The Role of Safe Detoxification and PEMF Therapy

Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc


  • Specific detox protocols are recommended in conjunction with other clinical treatments to enhance outcomes. PEMFs are a neutral healing and detox stimulus in the body. The starting state of health of the body will determine the healing response. It is necessary to be open to detox and therapy to allow the most healing. The detox process in the body is described, the recommended steps for healthy, effective detoxification and the obstacles to detox that need to be addressed. Adequate detox and tissue support are necessary before healing can begin. The importance of Pectasol in detox, reducing inflammation and repair.
William Pawluk, M.D., MSc

This is Dr. Pawluk. Today, I have with me, again, our esteemed guest, Dr. Eliaz, Isaac Eliaz. And today, we’re gonna focus on, the topic is different than the last one that we had. Last one was much more general, and introduced the concept of the galectin and modified retrospecting, and meditation and holistic, basically holistic medicine. We ranged far and wide last time. Today, Dr. Eliaz wants to focus on the role of detox, relative to not only galectin and modified retrospective, but also the role of detox in terms of the impact of PMF therapy on the detox process. And we haven’t delved into that a whole lot during this conference series, during the summit series. So this is a good topic to do at this time. So Dr. Eliaz, I don’t think we need to reintroduce you again, but maybe we should do like a two-minute explanation of who you are and why detox is so important for you.

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The Role of Safe Detoxification and PEMF Therapy

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