The Vital Role Of The Oral Microbiome In Long Haul And Chronic Fatigue

Dr. Gerry Curatola


  • The role of the Oral Microbiome in the modulation and regulation of the systemic immune system
  • The Major Sources of Chronic Inflammation and Toxicity in the Mouth
  • Understanding the bidirectional nature of the Mouth-Body Connection in oral health and systemic wellness
Dr. Sharon Stills

Hi everyone. Welcome back to the long haul covid summit. I am your co host, Dr. Sharon Stills. It’s a honor and a privilege to be here with you all, talking about this very, very important topic that we are seeing. I know I’m seeing more and more and more of in my practice every day. And so that’s why we have this summit coming to you to give you solutions to give you things to think about. So you can start to manage your own health care and hear about things that you might not hear about anywhere else. And we’re going to do that today because today we are going to be talking with Dr. Gerry Curatola. He’s an internationally recognized biological dentist with more than three decades of experience as a clinician or a researcher, educator, author, humanitarian. He’s a graduate of the Colgate University in New York University college of Dentistry, where he now serves as adjunct clinic Associate professor. 

He attended Harvard’s Medical School program and complementary and alternative medicine. He serves on the medical advisory board of the bio regulatory medicine institute with me. He is the founder and director of rejuvenation dentistry, rejuvenation health in New York, New York and east Hampton. He’s the founder and chief science officer of Riveting Life Sciences, which is headquartered in New York. He holds multiple patents and trademark for his pioneering research on the oral microbiome. He’s just he’s been on Dr. Oz and CBS and Fox and ABC. He’s published extensively. He’s the best selling author of the mouth body connection. He supports many international charities. He’s currently constructing medical dental clinic and hospital in India, he is always up to something. He is one of my favorite humans. He is definitely one of my favorite dentists. And I just really wanted to bring him on today because we don’t always think about our mouth when we’re thinking about our physical body or about Long covid. No one says, oh Long covid, let me go talk to my dentist. But he is here welcome. And you’re going to find out why if Long covid is an issue for you, you should go talk to your dentist. So welcome Gerry.

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The Vital Role Of The Oral Microbiome In Long Haul And Chronic Fatigue

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