Understand The Biology Of Connection & Apply The 5% Rule

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  • Explore how trauma can sometimes serve as an excuse, impeding personal growth
  • Understand the deep-rooted causes of all addictions
  • Discover the concept of intimacy and its relevance to personal connections
Aimie Apigian, MD, MS, MPH

Welcome to this interview on the Biology of Trauma Summit. I’m your host, Dr. Aimie. And this summit we are talking about the trauma disease connection. In this interview, we go into the biology of connection. This is very different from the biology of trauma. They are the complete opposite, in fact. Trauma disconnects. That is part of what happens in a trauma response. It’s part of the protective mechanism of a trauma response that you cannot have a trauma response happen in the body. And we not disconnect from our body. Trauma disconnects. It disconnects us from our bodies. Now, I want to give you a term that’s important. The chronic freeze response. This is where the body is now living chronically in this place of trauma so that it’s no longer an acute in the moment, trauma and a trauma response. This is something that has continued to play out. And now our bodies are living chronically in this place of disconnect. A chronic disconnect. The chronic disconnect from ourselves. What might this look like? How would you know if you maybe have a chronic freeze response? Well, we live in our heads. We think we study, we take courses, we get busy, we stay busy. We even multitask. The disconnect is our way of surviving our life. It’s our way of getting through our day. Reading, studying and thinking was always my safe place. Growing up, I would seem to feel emotions more deeply than others. And so I learned not to feel I disconnected from my body. 

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