The Food Revolution

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  • Get rid of toxins that are proven to cause disease — and easily add food habits to your life that are HEALTHY.
  • Fuel your body with the powerful nutrients you need to THRIVE.
  • Gain practical tools to build your COMMUNITY and surround yourself with positive people that will lift you up (while helping you be of support to the health of loved ones!).
  • Be part of the solution with CONFIDENCE. Spoiler alert: Changing the world is easier than you ever imagined!
Tom McCarthy

Our next guest, I’m so happy to bring to all of you. I told him he’s got the most beautiful smile. Every time I see him on a video or he appears, he just has this radiant energy. And I know part of that is gonna come from what he talks about. It’s what he eats. our guest is Ocean Robbins. He is the co-founder and CEO of the Food Revolution Network, which is one of the largest communities of people that are really focused on eating consciously and eating healthily. And so I’m so thrilled that you created this revolution and actually, the revolution started with your dad. Going back to, I was just talking to you earlier, in 1987, 87, 88. I moved out to California from the East Coast. I grew up in the Southeast where we did not eat very well. I grew up in a military family and was eating all the wrong things. Moved out here. I had a job at a Wall Street firm, but I moved out here to help run Tony Robbins’ company. 

And I got introduced to your dad and his work, “Diet for a New America” from Tony Robbins, and changed my life. And now my wife and I are vegans. We eat very healthily. As a matter of fact, Ocean, when we travel, it’s always the biggest pain because my wife will seek out vegan restaurants. We were just back in Charleston about two weeks ago. And unfortunately, there weren’t that many there yet, even with this revolution going. We’ve got a lot more work to do, and thank God you’re on the front lines. But I’m just so happy to have you here. I’ve heard so much about you. I think you and I might’ve met because we’re part of the Transformational Leadership Council, but probably like you, I don’t get to as many meetings as I’d like. But I think back in Mexico several years ago, I think we bumped into each other and said hi. So it’s great to see you. Thank you for being on the Global Energy Healing Summit.

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