IBS And The Microbiome

Mark Pimentel, MD


  • Understanding the role of bacterial overgrowth in IBS.
  • The difference methanogens play in symptoms of IBS.
  • The role of the gases on breath test and symptoms.
Eric D. Gordon, M.D.

Welcome. Thank you all for joining us, another edition of mycotoxins and chronic illnesses 2.0. And today, it’s my pleasure to interview and discuss all things irritable bowel and otherwise and SIBO with Dr. Mark Pimentel. Dr. Pimentel is currently director of the Medically Associated Science and Technologies Program at Cedars-Sinai, but I like to think of Dr. Pimentel as just a man who’s really helped teach us how to think about SIBO and now how to really put irritable bowel in a, I think on a much more functional, useful, forget about that, I don’t like that word functional anymore, anytime I hear functional in gastroenterology, I have problems, and Dr. Pimentel will tell us all about why I might feel that way. So, first of all, can you tell us a little bit about, actually, two minutes, about how did you wind up as a gastroenterologist doing something which, pardon me, but I love in doctors but I find too rarely in specialists, somebody who really knew that people needed to be listened to and that this was a big problem, far bigger than, you know, a little poor digestion and neurotic patients.

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