Microbiome And COVID Connection

Sabine Hazan, MD


  • What was happening in the gut and stool with COVID
  • Benefits of fecal transplant in restoring healthy bacteria
  • In a world of big viruses you need strong bacteria
Eric Gordon, MD 

Welcome, welcome. I’m really excited today. We have a very special guest we’re gonna talk about something that hasn’t been really talked about a lot which is the microbiome and covid and the gut to those of you who are not as familiar with the microbiome but and my guest is Dr. Sabine Hazan. She is a gastroenterologist and is a special gastroenterologist because many of them you know they examine your gut daily but she actually has been doing a lot, a lot of work on what is in the microbiome and how it affects your health and on all levels. And so let’s get started. First of all dot tell me tell us a little bit about how you got into studying really what’s inside the gut since most gastroenterologists just kind of like focus on the tube.

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Microbiome And COVID Connection

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