How to Achieve Deep, Restorative Sleep

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  • Learn the impact of metabolic issues on sleep quality and understand the importance of proper dietary adjustments and eating windows for restorative sleep
  • Discover the role of stress response dysregulation in sleep disturbances and the significance of managing stress and resolving trauma before bedtime
  • Explore biohacking tools like weighted blankets and cooling mattresses that can optimize the sleep environment and enhance sleep quality
Kashif Khan

Hey, guys, welcome back for another case study. In case you have not seen the previous case studies I was going to repeat something which is that in order to protect patient confidentiality we are showing you actual patient case studies and how they were able to resolve a major issue at the root cause. But we are going to use my report to make sure that their name and data is not shared. We have permission to tell people stories, we do not have permission to share their data. We are going to use my report. And we tried to find people, we have thousands of clients and we tried to find people that have a similar genomic profile to me in certain areas so I can actually share my data and show you what they look like, just a little caveat there. In this particular case, we are looking at sleep. We were dealing with a lady who was, I would say in her late 30s, early 40, who had sleep issues so she said, I can not sleep at night and that statement is usually too general, we need to get a lot more specific about what does that mean, does it mean you can not fall asleep, you can not stay asleep, you sleep through the night but you wake up feeling not rested like you did not get quality sleep, what is going on? 

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