Your Personalized Strategy In Cancer Care

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  • Learn about the importance of a creative and philosophical approach when providing quality medical advice to people with cancer
  • Understand the need for an extensive and comprehensive laboratory workup for cancer patients
  • Recognize the industry shift towards personalized oncology care
  • This video is part of the Cancer Breakthrough’s Summit.
Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

Welcome, everybody, to the Cancer Breakthroughs Summit. I am truly excited to speak today with Dr. Dan Rubin. I’ll make a strong statement. I consider him the top oncological naturopathic physician in this country and somebody I would call if I had cancer and needed help. He’s also a dear friend. Even if we don’t see each other often, we have a strong connection and have met. him for the first time. Then I realized in the AANP meeting when I spoke that I was thinking about 1997 or 1998; you must have just graduated. This was the first time I had no idea you already had people telling me, “You got to meet him; he is so brilliant.” Now I realize you just finished school, but you already had a reputation. Dr. Rubin is a pioneer in bringing oncology to naturopathic physicians. He’s the president and founder of OncANP, which is embodied by trained and certified naturopathic physicians in the use of complementary and integrative oncology. He was one of the first six graduates if I remember correctly. I read some of the original papers on vitamin C and a whole story. Dan is passionate, extremely creative, and brilliant. I love the conversation with him when we just sit, and we like to fly to different areas with our imagination. Today, he’s going to share some of this with us. Welcome to the summit.

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Welcome to the Cancer Breakthroughs Summit

Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

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