Foods for Lime & Lyme Healing

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  • How fibre protects against chronic infection.
  • How micronutrients are essential for healing from disease.
  • How herbs can fast track recovery.
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Okay, everyone. Welcome back to another exciting interview with the Healing from Lyme Naturally Summit. And today I have an incredible, really exciting guest to join us. Her name is Adigo Atabo. She’s a trained surgeon, medical doctor, and she’s here to talk about a really relevant, and super important topic. And it’s about nutrition. And nutrition is kind of a funny thing because we’re all familiar with good foods and bad foods and GMOs, and the way that foods have all these chemicals, and how that affects our body. But Dr. Atabo has built basically a whole career and a really exciting platform that I want her to describe sometime during the interview that allows all of us to learn from the most modern ways that nutrition and supplementation can really rejuvenate our body. 

And so oftentimes, the Lyme community and any person with a chronic ailment is gonna have a challenge, a nutritional challenge because the imbalance in their bodies, in the microbiome, in the microbes and the parasites and the Lyme and the co-infections, they exhaust the body from many of the nutrients that we need to be healthy. And so knowing the proper supplementation, when to do it, how to supplement, what to dose, this makes all the difference between getting the most for your money out of supplementation, but mostly supplementing your body with the nutrition that you need to heal properly on a cell level. So with that, welcome to the Healing from Lyme Summit. Dr. Atabo, can you spend a few minutes and just give us a little bit of your background, walk us forward to the things you’re focusing on today, and then let’s just dive into the important relevant questions to be asked.

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