Risk Factors Through The Lens Of Genetics

Kashif Khan


  • Using your genes to know how to intervene and become more efficient in the healing process
  • How individualized inflammation is and how you can support your own personalized genetic needs to lower inflammation
  • The importance of the quality of the endothelium lining
Eric Gordon, MD

Welcome to another edition of Overcoming Long C0V!D and chronic fatigue. Today we’re gonna have a very interesting talk, we’re gonna talk a little bit about the risk factors at least seen through the lens of genetics. And with me is Kashif Khan he is the CEO and founder of the D. N. A. Company, this is where personalized medicine is being used to give us some insight into how we can really optimize our health. And he’s also the host of the unfilled podcast. I like that title. And you know Kashif you know had been an entrepreneur and unfortunately walked into the wall of toxic illnesses and did a lot of work and has now come back and through his own work and is helping you know, all of us stay healthier and hopefully live less toxic lives as we understand some of the risk factors that make us may be more susceptible to individual toxins and risks. So Kashif welcome, glad to have you here.

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Risk Factors Through The Lens Of Genetics

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