The 6 Steps to Manifesting Healing​​

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The 6 Steps to Manifesting Healing:

  • Be in your happy place
  • Set your intention
  • Get clear
  • Visualize
  • Action
  • Surrender
Tom McCarthy

My guest today is the legendary, Natalie Ledwell. And I say legendary, because back in 2008, I bought one of her products and I was incredibly impressed. The product that Natalie came out with in 2008 was called Mind Movies. And I’d always been a visualizer and vision boards and things like that. But Mind Movies made it so much more powerful to be able to visualize because you got to create these movies. And I was just telling Natalie, when we were talking before, I did it for my children, both of which went on to play at a very high level and college athletics. My daughter was a soccer player. We made a Mind Movie for her and she would watch it before big games. And it really allowed her to play at a very high level. And then my son was a basketball player that when he decided to play basketball, honestly, he wasn’t that good. And my wife was thinking, “Oh my gosh, is this the sport he should even be in.” But through tools like Mind Movies and visualization and hard work, he became one of the top recruited athletes and basketball back when he was playing. And so Natalie, thank you for helping my children. Number one, I love what she’s doing. I love what you do. And it’s so cool too to see, just starting in 2008, which wasn’t that long ago? 13 years ago.

You’ve reached over 6 million people with this concept where it’s kind of hard sometimes for people to visualize without seeing something on the outside, you’ve helped them become better visualizers. So you’ve helped so many people and so much success on this planet. You’ve helped bring to fruition with your work. And not only that, we were just talking also about this incredible work you’re doing now in schools. You went into Liberia, I think a year or two ago, and started a program called Personal Growth Studies. And I want you to talk a little bit more about that too. And now you just completed the first year with a school in the US. So, you have such a great heart. You’re somebody who really cares about human beings and it comes through in everything you do. And today we’re gonna focus in a little bit about how it can be used in healing, healing the mind, healing the body. There’s ability to attract by visualizing and changing our energy. So I’m just thrilled. I can’t wait to delve into your knowledge and learn even more from you. Welcome to the Global Energy Healing Summit.

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