You & The Food Revolution: Heart Edition

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  • Understand how personal dietary changes can have a global impact and start your own heart health food revolution
  • Explore the importance of choosing organic foods and their direct benefits to cardiovascular wellness
  • Learn practical tips for eating heart-healthy foods without breaking the bank, making nutrition accessible to all
  • This video is part of the Reversing Heart Disease Naturally Summit 2.0
Joel Fuhrman, MD

Hi, everybody, and thanks for joining us in the Heart Disease Reversal Summit. We’ve put together the greatest collection of individuals with whom you can take charge of your health, bring it to a new level, and live without fear of heart disease. I am so happy to be speaking with Ocean Robbins today. A true leader. A true leader in this field. A mentor to so many people. just a great source  of help for you in your journey to better health and better living. Ocean, thanks so much for joining us today. I’m glad you’re part of this. Let me just tell people that if I am probably you, you’re sure about Ocean, and it’s quite a job. But let me just play a little bit a little bit about Ocean, just a little bit of background before we get started. Ocean was the co-founder and CEO of the 900,000-member Food Revolution Network. He’s put together influential information that’s changed the health of millions of people. He’s the author of two bestsellers, The 31-Day Food Revolution and Real Superfoods. Let’s talk a little bit about that today. Ocean founded the Youth for Environmental Sanity. He founded it at the age of 16. He still directed that, for the next 20 years, he would do a tremendous amount of work improving people’s health all over the world. He’s spoken in person to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, organized online seminars, held events reaching more than a million, and held events for leaders in 65 different nations. He’s officially an adjunct professor at Chapman University, a recipient of the National Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service, the Freedom Flame Award, the Harmon Williamson Award, and many other honors. His TEDx Talk, Eating Our Way to Happiness, has been seen by more than a million people, and we’re grateful to have him here today as part of this Heart Disease Reversal Summit to add his wisdom. Let’s get started. People are here because they want to improve their health. Sometimes people have challenges in improving their health, and they have to both learn and develop the skills, motivation, and knowledge to move up to the next level. Before we get into those specifics, tell me why you wrote the 31-day Food Revolution. Tell me why you wrote that first and what makes it different from other sources of information on the subject.

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