Nourish Your Body with the Right Foods

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  • Autophagy is your body’s natural self-healing process. While fasting is the most powerful way to stimulate autophagy, certain foods can also enhance its effects. These food-based autophagy stimulators work best when combined with fasting
  • Coffee, particularly black clean coffee with caffeine, can stimulate autophagy. Green tea and bergamot tea (found in Earl Grey) are also effective. These drinks can be consumed during your fasting window to enhance autophagy
  • Certain oils, such as MCT oil and extra virgin olive oil, have been shown to stimulate autophagy. Including them in your fasting window can further support your body’s self-repair processes. Berries (blueberries and strawberries), mushrooms (chaga and reishi), spices (turmeric and ginger), fatty fish (salmon and black cod), and cruciferous vegetables (broccoli and Brussels sprouts) are additional autophagy-stimulating foods to incorporate
Mindy Pelz, DC

Let’s talk about food and autophagy. Now, I’m going to go big level here for a moment. Remember that autophagy is your body’s ability to self-heal. That is why we love autophagy because it is the body turning within and saying, okay, these cells need to clean up. And when we look at different levels of autophagy, what I want you to realize is that when I show you the food autophagy and how we can stimulate autophagy through food, it is not the same power as like fasting for 17 hours. So remember, I would guess if I put a hundred fasting experts or health experts here next to me in this video, they would all tell you that the number one way to stimulate autophagy is through fasting, and that starts at 17 hours. And each hour past 17 hours you’re getting more and more autophagy. It’s like a dimmer switch. You turn the dimmer switch on. When you get to 72 hours, it’s like boom, maximum autophagy. So what we’re going to, what I’m going to show you here are some ways that when we see some of these things we can do in our fasting window and some we may want to do our, after our fasting window, but these are a little lower level autophagy stimulators, but they’re great when we start to stack them together. And I’m going to show you how to do that. 

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