Recover Your Energy & Clarity After Cancer

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Jennifer Simmons, MD

Welcome back. It’s Dr. Jenn. I have someone special to me with me today, and she doesn’t know why. So this is going to be the first time that she hears this story. In my eyes, she needs no introduction at all. But I’m going to tell you what my exposure to her was. So as I was going through my functional medicine training after getting diagnosed with Grave’s disease, I was too sick to be operating as a surgeon as I was at the time. And so I’m about 15 years into my surgical career. I was diagnosed with Graves disease. I’m very ill. I learned about functional medicine, and I started to attend the Institute for Functional Medicine. And this woman comes on the stage and starts to tell her story about her battle with M.S. And I’m not going to tell you the highlights of the story because I want that story to come from her. But what has happened to her is that she’s at the height and echelon of her career, gets an M.S., gets as sick as you can get, and then figures out how to restore herself to full health. So she’s telling the story, and I’m so moved that even though I wasn’t sure if M.S. was part of my picture at that time, I had some strange things happen to me. I woke up with a numbness. I had numbness in my right hand, which, as a surgeon, is not great. I had been back and forth with the neurologist, who said, “We just need to wait and see.” So her story resonated with me. And so I bought her book and learned all about her protocol. And so one day I’m in office hours, and a 19-year-old woman is coming to see me for a breast mass. And she comes into my office. She’s in a wheelchair, pushed by her mother. My office was about 30 feet from the elevator, and this 19-year-old young lady had such progressive M.S. that she couldn’t walk the 30 feet from the elevator to my office, and she was coming to see me for a breast mass. But of course, I just met this woman with this unbelievable story. And so I am bubbling with excitement. You can hardly contain me. I’m like a giddy child, wanting to share this experience with this woman. And I’m going on for minutes about how the disease can be reversed and you can change the trajectory of your life. And after a few minutes, she put her hand up to me and said, Are you going to do my biopsy or not? And it’s at this moment that I realized that I can no longer continue to operate, no pun intended, within the confines of traditional medicine. And I quit my surgery job that day and set out to start my practice. And Dr. Terry Wahls, it’s all because of you.

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Sarah Ridder
Sarah Ridder
6 months ago

Her story is very compelling, but twenty minutes in there is little relevance to breast cancer.

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