The Virus as an Endothelial and Vascular Disease and what to do about it

Dr. Jordan Vaughn


  • US medical system inability to start solving this issue
  • Understanding the Spike Protein S1 Subunit and its ability to form microclots and resultant local tissue hypoxia in Long COVID
  • Diagnoses and treatment of endothelial and vascular disease due to spike protein injury
Nafysa Parpia, ND

Welcome to the long haul and chronic fatigue summit. I am so excited to have with me today Dr. Jordan Vaughn. I watched him speak at the F. L. C. C. C. Conference a month ago and I wanted to bring him to you all because he’s looking at long C0V!D through a lens. The very view doctors in America are yet some doctors in Europe are. But what he’s gonna bring today to us is key. It’s key to understanding and treating this illness. So for doctors and patients watching this one today, be prepared for a very informed discussion. Dr. Vaughn welcome.

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The Virus as an Endothelial and Vascular Disease and what to do about it

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