Recognize The Trauma Of Betrayal In Your Health

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  • Understand betrayal as a distinct type of trauma and its unique impacts on an individual’s well-being
  • Learn about Post Betrayal Syndrome and the common symptoms associated with it
  • Recognize the five stages of betrayal healing and uncover why individuals often find themselves stuck in Stage 3
Aimie Apigian, MD, MS, MPH

Well, The Biology of Trauma Summit 3.0 interview. And we are talking about the trauma disease connection on this summit. Today’s interview is talking about a specific type of trauma response, a specific type of situation that causes the trauma response in the body, not just a stress response, but a trauma response. And the body can get stuck in this trauma response. How do we know if the body is getting stuck or has gotten stuck in a trauma response? We look for patterns. And so what I teach is that the trauma response will show up in three different levels in your life. It will show up in your behaviors and thoughts. It will show up in your emotions and your body sensations. And it will show up in your physical health so that you can look at all three of those and see where our trauma patterns showing up. This is the biology of trauma framework. And let me introduce you to that biology of trauma framework, because everything rests on this. The biology of trauma framework has this lens of trauma and the lens that trauma is different than stress. There is a trauma response in the body, and we can recognize that through trauma patterns. I’m going to show you the trauma patterns for one of the people who came to my program just recently. 

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