The Brain and Mycotoxin Testing

Mark Filidei


  • Diet and mycotoxin testing , Brain scanning/testing
  • NeuroQuant and SPECT brain scanning
  • Mold vs Lyme difference
Eric Gordon, M.D.

Welcome to another edition of Mycotoxins and Chronic Illness. Today is going to be another very interesting conversation, we’re talking with Mark Filidei. Mark is an internist, a doctor who is a director of integrative and functional medicine at the Amen Clinics. And he also is a thinker, I mean, I think that’s what I enjoy about Mark the most is that he doesn’t just try to take what’s given to him, but he really looks deeply into problems. And he and I were just chatting, I didn’t realize he early on was, you know, had been raising the need for different ways to look at mycotoxins. And that’s why today we have the ELISA method and the mass SPEC method. But it still confuses us because as you’ve been listening to these discussions, you know that tests are not the answer for everything. And so I think first off, Mark if you would, you know, I just realized one of the things that always intrigues me when I get to talk to different physicians is what’s the picture that makes you think of mycotoxins?

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