The Science Behind the OuraRing

Harpreet Rai


Sanjeev Goel, MD, FCFP (PC), CAFCI  

Hi everyone I’m Dr. Sanjeev Goel and you’re listening to the Advanced Anti-Aging and Technology Summit. Today my guest is Harpreet Rai. Harpreet Rai is the chief executive officer of Oura and a member of its board. His purpose is to be part of a team that is committed to improving the wellbeing of others. Under his leadership, Oura has grown to a team of nearly a hundred employees and has launched has its to generation 2 Ring shipping over 100,000 units to 90 different countries. He is responsible for Oura’s vision and strategy and guides decisions that ensure their organization’s financial health. Before Oura our Harpreet was a portfolio manager who led a technology media and telecom portfolio at Eminence Capital for nine years. He began his career working in Morgan Stanley’s merger and acquisitions group. Harpreet studied electrical engineering at the University of Michigan. I’m sure you’re gonna enjoy today’s talk with Harpreet. How are you Harpreet?

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