Ignite Your Metabolism and Burn Fat Faster

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  • Understand that your metabolism is how your body generates energy. It can use two fuel sources: sugar and fat. To boost your metabolism, you need to learn how to switch between being a sugar burner and a fat burner
  • Compressing your eating window and practicing intermittent fasting can speed up your metabolism. Aim for an 8 to 10 hour eating window and fast for the remaining hours. This helps your body become metabolically resilient and promotes fat burning
  • When breaking your fast, prioritize protein-rich meals. Include vegetables and healthy fats while avoiding refined carbs, sugars, and unhealthy oils. Following these guidelines supports insulin sensitivity and maximizes the metabolic benefits of fasting
Mindy Pelz, DC

So many people have a misunderstanding about what your flippin’ metabolism is. And so let’s start here. What is your metabolism? When people at people would come into my office all the time and be like, I think my metabolism is slow. What does that mean? What is that metabolism? So here we’re going to make it really simple. When we talk about metabolism, I want your brain to translate that into how is my body making energy right now. And there are only two ways that your body will make energy. One is from sugar and one is from fat. So the first thing we’ve got to realize is that if we’re going to speed up our metabolism, we have to use both of these energy systems to our advantage. When we’re eating, we’re sugar burners. When we’re fasting, we’re fat burners. So the first thing you want to do if you want to have a faster metabolism is know how to go in and out of these two systems. Now, here’s what I want you to know right now, is that if all you’ve ever done is diet, you tried to restrict your calories. You’ve tried to take food out of your life. I want to give you the power back and tell you that the reason you failed at diets is not you. It’s because diets fail and it’s not your fault. It’s the diet’s fault because when we look at dieting, all we’ve done is try to manipulate the sugar burner system. 

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