Balance Your Blood Sugar With These 3 Tips

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  • Recognize the vital role of blood sugar stability
  • Learn how vinegar can enhance digestion and stabilize sugar levels
  • Understand which foods to prioritize for blood sugar stability
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David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

Hey, guys. I’m here with you today to talk about three simple tricks to stabilize your blood sugar levels. We know high blood sugar is such a big problem when sugar molecules go up, they create something called advanced glycation end products or AGE. These are highly reactive molecules that oxidize or rust our body from the inside out. They damage the endothelial lining the inner lining of our blood vessels, creating plaque formation, creating reduced blood perfusion, and oxygen perfusion into the deep tissues of the body, which increases the risk of getting infections. We know that sugar itself hampers our immune system, so our risk of getting infections goes up. High blood pressure, Hypertension, all different types of issues like that. We all cause mortality goes up when we have higher amounts of blood sugar. So we really need to keep our blood sugar stable. 

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Bret Gregory
Bret Gregory
5 months ago

Dr. Jockers really breaks it down with these practical tips on blood sugar management! I never knew that something as simple as vinegar could have such a significant impact on blood sugar levels. The idea of incorporating apple cider vinegar into a meal, especially if it’s carb-heavy, seems like an easy and effective strategy. The order of eating food is another eye-opener – eating protein and veggies before diving into the carbs is a clever trick, and the research backing it is pretty convincing.
The suggestion about doing some squats before a meal to help with sugar disposal is unique and a bit amusing to imagine at a social gathering, but hey, whatever works! And the post-meal walk sounds like a great idea, not just for blood sugar but also for overall digestion and well-being. The bonus tip about MCT oil is something I hadn’t considered before. It’s interesting how adding a little can influence the body’s response to carbs.
All these tricks seem like they could be easily incorporated into daily routines without much hassle. Great video for anyone looking to manage their blood sugar levels more effectively or just improve their overall health. Thanks for sharing this, Dr. Jockers!

We would love to hear your thoughts. Join the discussion belowx

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