a patient feeling pretty bad and make them feel like their own death’s door. So we take them by the hand, we open up the pathway, we see how they react. We take it easy. There is no kind of hard and fast kind of protocol that we I’m all about getting the journey done, getting you up and over your mountain, but I’m not about suffering and dragging people through hell. I just do not operate like that at all. 

So I think we have a plan. I always say to the patient, your wellness journey is yours. I’m just going to support you and cheer you on and give you everything you need in your backpack to get up and over your mountain to bring about the healing. So I think I love to start with the detox pathways. I love using supplements for that. I love using food for that garlic burdock root, with our liver support capsules, nettle, dandelion. I love all those Herb’s Ayurvedic herbs and Chinese herb supported the lymphatics as well. A lot of people forget about that and then just do the kind of the classic liver and the gallbladder. So have a look at all of your filtration systems, support the kidneys, support the liver and the gallbladder and the lymphatics and get those systems, get the waterworks working, get them going to the loo, make sure they have good pair of statuses and transit time. 

Get them pooping and get them sweating oh my gosh. Get them in your sauna. I love the ultimate backdoor of detox because your skin is your biggest organ. And if you can start releasing toxins through the skin, you don’t have to do the enema. You don’t have to sit in the loo all day. It’s not painful. You do something else while you’re in there, pray, meditate, or watch something and you sweat. I mean, it’s so such as I said, it’s the ultimate backdoor. I love it I’m in there once every day. So I think doing all those things to step one, meet the patient where they’re at and the stronger the symptoms, the slow you go. It’s like when you say with the sauna, sometimes you do low and slow. I’m the opposite side of the spectrum, but I’m well. 

If someone’s poorly many roads lead to Rome, choose your road, change it, mix it up if you need to. But it is a journey sometimes, if you’re in the car, you stop, you have a cup of tea, you keep going, you stop for lunch. You keep going sometimes on the motorway and you’re going super fast, other days on a country road and you’re going slow. Just embrace it and go at your own pace. And I think from that, you start to work mind and body as a team. And then the patient starts to heal on the journey. You don’t have to kind of get to the last result. And then the patients it was a magical wand.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Yeah, we live in this sort of fast food, fast paced magic bullet, kind of yeah, exactly Google this search that. So exactly so we just think we can hit a button and all this stuff goes away for all of you out there that aren’t English or don’t know what a Loo is as Dr. Simone mentioned, that’s the bathrooms, okay? So yes, the bathroom is an important place for observation. And as good as we all are in our approaches to the, to getting better. The best doctor in the planet is the one inside of you. And so you have to listen to that voice start to listen to that voice. I believe that’s an important part of it. And that’s why it’s really important this part of our discussion because even as good as you are with your protocols, the person needs to understand how their body is interpreted. And that is really the setting the pace for how quickly you can recover. 

So, I’ve always, when I coach younger Lyme patients, adolescents, I say, hey, you got the best thing going for you’re young. You got your youth, you got all that stuff going for you. And the more symptomatic you are, it could have been that you got exposed to Lyme 10 or 15 years ago. And it took you that long to build up before you became symptomatic. And then you had an emotional event or you had a physical and emotional event or just a physical event, it puts you over the top your immune system got suppressed and bam, all of a sudden you get hit like someone threw a brick at the back of your head. And we’re looking or searching for what happened, but it’s really an accumulation of many, many years of just build up. So that stuff doesn’t go away overnight. You gotta be patient and you have to listen to your body. 

And even as brilliant as you are developing the steps for my body, maybe I could breeze through step one through three in three weeks, one week at a time. But for someone else, they may have to hang with step one for a little bit until their body catches up. But the body has a unique way of healing. And I often believe that for the chronic patients, sometimes when you’re sort of stuck, like now I believe many people are stuck in this sympathetic dominance mode. Their brainwaves are focused on beta and they can’t seem to switch out. And I think what happens is that the body kind of loses its GPS like the guidance system. 

It doesn’t forget it just kinda someone switched it off or maybe all the epigenetics caused little snips and things switches to get switched off. But once you start to switch them on, especially with a program like yours, it’s incredible how exponentially the body jumps in. Oh, I remember that, I remember that. And all of a sudden you’re back on track. So a dear friend of mine, of one of my mentors, who’s not with us now, but Dr. Bob Marshall, who created the whole line of premier research labs, he was a like a mechanic type guy. And he often use an analogy. And he’s talks about when you take, when you buy your Ferrari or Maserati, as all of our bodies basically are what build like 12 cylinder speed cars, right? And you drive it out. As soon as you drive it out of the showroom, you start to wear down the parts. What’s cool about cars is that, especially now you can bring it into your mechanic, they plug it into a computer. 

It says, oh, you’re missing this. You’re missing that this part is worn down so forth. They replaced the parts and then bam, you drive out. And it’s almost like you, when it comes out of the, of the mechanic, it’s like you are brand new. Well, how about our bodies? Where are my parts? Where are my spare parts that are missing? Where do I plug myself in, right? And so that’s why it’s so important to be talking to you today, to let you know that there are foundational parts that we all share and that we can find our way back. We can turn that GPS system back on. And if we give ourselves those depleted nutritional support that has happened through age, through living through the imbalances line, the co-infections and all that man, you can be as you can really be optimal. And I think that that is so important and we’re all striving for that these days. 

So let’s just segue a little bit into the emotional piece because so many people leave that out. And I know you’ve just brushed on it briefly before, and it’s such an important part of the total healing package. And so I know it’s in one of your steps and it’s part of your presence. We all do it in different ways. When we pray in our religions we various different applications of spirituality out there. And I have morning, I go in my sauna at 4:35 o’clock before the sunrise, I asked for forgiveness, I set my intentions. I focus on what I’m grateful for. And it kind of gives me that foundational sense of heart that allows me to forge through the day of whatever life serves me at that moment. So let’s give me your spin on it, on emotional stuff, on emotional health and why that’s so important and how that fits into the whole healing package.


Simoné Laubscher, PhD

Yeah, I just found over particularly the last five years of clinical practice that ’cause we always have a multi targeted approach and strategy to the patient. And then we developed the seven pillars in particular, over the last five years I’ve really started to move more into that mind body connection. And then we’re doing another master’s degree, my hubby and I in neuroscience, I’ve been so blown away with this new research. And like with Lyme, with cancer, any issue, if we don’t think about the emotional root, then the patient gets well very slowly or never has great success. 

Of course, that can be generational. Something you’ve received over the years, which has nothing to do with you. It could be some trauma of your own life could be some sort of generational trauma cause lots of different parts, but I don’t get too stuck with who and how was I breastfed? What happened to granny? I think it too fast with the kind of the how behind, I just analyze and see what’s going on. But often like when you have other biofilms and other kinds of robes working as a team with Lyme, with your other parasites and candida, what I’ve seen over the years when I’ve seen in Chinese medicine that often the emotional block that allows candida fungus to and fungus to thrive in that damp environment is a feeling of being devalued. Either you do value yourself, someone’s told you not good enough. You never going to amount to something or you feel devalued. Maybe you let yourself down, you can’t forgive yourself. So it could be external or internal. 

We all want to have a combination of both. So when it comes to that, I do look to see the other, other imbalances, which are going with the Lyme, maybe there’s anger, which has liver, maybe there’s fear, it’s kidney, maybe it’s grief there’s lung. I just kind of have to see one of the other symptoms and what says a package going together. And then, because as I said, initially I chased after the Lyme was this war on Lyme. 

And then I realized that didn’t work because Lyme is such a chameleon, such a ghost, so able to more than shift. And it’s like the ultimate shape-shifter you see on those sci-fi movies. It’s just, you can never get a hold of it, one minute you think you got to hold and it looks like an apple now it’s an orange or it’s just totally, I mean, we have to honor that. I mean, my gosh, I mean one that’s survival technique. You kind of have to go hats off you’re pretty awesome. So I think of looking at the general emotional roots of the illness, combined with the other issues going on with the Lyme, work on that and clear those emotional roots and making peace with because Lyme just wants a host. It’s not, I think the energy is not here to kill us. It’s just, it wants to have its corner of the world. 

I don’t know why I was invented. I don’t know why it’s around that some questions, more questions, we’ll be asking the big guy upstairs or the mother or the father upstairs when we get there. But I think that from my own history of hunting Lyme down and having no success, then I encourage the patients, get your head in the game. And instead of having to feel, oh wait, what am I feeling? Is it the rash, is it fatigue? Is it brain fog? Is it depression? Is it breathing problems? Is it neurodegeneration? Like, what am I feeling today? You know what, no, we get them out of that place. And we kind of start to think on purpose. You’re thinking anyway, let’s get the mind body together. Let’s get you in more parasympathetic in healing mode, get you out of emergency mode out of the systemic. not many of us live a life. Thank God on an average day, whether it’s someone literally trying to kill us, most people live alive, quite peaceful without someone, a tiger in our kitchen every day an intruder. Most of us don’t live in emergency mode because of real life threatening situations. But the body reads it like that. 

So it’s kind of being wise and calming the nervous system down, bringing forth the healing and getting your mind and body to go team for that patient. And once you start to bring that together and I love the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton with epigenetics, everything thought we have because of a sale level, getting a grasp on that, thinking on purpose, getting their head in the game. And almost like someone I pay to write a letter to the Lyme. They have a Frank conversation with a Lyme. 

They call the Lyme into their office and sit it down in a chair and say, okay, you’re sticking around. You’re hear you’re going far. Let’s make a deal. You wanna have your little dark corner and you are living my big toe wherever you wanna go. And I’m happy to give you this. This is a hotel I’m happy to give you a room or two. I want my hotel to thrive. I wanna still do everything I wanna do with my kids, my family, my life, my call, whatever it is, but I’ll give you a bit of space. So let’s make a deal and let’s go from there and I’ll make a deal though I don’t want to run the hotel down and try to set fire to, say one thing and then set fire and try to burn you out, smoke you out. Let’s kind of play nice. And then what I do is I explain to the patient, if we think about the different aware, the aware ego, we think about the different hats we all have where they’re a eating disorder or the perfectionists and the rebel or the different parts. Then we kind of have been on the Lyme is gonna be part of the system and we have to play nice. So I encourage them to take a step back with them just think oh my gosh I’m in Lyme mode. 

Take a step back you are in your true essence of who you are in your highest self or whatever you wanna call it. The real your driving the bus. Lyme’s not driving the bus, you depression’s stop driving the bus you’re anger’s not driving the bus. Your pain is not driving the bus. You’re driving the bus and you’re gonna make decisions, balancing the seven pillars. And they’re all gonna be on the bus. No one is getting off the bus. And I think the quicker we realize that they’re here for the long haul, just kind of then start to, okay, how can we find our flow? How can we live together? How can I support myself? How can the Lyme have it’s taken in a two and not bother me and be asymptomatic? And that’s what I really do. I love scream therapy, primal scream therapy. If you’re just up to your eyeballs and cannot articulate it, give that trauma a voice, scream it out. As much as you need to, use breath work, take a bath, go for a massage, whatever it is, don’t let that Lyme trauma, whatever gets stuck in your fascia and hold and block your healing. I’m all for letting stuff out.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Yeah, I have a punching bag and sometimes when I get frustrated, I just put a little like a little tape, a message on the punching bag. And then I just punched the heck out of my message and sort of punching that message out of my body, out of my brain. And so it gives it empowers me. And just like you say, it puts me back in the driver’s seat. Wow, well, we only have a few minutes left and I just love your contribution today because there were so many foundational thoughts, provoking type of messages that you’ve left us with with the few minutes we have left. Do you have, did we leave anything out? Is I know we could go on for days.


Simoné Laubscher, PhD

I think the thing with these critters, whether it’s parasites, whether it’s candida and fungus is a cup two things it’s cyclical and they do roll with the moon. these guys will work with nature with the fluid in our brain, the fluid in our bodies. So we have to incorporate, I don’t worship the moon, but I honor the moon when it comes to our health. So I think if we’re looking at Lyme or get mopping things up, opening up a detox pathways, respect the natural order of things that parasites and fungus breed and have their moment over the full moon because serotonin goes down sorry, serotonin goes up, melatonin goes down. That’s why often we can’t sleep well on the full moon. So if we know that’s changing, which is the optimum situation environment for these guys to kind of run havoc. And if Lyme runs like it’s almost like a pack of naughty boys, it’s kind of like our kids teenagers on the street, you’ve got the pack. If they’re gonna run with run with the pack with these other biofilms, then let’s kind of know and respect that. So Hoover them up, like with our full learn parasite pack, use the moon to your advantage, to break those guys down, to load over the full moon.

And I think and looking at the blood brain barrier, like with Magnolia box something which we’ll kind of go into the end of the earth, think about, as I said, the fascia as a sale level, and don’t make it too complicated, but don’t forget with the detox pathways with the parasites and the biofilms and with the full moon, make sure you’re using something like that to kind of deal with that Galectin-3 and those inhibitors to kind of make sure things are in order. And don’t kind of miss a few of those key steps. 

So I think the blood brain barrier and I think of a good old fashion, IV infusions, don’t forget about those guys, get your glutes to fire and get your was it phosphatidylcholine PC get your good vitamin C fast track some of those guys. Don’t expect that if you just pooping every day, you’re detoxifying well. You’re probably not, this is slow fade. It’s been happening for a while. So get all those pathways opened that fast track with sweating, use the moon, look at who Lyme runs with and go after those guys to break down those counterparts. ‘Cause then the line will be happy to live by itself at what monopolize on the core condition of your health, make peace with that. And then fast track and determine with the sweating and good water and sunshine of course, is the IVs. That is just such a fantastic way to support the immune system. Of course, using nutrition, but kind of look to see how you can fast track, if the line’s coming and be aggressive and coming hard, you have to play hardball and also take your gloves off. 

So that’s the tip, but ultimately say look, I’m not going to kill you off. You do have a couple of rooms of the old, it’ll be okay corral, you’re allowed to be there, but I wanna be, well, I wanna be there for my life. I wanna fulfill my mission on this planet. I wanna to be there for my family. Let’s make a deal. And I think that is that’s where the freedom occurs. And it’s, as I said, luckily with herpes, want him for herpes too occasionally get a cold sore because you haven’t, you’ve been to rundown or whatever, but most of the time it lives in the background when you have your balance. 

So I think it’s take that viewpoint and nourish and nurture don’t be stripping yourself back and detoxing, detox and nurture, so you can go from surviving to thriving, make sure you’re not just stripping out the soil all the time. So back in, and as you said before, what was it the best doctor is inside of you. I love that phrase because use your intuition. If you’re not sure, use a swipe up for testing, if you’re really to in your head, use the sway method, hold something up, practice going around the supermarket around the kitchen, open up the pathway. My name is, say a false statement. My name is, use your name pathways open. even every day is different this morning I had an a amazing bit of papayas that i didn’t want it. So if you, if you tune your head, cut your head off and use your intuition, use the sway method off. And that’s better than doing muscle testing ’cause people are like, oh my gosh, was that a yes or no? Breathe, use your intuition. If you need to use the sway method and start to go on this journey and be gentle and kind to yourself. And then you can live, live well with your logic.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Amazing there’s some, I call it like the psycho suck. Like we get sucked into this psychology where you’re just got this circle of I’ve got Lyme, I’m sick, I’ll always be sick. I’ll always be on medication. I’ll always this and I’ll always that.


Simoné Laubscher, PhD

And I deserve to be well.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Yeah, and you have to unpack that part on respect that I love the idea and your concept of living in like symbiotically with your microbiome, the organisms, and restructuring that sitting all those little guys down and saying, okay, we got to figure out how to all get along, right? Wow, Dr. Simone Laubscher you’re, you’re amazing. You truly are like my favorite and a total all star on the bus I wanna be on your bus and I wanna be on your road to recovery because she got it all figured out. You can get to Dr. Simone rejuv.co.uk. She’s a powerhouse. You can catch her on her Instagram. Thank you for joining us today Healthy Hotline, the Lyme series, amazing contribution. You really got me thinking and really, honestly, I love respecting whole moon cycle. Like understanding that these little bad boys like to come out and have a field day. It’s almost like, what does it have that like Mardi Gras–


Simoné Laubscher, PhD

It’s their party once a month, party pants.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Yeah, a few days before and a few days after. And if you know that and you already felt it, and many women, their menstrual cycles actually are timed with the gravitational pull of the moon that shift. So you can understand why all this stuff is at play. And then when you, if you know it’s coming, why not prepare? Why not sort of maybe doing intimate and fast and then eat certain foods that are primal foods that are easy to digest so your body is not taxed in that way? Why not do one of you like your power psych clans, your power one or power clans is an amazing.

 So here you know it’s coming. And so you can sort of prepare with or everything you do is organic and natural ingredients. And you’ve done all the heavy lifting for us in your formulations. And so we just have to follow the steps. So Dr. Simone, thank you so much for today and for everything you do, not just for the line community, but just in your normal life in the way you think you and your husband, your like bookends and the way that you truly take care of yourself, your family, and everyone you treat with respect and love. And it’s amazing. Thank you so much for today.


Simoné Laubscher, PhD

My pleasure, and just one little caveat, I’ll say at the end is I had such an epiphany when I, my healing journey is breast cancer and in disorders and everything else in between is that it’s really easy to say love and be kind to let stuff go. But as adults often, we can’t forgive ourselves. So what I do step one, if you’re there’s a block, it’s like, I know I need to renew my mind, but I just can’t love myself because I have too much trauma and wounding tapping into your inner child and think about the little you, and that will lock the flame because you can’t hate your former little self, innocent little toddler running around here and mess with, toast on their lip. 

Start there and tap into that little person and start to think about that person and nourishing that person and building from that place. Because I don’t think any of us could hate our little version of ourselves. We do stuff as we’re older and we can’t forgive ourselves and the whole list goes on. But that’s my biggest thing is that start there, start that practice of self love. It will grow you’ll be able to let things go. You’ll be able to make space for the Lyme. You’ll have unconditional love and understanding, which will allow that balance and that equilibrium. So I’ll leave it with that because.


Robby Besner PSc.D.



Simoné Laubscher, PhD

As I said, that was my biggest block. between my eating disorders. It’s like, oh yeah, I know it all, but I couldn’t drop into my heart. It was like, there was a block, there was a hard wall. So just start with a little you, if it’s too hard, put your hands on your belly or hands on your heart and just think about a lovely memory of you and just build from there and pick up your child and put them on your shoulders and do stuff together. Start to cultivate that relationship and your healing will really be fast-tracked so.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Love it, love it. Hey, big shout out to Elle MacPherson for putting us together for a line of Welk out yup. And your contribution with her to bring her a whole line of Welco, all those formulations to her elixir. I mean, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t spend time thinking about you and her as I am nourishing my body. Thank you so much for today and everything you do. Super cool.


Simoné Laubscher, PhD

Much appreciated God bless.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Have an awesome day, thank you.


Simoné Laubscher, PhD

You too.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hi everybody, it’s Robby Besner thanks so much for joining us today. Please share this content with anyone that you think might benefit from it. And we’re looking forward to having you with us tomorrow for another great interview.


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