The Impact of Trauma on Your Hormones And Your Weight

Keesha Ewers, PhD, ARNP-FNP-C, AAP, IFM-C


  • Everyone has trauma
  • Trauma Impacts Your Hormones And Weight
  • Trauma Changes Your Brian Architecture
Dr. Sharon Stills

Hi, ladies. Welcome back to Mastering the MenoPause Transition Summit. I’m your host, Dr. Sharon Stills. It’s beautiful to see you all here again, and as always, I’ve got a great, great conversation coming up for you. And this is one that I am really, really looking forward to. We’re gonna talk about a important piece of this hormonal journey, which has to do with trauma. And you may think, “I don’t have any trauma,” or you may think, “Oh my God, I have a lot of trauma.” So no matter where you are, where you think you are on the trauma scale, I guarantee there’s gonna be something beautiful here for you to take out, and take home, and take with you, and use on your journey. So this is gonna be one of those grab a blankie, grab your tea, light a candle, get cozy, and get ready to just be part of a really important female conversation. And I’m thrilled to be having this conversation with Dr. Keesha Ewers, who is a integrative medicine expert. And I hope I said your last name correct. Ewers.


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