Symptom Spotlight: Insulin Resistance

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  • Why insulin resistance is almost universal in women with PCOS
  • Traditional and natural approaches to improving insulin sensitivity
  • How plastics amplify insulin resistance and hormonal imbalance in PCOS patients
  • This video is part of the PCOS SOS Summit
Felice Gersh, MD

Hi. I’m Dr. Felice Gersh, your host for the PCOS SOS Summit. Doing all these interviews truly inspired me to do something for you to share my knowledge base, which is quite vast in PCOS. You know, I wrote the book on PCOS, the books, I should say PCOS SOS and PCOS SOS Fertility Fast-Track and I have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. And much of it I didn’t really have the opportunity to share with. On the summit, you learned from over 40 amazing guests that I had on who had just a tremendous amount of knowledge to share. As I said, I’ve learned new things and I thought I knew almost everything about PCOS, but I learned. And you will too or you have all about PCOS, but I have my own take on things and approach and I really want to sort of put everything together. So I have created a course made up of six modules, and I will have a lecture and I will have Q&A. Each module that will run on a separate week covers one of the six main topics that women with PCOS must deal with things such as challenges to fertility, menstrual irregularity, weight problems, weight loss, resistance, mood issues, and sleep. Insulin resistance, which I’m going to talk to you a little bit more in detail about in a few moments. And skin and hair. So I cover it all from periods to mood to weight to skin. All of these things and more. Each one gets covered in depth in a separate module. I have put a tremendous amount of love and effort into creating this course for you, which I really hope and believe will be transformational for you.

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