Therapeutic Interventions For Long Haul

Gez Medinger


  • Pharmacological vs holistic measures
  • Breakdown of medications, supplements and invasive therapies
  • The importance of nervous system support in healing
Eric Gordon, MD 

Welcome welcome to a very exciting edition of Overcoming Long Haul and M. E. C. F. S. Today is just a real pleasure. I’m gonna be talking to Gez Medinger. And Gez is someone I just fell across recently while I was doing, looking more and more for what’s happening out there long covid and I was just incredibly impressed. I mean, I think your work is really just so helpful for patients and for doctors. I think you’ve had lots of good interviews with really, some top notch thinkers in this question of how to help people with long covid and what makes it even more interesting? Maybe not to you, but to the rest of us is that unfortunately you got, you went down this path because you were trying to save your own self and so you can just start off and tell me a little bit about you and how you wound up. I think being a actually a beacon of light, at least to what I’ve seen out there in in holding that balance of information and hope and not overhype so,

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Therapeutic Interventions For Long Haul

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