Thinking Into Results

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Origins Of Health is an Osteopathic medical center that specializes in Osteopathic Manipulation, including Cranial Osteopathy, Integrative Medicine and holistic wellness. They integrate their personal passion and extensive medical training while working with you to develop a personalized approach to health that stimulates the self-healing forces within. Their goal is to assist you in realizing optimum health while being free to enjoy life and all it has to offer.

Reed Davis, HHP, FDN-P, CMTA, CNT

Hey, welcome back everybody. I’m really pleased that you’re back. Pleased that we’re going to have a really super guest coming up right now. Dr. Thomas Moorcroft, DO Moorcroft is another good friend of ours. He’s got a great certification course. Dr. Thomas Moorcroft, DO treats some of the sickest, most sensitive patients suffering from chronic Lyme disease, tick-borne co-infections, mold illness. He’s a specialist in children with infection-induced autoimmune encephalitis. I’m sure you’ve heard of PANS/PANDAS and these kinds of things. Thomas Moorcroft, DO’s an osteopath, he’s a really good doctor. I’ve actually seen him personally, so I highly recommend him and his program. He focuses on optimizing the body’s self healing systems in order to achieve optimal health with simple natural interventions, utilizing more conventional approaches when needed. Now, it’s really good to have that in your back pocket. 

I’m sure he’s going to tell us all about it. Each individual is a unique unity of body, mind, and spirit, of course, and successful treatment strategies are patient centered and address all three levels. The true source of radiant health is within each of us. Now this is music to the ears of a health coach, Dr. Thomas Moorcroft, DO, ’cause people are having trouble with some of their—having to see so many different people. Through nearly two decades of medical practice, Dr. Thomas Moorcroft, DO has seen the importance of one’s mindset, the habitual patterns that create your results. His mission is to share proven strategies for aligning your conscious and subconscious mind so you can design your health, business, and personal roles and achieve them with amazing speed. Now you can immediately apply these principles to your life and improve your client’s results. Dr. Thomas Moorcroft, DO’s goal is to empower everyone he meets to reach their highest potential and get in touch with their inner source of health so they can experience optimal quality. Dr. Thomas Moorcroft, DO, that almost sounds like good health coaching to me, but we’re gonna let you explain it. If you wouldn’t mind before I start some questions and I’ve got some good ones— 

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