The Genetics of Endometriosis

Jessica Drummond, DCN, CNS, PT, NBC-HWC


  • Is Endometriosis a genetic disease
  • What are the symptoms and why do some woman get misdiagnosed
  • How to manage your epigenetics through nutrition and lifestyle
Kashif Khan

So today, we’re gonna talk about something that is near and dear to us. You know, in some of the interviews you’ve been watching, you’ve heard us saying that, of all the problems we deal with, the areas that seem to need the most work are all in the female hormone space. Because that experience right now, when a woman goes to the doctor with fertility issues, with fibromyalgia, with endometriosis that we’re gonna talk about today, it’s kind of taken for granted, like, you’re supposed to have these problems, it’s your hormones. Right? And it’s this gray area of medicine, where the outcome is so underwhelming and so disappointing for most women. Meanwhile, there’s people like Jessica out there that are trailblazing and putting new research together and saying, no, there’s more to this than just, you’re supposed to have this problem and this is just out of the various options you had, here’s yours. Right?


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