Optimizing The Cancer Healing Journey

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Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

Hello to you all. My name is Dr. Isaac Eliaz, and I’m the co-host of the Cancer Breakthrough Summit. In my two Mini-talks, I want to cover two topics. How to optimize the cancer healing journey and how to connect to your infinite healing potential. The first topic is how to optimize your cancer healing journey. Every cancer patient will not forget the moment of diagnosis. Life is never the same. What was important in moment is second before the diagnosis many times became irrelevant. And there’s a new set of priorities. A new set of focus in life. This is a very important moment where we can have an opportunity for a true profound change, for really navigating our life and our efforts. And if you can, it’s an opportunity to take a deep breath. There is almost always time in cancer to stop, to connect, and to find a plan. Often the cancer patient is thrown into a cascade of decisions, one set of fears replaced with another set of fears with no opportunity to use this moment. One important exercise that I do with my patients is to have them write their priority list the moment before they were diagnosed. After they were diagnosed 1 to 10, and when they heal from cancer. And for the ones who are already on that journey, if you want to do this exercise, you want to make sure that your priority list when you heal from your journey from cancer is as different as it can be from your priority list before you had cancer.

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Simona Grebenisan
Simona Grebenisan
4 months ago

Hello Dr. Eliaz
I’ve had cancer twice 2011 breast cancer followed by double mastectomy and chemotherapy and 2021 Fallopian tube cancer that on the right side has been “forgotten” after the ooferectomy in 2013.
I have undergone hysterectomy and chemotherapy again followed by 2 years of Lynparza( I’m in the 2nd year)
im looking for more help and I’d like to ask you if you have any suggestions in my case.

Simona Grebenisan

Bret Gregory
Bret Gregory
4 months ago

Hi Simona, I’m so sorry to hear. The speakers can’t give any specific medical advice here, but you can certainly reach out. Here is Dr. Karlfeldt’s center https://www.thekarlfeldtcenter.com/

Bret Gregory
Bret Gregory
4 months ago

Also, Please register for our Breast Cancer Breaktrhoughs Summit here. https://drtalks.com/breast-cancer-summit/pre-summit/

Bret Gregory
Bret Gregory
4 months ago

Sadly I lost my 33 year old brother to Lung Cancer in 2006.
Then I had never heard of the idea of the Survival Paradox – When your body is in survival mode it generates the very conditions that Cancer thrives in. It’s critical to get your body out of survival mode to create the conditions of healing. Thank you Dr. Isaac!

Last edited 4 months ago by Bret Gregory

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